Smart meter waves reported to have devastating impact on all life

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Smart Meter News(NaturalHealth365) “Smart grid technology” is coming to your town – whether you like it or not. But, many health experts are questioning the sanity of such efforts. Keep in mind – cordless phones, cell phones, WiFi and (the latest addition) smart meters attached to your home have the potential to bombard your body with chaotic, electromagnetic frequency vibrations.

Does the growing popularity of wireless devices and “smart” technology concern you? If so, you will not want to miss the next NaturalNews Talk Hour with Sheila Hemphill. I’m sure that communication and utility industry executives would like you to skip this program and remain ignorant.

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Is wireless technology destroying the human race on a cellular level?

To answer this question – we must first appreciate that every cell in our body is comprised of frequency vibrations. These frequencies affect our bodies in a manner similar to heat – too little, we’ll die; just the right amount, we’ll live and too much, we’ll die.

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, nominated for the Nobel Prize, showed that every cell has a semi-crystalline matrix that emits “light” or frequency vibrations. For example, the earth produces a life-supportive, geomagnetic field, at a frequency of 7.83 Hz or waves per second. Here’s a suggestion, the next time you feel stressed out, take a walk (barefoot) at the beach or park and feel the difference.

The earth’s (low) frequency vibration has a truly remarkable influence on human health, including the reduction of inflammation plus much more. To learn more about the power of “Earthing”,visit

Conversely, man-made wireless devices, like cordless house phones, baby monitors, WIFI and “smart” meters can emit over 2 billion waves per second! Does this sound natural to you? More importantly, do you think the massive amount of frequency vibrations per second, from these fancy gadgets, could cause physical harm?

Dr. George Carlo, public health scientist warns, “When you put the science together, we come to the irrefutable conclusion that there’s a major health crisis coming, probably already underway”.

The danger posed by a smart meter attached to your home

According to Sheila Hemphill, “a smart meter may better be described as a smart controller. The smart meter has 2 types of radio frequency (RF) emitting antenna: one that sends (transmitter) and receives (receiver) data in the 900MHz frequency to the utility company and similar devices for communicating with “smart” appliances in your home (2.4 GHz).”

She goes on to explain that, “a meter just measures energy used; a controller has the capacity to do just that – control “smart” appliances in your home. Smart meters are a part of a new mesh network that exists inside and outside of your home.” After speaking to Sheila, I could clearly see how the utility companies are gaining complete control over our daily lives.

Talk about an invasion of privacy! With the invention of “smart” technology, utility companies now have the ability to know how long you cook your roast in the oven, or dry your clothes or when you use your dishwasher. Big brother is truly watching all of us.

I agree with Sheila, smart meter technology represents one of the greatest threats to our individual sovereignty and personal health. Find out why this technology is causing so much controversy; how you can protect yourself plus much more – on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour.

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This week’s guest: Sheila Hemphill, truth seeker and consumer health advocate

Educate yourself on the possible damage created by wireless technology – Sun. June 9

In the small rural community of Brady, Texas, Sheila Hemphill, owner of Help Yourself Wellness Shop, utilized an obscure Texas Local Government Code 9.004 to submit amendment changes to the City’s Charter to provide for utility customers to have the right to refuse installation or request removal of any product or service the customer deems harmful to their person, property or privacy.

Sheila believes that “the Smart Meter initiative represents the largest loss of sovereignty of an individual’s home, privacy and health”. By exercising the 1st Amendment right to petition government for redress of grievances, Code 9.004 represents a viable course of action available to any home rule charter City in Texas. Several other states have similar options available.

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  • Margy

    Regarding the smart meter , most of CA has them including my house its located on the outside wall of my bedroom.I called Edison(the electric company ) as I am not sleeping and have other symptoms, they sent an EMF person out who measured the readings around the smart meter and my bedroom she said is was safe and in fact safer than the old analog meters .she gave me a paper with these readings ..0.1m6 18.8 m6 37.6m6 2feet away from the wall 1.6m6….Can this be higher at times .? any ideas would be appreciated .thank you

  • Lyn Overbay

    This is why my 75 lb himalayan salt lamp runs 24/7.

  • Zee Ali

    For Smart Meter consumers in California. Call your local power company and tell them you wish to Opt-Out from the Smart Meter Program. They will come to your home and remove them, but for meter reading, a monthly fee will be attached. I am unsure if there is a removal fee. We reside in San Francisco, and we had the opt out option.

  • sam

    Much info at

  • sam

    Old analogue meters did not continuously emit microwave radiation! The signals ran through the cables not remotely.
    There is no safe level of exposure to man made microwave radiation! The company does not know what it is talking about
    Read and see above web site and these:

  • phil stilliard

    yes these things can cause cancer, so boost your immune system with green tea, echinacea, eat broccoli and cabbage raw, take extra vitamin C, D

  • martha

    Highly qualified scientist Curtis Bennett gave expert testimony at the Canadian Public Utilities Commission hearing just recently.(equivalent to our FCC) His understanding of how ‘electrical incompatibility’ applies not only to living tissue but physical structures as well is summed up in this powerful video on Smart Meters linked below. Curtis starts @ 29:00!

  • Michael

    Dear Marge,
    Get the thing removed, its the only safe way. You don’t know what your exposure is but your body keeps accurate account. The person either read milligauss (power frequencies) or microwatts (radio waves) I don’t know which. A court in Holland ruled that the meters were an infringement of privacy due to the depth of data gathered. A person known to me said his bill became very high after a smart meter was fitted, but most people I’ve spoken to have not heard of these things. Here in the UK its been decided that the info will first go to the Government and then be forwarded to the utility companies.

  • James and Shirley Reischman

    Bees, Bats and many small Biological Organisms are the “Canary in the Coal Mine” of our time. All of the earth and its creatures have never experienced levels of micro-wave radiation that we are exposed to today. Immerse your LIGHT BODY in grounding nature forces and takes steps to un-Plug from the Phossil Phool Paradigm each day.

  • Marilyn

    I had the ‘stupid meter’ removed. My memory was getting dull and I was feeling ‘listless’. Had it for almost a year, then the Opt-Out came along. After removal, I started to notice a difference in a day, even more so a few days later and a week later…all was fine once again. It’s worth it to pay PG&E their 5. bucks per month to go back to a ‘normal meter’. That in itself ticks me off, BUT the lesser of the two evils was more important choice. Big corporate seems to win one way or another!

  • Anne

    I had a smart meter on my home in WA state. After it was installed, my computer would freeze up whenever I was on the internet. Then when the electric bill came it was TRIPLE the usual charges. I had to move the computer to the other end of the house from the smart meter.

  • florencia

    wau! i wasn’t aware that the smart meters would isolate which appliances were being used, rather than simply record the total amount of electricity. (soon they may charge more at whim for use of specific equipment.) thanks for the info. as i live in a cottage-style apartment (common walls on both sides) it won’t be possible for me to opt out. that is strictly the landlord’s decision and he’s focused on other issues. besides, everyone else (10 units) would also have to agree. something to consider when moving. thank you!

  • Danielle

    Just a plan from the Bilderberg elite to dumb us down, kill us, and make us sick.

  • Julie

    Everyone must see the documentary “Take Back Your Power” when it is released or attend a screening if possible. This is big. Search online for link to site and 2 minute trailer. These un-smart meters are not safe, not green, not smart. They emit RF blasts of microwaves almost continuously, not 6 times/day as utilities have falsely stated. Here in Sacramento, Calif., we have PG&E for gas and SMUD for electric – both installed smart meters. Both were forced to admit the truth about the number of jack-hammering assaults of RF to every cell in your body 24/365 ad infinitum which is 13,831 on average up to 240,000 per day (if your home is a “collector”). The meters communicate with each other also. All data is being collected and time of use metering is imminent. There are many who become symptomatic immediately, but even those who are not aware of it are being harmed. The damage is cumulative. Another big lie is that sm’s emit the same amount of signal as a cell phone. It is actually 100 or more times stronger. The W.H.O. has deemed cell phone RF as a ‘potential class 2B carcinogen’. We can still have a grid system without the RF. They need to do it safely with fiber optics. We are killing ourselves with wireless technology. It will be much worse than what happened with tobacco because it is so pervasive and unavoidable. It’s radiation plain and simple…radio frequency microwaves are slowly cooking our cells and brains from the inside out. We have to get the word out and force big change. Be the 100th monkey and make a difference. BTW, Margy, the utility was not measuring RF, probably EMF…apples and oranges or I should say rotten apples and oranges…emf, elf, rf and dirty electricity all lead to illness, cancer and death.

  • jack

    Smart meters emit low levels of RF radiation most of the time until they pulse or transmit it out. When you meter pulses it can go well over 1000 times the normal limit. Over a thousend time the safty limits put out by the Biodiversity report for safe rf levls. So when you test your smart meter you need to wait until it pulses other wise you will only get a low reading.

  • Kate

    I’m in LADWP territory and they offer no opt out. When I called to inquire, the phone rep said that they are MANDATED and there is no opt out. How can they mandate something in/on your home that is pulsing radiation 24/7? We have all got to organize and fight this and all the other intrusions on our sovereignty. I used to think that Agenda 21 was conspiracy, but it’s happening right before our eyes. Every week it’s another assault on our constitutional rights and freedoms. These meters also serve as surveillance devices which is part of their master plan as well as killing us slowly so they can profit off us in the health (sick) care field. Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, GMO’s, fluoride, cell phones/wifi/cell phone towers, mammograms, x-rays, chemtrails, big oil pollution, chemical additives in our food, pesticides, fracking, etc., all serve to dumb us down and kill us slowly. They also serve to deactivate and calcify our pineal glands so that we won’t awaken and be completely aware of our plight. They want us to be distracted by garbage TV and celebrity news like it’s the most important thing in the world. All the while, they censor the important stories in the news and manipulate us to think a certain way by the way they present things in the media. False flag events are going on all over the country/world to justify taking away what’s left of our freedom. The Bilderberg Group had it’s annual meeting last week in Watford, UK so the Illuminati could determine the fate of our world. Do you think that any of the media outlets would report that? What does that tell you?