SHOCKING Medicare data reveals COVID shots increase risk of death

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covid-shots-increase-risk-of-death(NaturalHealth365)  Medicare, a federal government health insurance program, was launched in 1965 as a part of the nation’s Social Security Administration.  The government-run program is designed to provide healthcare insurance for residents of the United States aged 65 and older.

Recently released Medicare data makes it clear that COVID shots significantly increase the chances of death.  One might assume that this distressing correlation would be significant enough to warrant a mention on the evening news.  Yet, if you tune in to CNN or MSNBC tonight or any other day of the week, it is unlikely that you will hear any reference to these statistics.

Medicare data reveals a 50% increase in death rate in first 200 days after second shot

The investigators who have heroically taken the time to explore the Medicare database of 114,000 records found that statistics showing deaths stemming from coronavirus injections are at record levels.  The shots are clearly increasing the risk of senior citizens dying prematurely.  Furthermore, the risk of death is heightened for an extended period following injection.

The data shows a 50% hike in the death rate in the initial 200 days after the second shot.  However, after a year, those who stop taking the injections appear to have a reduced risk of death.  Unfortunately, those who followed the federal government’s guidance for shot scheduling face an elevated risk of death.

The only silver lining is that the Medicare data shows less than 50% of people elected to receive more than one shot.  Furthermore, less than half of those who received the second shot received a booster.

Why the Medicare data is important

Medicare’s data is considered nearly 100% accurate, ultimately making it indisputable in public discourse and debate.  However, the CDC has gone to great lengths to sidestep Medicare data, essentially neglecting it in hopes of convincing the American public that it does not exist.  In addition, the CDC refused to shine the spotlight on Medicare data in an attempt to conceal lies that cover up the half a million deaths resulting from COVID shots.

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The key takeaway from the Medicare data is that the CDC cannot be trusted.  The CDC lies to the hardworking taxpayers of the United States about the supposed safety of the injections.

The CDC had access to the information in the Medicare database in the years since the COVID injections were first provided, yet elected to keep the data concealed, choosing to inundate the public with misinformation and disinformation.

Where do we go from here?

In the end, justice matters.  But unfortunately, the CDC has gone to great lengths to prevent justice from being served.

Though lawsuits might not be filed against the CDC, patriotic Americans are encouraged to review the Medicare data as linked above and spread the word to friends, family, coworkers, and others in the spirit of utilitarianism that benefits our collective good.  Above all, encourage those in your social and professional circles to refuse additional pharmaceutical injections, opting for healthy diet and exercise that naturally enhance the immune system without toxic Big Pharma injections.

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