STROKE ALERT: Getting the flu shot and COVID bivalent booster at the same time increases your risk of harm

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covid-booster(NaturalHealth365)  Strokes are the top cause of long-term disability, leading to mobility limitations and cognitive impairment.  Someone living in the United States suffers a stroke once every 40 seconds.  Even more shocking is that someone dies as a result of a stroke once every three minutes.  All in all, strokes cost the United States more than $53 million per year in healthcare costs.

Big Pharma is making the problem of strokes much worse by pushing its COVID bivalent boosters and flu shots on the masses.  The FDA now warns that receiving the flu shot in unison with a Pfizer COVID booster shot can heighten the risk of stroke.

The annual flu shot and COVID booster might be a lethal combination

To say the world is becoming more bizarre by the day would be an understatement.  It is quite disconcerting that the FDA is admitting that the annual flu shot taken at or near the same time as a COVID booster shot increases the chance of a potentially deadly stroke.  The statement is a not-so-silent admission that the conspiracy theorists have been right all along.  Only time will tell how deadly the COVID booster shot really is.

The official study highlighting the potential dangers of taking Pfizer’s bivalent COVID booster shot in unison with the yearly flu shot is small in size yet quite important in the context of human health.  Rewind to December of 2022, and the FDA officially acknowledged the Pfizer shot had been tied to blood clots in older patients after reviewing the results of a sizable study focused on seniors aged 65 and older.  Fast forward to January of 2023, and the FDA and CDC admitted they would take a deep dive into the alleged links between Pfizer’s coronavirus booster injections and strokes of the ischemic variety in senior citizens.

Dissecting the CDC’s statement pertaining to potential strokes

The official statement released by the CDC indicates the use of the updated Pfizer shot, when analyzed in the context of the vax Safety Datalink, reveals there is sufficient reason for additional analysis to determine whether ischemic stroke is that much more likely to occur in patients age 65 and older after receiving the bivalent booster and yearly flu shot.

The CDC’s statement went on to detail how there is reason to believe senior citizens provided with the bivalent booster are more likely to suffer an ischemic stroke in the three weeks that follow injection.  However, the CDC also noted that the chances of such a stroke significantly decrease after the three-week mark from the point at which the patient received the COVID booster shot and annual flu shot.

Pfizer’s response to the CDC statement

Pfizer quickly responded to the statement issued by the CDC, denying the allegations without exception.  Pfizer’s spokesperson insisted there is not even the slightest bit of evidence that ties ischemic strokes to the injection of its bivalent COVID booster shot at or near the same time as the injection of the annual flu shot.

However, those with an allegiance to the truth are quick to counter Pfizer’s narrative with the FDA’s admission that the vast majority of the patients who suffered a stroke also received their flu shot on the same day as they received their bivalent COVID booster shot.

Beware of COVID boosters

Though Pfizer and the CDC are clearly at odds in regard to the safety of the bivalent COVID booster shots when taken at or near the time of the yearly flu shot, it is clear that taking both such shots in the same time period might not be optimal for human health.  There is a very real potential that taking the flu shot on or near the same day as the Pfizer COVID bivalent booster shot has the potential to be a contributing factor to subsequent ischemic stroke.

The CDC’s statement directly contrasts with the narrative of Dr. Ashish Jha, the Covid Response Coordinator for the White House, who insisted that the hardworking taxpayers of the United States receive both the annual flu shot and bivalent COVID booster, failing to touch on the potentially deadly timing of those injections.

Having said all of this, how you protect yourself from harm is entirely up to you.  But, sadly, government “health” agencies almost never mention the value of (naturally) strengthening the immune system with healthy diet and supplementation strategies.  Do your own research on this site and many others to discover the truth.

Simply put, there are much safer options available to you.  You don’t have to rely on injecting yourself with foreign substances to maintain optimal health.

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