Shot makers hide key clinical data about COVID boosters, FDA and CDC experts admit

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shot-makers-hide-key-covid-booster-data(NaturalHealth365)  It wasn’t long ago when the mainstream media pushed the unassailable narrative of how COVID shot makers acted as good-faith actors to advance the collective interest, benevolently releasing one booster shot after another to fend off the pesky virus.  As more data is revealed to the public, albeit through back channels on the web, we learn that clinical data about the jab was intentionally concealed.

Experts are now coming out of the woodwork, revealing that COVID boosters are ineffective.

Big Pharma limited COVID booster trials to rodents before receiving emergency authorization

In the spirit of transparency, let’s roll time back to the summer of 2021 when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided emergency authorization for the bivalent COVID shot.  You might remember how the mainstream heaped on the adoration for the booster’s double mRNA components.  Half the new shot was designed to target the original virus, and the other half was meant to zero in on subvariants, including BA.4.

The press glossed over the fact that the new shot was not adequately tested on people at the time of its release.  Instead, Big Pharma restricted testing to mice, strictly limiting trial data to experiments on rodents instead of humans.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of testing, the CDC panel unanimously voted to permit the use of the shots on individuals aged 12 and older, along with kids between the ages of 5 and 11.  The supposed logic in injecting youngsters with the shot was that it would mitigate the risk presented by the return to socialization in school, after-school activities, and other public settings such as shopping malls.

Bivalent COVID boosters produce abysmal antibody response

It is time for the airing of grievances.  Each day, another CDC and FDA COVID jab watchdog emerges, highlighting the growing outrage against Big Pharma for hiding information about the shot’s efficacy.  Though Moderna’s executives have thrown counterpunches to get the mainstream media’s narrative back on the rails, it appears as though truth-seekers are prevailing.

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What matters most is whether booster shots can generate superior antibody responses in actual people as opposed to mice.  The initial wave of shots produced a similar antibody response when compared to the boosters.  Studies conducted by academicians at Harvard and Columbia also highlight the fact that the booster shots failed to spur a superior antibody response against new variants of the virus.

Though the Ivy League universities’ analysis was comparably small and conducted fairly early in the process, it is not fair for the FDA to dismiss it.  In fact, when you look into the data, those participants receiving the “booster” shots got infected more – not less like the drug makers had hoped for.

Bottom line: these shots are completely ineffective at protecting people.  And, to make matters worse, these shots actually cause tremendous harm to human health.  Thankfully, the word is getting out.

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