mRNA shot SCANDAL: Pfizer knew after first 90 days, 275 people suffered stroke-related brain damage

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pfizer-knew-people-suffered-brain-damage(NaturalHealth365)  Within less than three months of the release of its mRNA jab, Pfizer employees knew 275 individuals suffered brain damage caused by stroke.  This shocking fact indicates Pfizer’s brass prioritized profit over people.  There is an argument to be made that the company’s executives who knew about the threat posed by its injections are criminally negligent, meaning they failed to provide injection recipients with due care.

If justice prevails, Pfizer’s brass will be removed from their corporate posts.  However, it is worth noting that an internal review conducted by Pfizer employees contrasts with the facts presented above.  According to Pfizer representatives, its cumulative case review indicates the injection does not pose safety issues.

Pfizer ignored hundreds of serious adverse events during first 90 days of COVID shot rollout

If Pfizer executives were utterly transparent, they wouldn’t have requested nearly an entire century of secrecy before revealing the data about the mRNA shot.  Making the situation even more concerning is that the FDA assisted Pfizer in the push to conceal shot-related documents for 75 years.

The problem with Pfizer and other Big Pharma corporations concealing the truth about the impact of the clot shot for nearly an entire century is that most of those who received one or several doses would have passed away by the time the data was released.

Enter Aaron Siri, Esq.  Siri, an attorney, spearheaded the legal case culminating in a federal judge requiring that the shot documents be made public within 108 days.  The number 108 is important as it is amount of time the FDA needed to approve the coronavirus shots.

COVID shot causes stroke-related brain damage

Now that the facts about the clot shot are finally being revealed, it is crystal clear that even a single injection hikes the chances of a stroke and subsequent brain damage.  The Pfizer Document 5.3.6 reveals 275 people endured a stroke, likely due to the shot between the day it was administered and 41 days later.  About half of the strokes occurred in the initial two days following injection.

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A stroke’s impact can last for years, decades, or even a lifetime.  The reduction of blood to the brain prevents the transmission of oxygen and vitally important nutrients to the brain.  As a result, brain cells perish within a few minutes or less.  Stroke often results in body paralysis, language deficiencies, and other health problems.  Some stroke victims struggle to swallow food and/or beverages.

Pfizer Document 5.3.6 is a preview of the future

Continue to explore the stats, facts, and figures presented in Pfizer’s documents, and you’ll find nearly every single one of the strokes suffered by jab recipients was serious.  Nearly 20% of the strokes turned out to be fatal.  In addition, about one-third of the strokes failed to resolve.

Furthermore, one-third of the stroke victims had an outcome categorized as “unknown,” meaning the result of the stroke has yet to be determined.  Finally, we would be remiss not to point out that three people who took the Pfizer shot suffered cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, meaning extensive and potentially life-threatening clots within the brain.

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