Optimal sulfur levels can reverse chronic disease

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How Sulfur Reverses Disease(NaturalHealth365) Are you unable to lose excess weight? Do you have a family member at risk of dying from an ‘incurable’ disease? According to a growing community of health experts, medical professionals need to consider the danger of sulfur deficiencies in the body and its impact on human health.

Sulfur deficiencies create serious health consequences. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist at MIT – will deliver a powerful message, to every healthcare provider, about the danger of sulfur deficiency. If you want to avoid disease – don’t miss this program.

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Modern farming practices are creating the epidemic rise in mineral deficiencies

Sadly, thanks to conventional nutritional wisdom, most people are led to believe that a ‘balanced diet’ will provide all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to enjoy a healthy life. Unfortunately, monocropping; the heavy use of herbicides and the deployment of genetically modified foods have dramatically reduced the quality of our food supply and its nutritional value.

And, let’s not forget the damage caused by highly-processed, denatured foods – which are so depleted in essential nutrients that food producers are forced to ‘fortify’ the products with synthetic substances, not found in nature. We must wake up the sleeping masses and warn them about the health dangers associated with eating nutrient-depleted foods.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour – you’ll discover the hidden truth about disease, why sunlight and sulfur production are critically important, how sulfur helps to detoxify the body plus much more.

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A lack of sulfur promotes the creation of cancer cells

To prevent cancer, we often hear about the value of chemical avoidance, consuming lots of antioxidant-rich foods plus the need for supplements like, vitamin C and D. But few people ever hear about the importance of sulfur – one of the most abundant minerals, found in the human body. This essential mineral is responsible for cellular respiration, regeneration, detoxification and functions as a precursor to the utilization of amino acids.

Simply put, if we want to avoid cancer – we must eat sulfur-rich foods like grass-fed meats and organically-raised fruits and vegetables. But, more importantly, we must avoid toxic chemicals found in personal care products, household cleaners and industrialized food products – which are loaded with cancer-causing substances that inhibit the absorption of sulfur plus other essential nutrients.

The widespread deficiency in sulfur – due to modern food production techniques – coupled with the proliferation of harmful chemicals in our environment must end for us to eliminate the growing threat of chronic disease in our society.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, find out how sulfur can improve heart function, reduce inflammation, prevent autism and Alzheimer’s disease plus much more.

This week’s guest: Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. – MIT Senior Research Scientist

Every healthcare professional needs to hear this program about sulfur – Sun. Jul. 27

Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She has a Bachelor’s degree from MIT in biology with a minor in food and nutrition, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, also from MIT.

Her research has focused on understanding the effects of certain environmental toxicants, such as aluminum and glyphosate, on human physiology. She proposes that a low-micronutrient, high-carbohydrate diet, combined with excess exposure to environmental toxicants, and insufficient sunlight exposure to the skin and eyes, play a crucial role in many modern conditions and diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease and autism.

Without sulfur – there is no life. Sulfur plays a crucial role in cellular regeneration and oxygen transportation. So, if you’re interested in natural ways to prevent premature aging, detoxify the body and reverse disease symptoms – don’t miss our next show.

Jonathan LandsmanAbout the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host of NaturalHealth365.com, the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show and the NaturalNews Inner Circle – a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.


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  • Eric

    What about kidney help. Doc told me I am not far from dialysis. Been following a low potassium diet and low animal protein. It all came about with a root canal tooth I had pulled out.

    • d-dectiri

      Eric, there are a pair of confirming research papers that show that consuming a tiny amount of baking soda a day has diverted people from ending up on dialysis. About a penny’s worth (or two by now).. google ‘dialysis baking soda’ and I think it was at a webpage called the curezone…. even beneficial for those already falling into that trap…. best as always.

  • Rebecca

    Jonathan this article made me aware of another reason to avoid toxic chemicals found in personal care items, the inhibition of the ability to absorb sulfur and other nutrients.

    This fact is crucial since sulfur once found in raw plant and animal foods is now missing. With the introduction of petro-chemical fertilizers and ways to store and ship foods over long distances our natural sulfur supply is not reliable. Natural sulfur is no longer in the soil where commercial crops are farmed.

    There still is some food sources of sulfur such as organic sunflower seeds, leafy dark green vegetables such as kale and broccoli. garlic, lentils, grass fed meat and seafood. Organic is the key word when it comes to sulfur.

  • Juan Flores y Angeles

    To alleviate the Sulfur deficiency consume Aloe Vera A very rich supply of sulfur.

  • d-dectiri

    Not only are the foods deficient, the need to remove fluoride from our water supply, usually with reverse osmosis, removes any minerals as well, leaving those seeking to avoid one hazard, damaged by the only route proven to remove the fluoride poison.

    Ann Wigmore was doing something with grass to reduce the fluoride in the water before use/consumption, but I have not seen the testing of her amazing discovery, though managing the grass agenda to keep your water supply clean is not easily achieved IMO.. best as always…

  • Shirley Gekler

    Thanks for this very interesting and informative article. We know that most foods are deficient in nutrition so we must pay attention to our diets and supplementation for a healthy life.