Physicians admit to ventilating patients who did not need it, killing tens of thousands during pandemic

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ventilating-patients(NaturalHealth365)  Now that the pandemic is winding down, it is time to reflect on the errors and oversights of the medical community.  More than 25,000 people were on ventilators at the height of the pandemic.  The medical community determined 2% and 6% of those saddled by COVID-19 required a ventilator.  Some New York hospitals hooked up two patients to a single ventilator at once, a first in the history of modern medicine.

Today, doctors across the country are beginning to creep out of the woodwork, stepping forward to acknowledge their actions prematurely ended tens of thousands of lives.  These negligent doctors put COVID patients on ventilators during the pandemic without sufficient reason.

A now-forgotten Wall Street Journal article reveals ventilator use during COVID pandemic was a mistake

A Wall Street Journal article from the winter of 2020 that has since been swept under the metaphorical rug reveals doctors throughout the United States admitted they put patients on ventilators who did not need such respiratory support.  These doctors acknowledge that they relied on ventilators in the medical treatment protocol as a rote procedure.  Those who have attended medical school or know someone who did are quick to testify that such routine actions are central to modern medical training and education.  Aspiring doctors are essentially tasked with memorizing medical terms and procedures the size of a phone book, tested on their memory, and put to work in the field.

Physicians’ acknowledgment of the unnecessary use of ventilators amounts to an admission that the field is saturated with individuals characterized by obedient groupthink as opposed to critical thinking skills.  Moreover, the doctors’ decision to put COVID patients on ventilators was not a treatment modality; instead, it was a careless means of supposedly attempting to halt the spread of the virus, free up hospital beds and extend patient lifespan.

A closer look at the facts and figures of the unjustifiable use of ventilators during the pandemic

The disturbing numbers on using ventilators during the pandemic keep getting worse.  The data reveals that about half of those diagnosed with COVID were PCR positive, meaning they were likely false positives as opposed to patients who had the virus.  The numbers show that about 35% of patients put on ventilators passed away prior to the pandemic.  Hospitals throughout the country reported a whopping 50% death rate for those put on ventilators for COVID-19 during the pandemic.  These disturbing statistics make it clear that doctors negligently put patients on ventilators, gave them powerful sedatives, and ultimately ended their lives prematurely.

In hindsight, hospital executives are admitting that their overreliance on ventilators was a mistake.  Hospital heads have since backtracked from their adamance that the use of ventilators was essential for treating COVID patients.  Physicians had even gone as far as publicly admitting that putting patients on ventilators when they did not need to be hooked up to those machines was merely a component of the protocol instead of prudent medical treatment.

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The truth is the use of ventilators was of little-to-no benefit to the patient.  Though some such physicians insist the use of ventilators and strong sedatives served as essential defenses against spreading the virus to hospital staffers and facility visitors, their words hold no weight.

Doctors agree there is an alternative to an overreliance on ventilators and powerful sedatives

Instead of using ventilators and sedatives as a crutch for treating sick patients, doctors are now sidestepping the intubation option, relying on it as a last resort.  Doctors far and wide have even reduced the dosages of sedatives given to patients, sometimes checking to determine if the drugs can be discontinued entirely.  If ventilators are employed, they are used in a manner that moves less forced air into the lungs with each breath.

Though doctors will not outright admit it, the truth is the combination of powerful sedatives, and intrusive intubation often amounts to euthanasia.  Euthanasia was recently legalized in Canada and a couple of other nations, yet it is not yet legal in the United States.  Doctors are now pivoting to alternate breathing support equipment that does not require sedation that poses a risk to human health.

For example, transmitting oxygen through nasal tubes appears to be a better option than resorting to intrusive ventilators.  However, the pivot to new treatment modalities is not entirely driven by physician altruism.  Hospitals were provided with financial compensation for using ventilators during the pandemic.  Though few mainstream media outlets are willing to admit it, the startling truth is hospitals were given more money for listing coronavirus patients on ventilators while in hospital beds.

Stay tuned as more COVID treatment revelations and admissions are revealed in the weeks and months ahead.

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