Supreme court rules it’s o.k. for drugs to hurt you

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Big Pharma Drug Warning(NaturalHealth365) Just one month after denying us the right to know which foods contain GMOs, the U.S. Government does another grave service to Americans. A close 5-4 Supreme Court decision vetoed a jury verdict that awarded a New Hampshire woman named Karen Bartlett $21 million due to her being nearly blinded and because she suffered horrible skin burns over most of her body after taking a pill made by Mutual Pharmaceuticals to relieve shoulder pain.

The decision is reported to have set the foundation for all generic drug companies to have immunity against harmful side effects that are linked to their products. According to the L.A. Times, “Americans who are badly hurt by a generic drug may not sue the drug maker for compensation, the Supreme Court ruled, giving manufacturers a shield from liability for the medications taken most commonly in this country.”

“States rights” are a façade to appease a trusting public

Because the FDA approved the drug and determined it safe to sell, the court determined that New Hampshire’s consumer-protection laws are useless as the Fed can trump whatever it wants. Once again, the Supreme Court explicitly throws into our faces that “states rights” are a joke and we live in what can now be referred to as “selective democracy.”

A contradiction in terms…

In March 2009, the Supreme Court ruled that consumers could sue Big Pharma companies for damages if they were harmed by brand-name drugs. Directly going against this historical landmark decision, the Court’s decision against Bartlett surprisingly gives generic drug companies a new-found immunity.

However, this is not the first time the Court has ruled against common sense and integrity. According to L.A. Times, “The court has now handed down two rulings that have closed the door to lawsuits from people injured by a generic drug.”

With 80 percent of FDA-approved drugs on the market being made by generic sources, this puts most Americans at an unreasonable risk of being harmed and having no retribution.

Hearing from a divided Supreme Court

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. wrote for the court majority that Bartlett’s “situation is tragic and evokes deep sympathy, but a straightforward application of preemption law requires that the judgment [in her favor] be reversed.”

On the other hand, according to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, one of the four judges that voted in favor of Bartlett stated, “The court has left a seriously injured consumer without any remedy despite Congress’ explicit efforts to preserve state common-law liability.”

The danger of NSAIDs

Recently making headlines for causing heart attacks and heart failure, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen have been under hot water for years. Sadly, NSAIDs are still the most prescribed medication in the world and are among the most common pain relievers – globally. It is believed that up to 30 million people take NSAID’s every day.

In Bartlett’s case, her doctor prescribed a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug named sulindac – a generic version of Clinoril – and she experienced debilitating reactions known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis. It caused the outer layer of her skin to deteriorate until it became an open wound covering two-thirds of her body.

Subsequently, she spent months in a medically-induced coma and ultimately underwent 12 eye surgeries. Currently, she is legally blind and has suffered severe lung and esophageal damage. Bartlett’s lawyers argued that sulindac was more likely than other NSAIDs to cause these detrimental side effects.

NaturalHealth365 challenges physicians and health care providers across the globe to work with their patients as individuals instead of blindly prescribing harmful NSAIDs. Proven alternatives to relieve pain and to reduce inflammation abound and should always be the first approach to their patients’ complaints.

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  • Chloe Blue

    The people who sell these dangerous, life destroying drugs are not human. They are sick, evil, money-grubbing MONSTERS! I will never forget this story. I am so sorry for the intense torment this woman suffered at the hands of modern medicine. So very sorry.

    It’s such a dangerous world we live in, when the majority of people in medical school are being educated by the very drug companies that are trying to kill us.

    YES>>>these drug dealers DO NOT CARE IF WE DIE.

    The percentage of people having life-destroying reactions to prescribed drugs is getting higher all the time. DRUG companies care for money and ONLY money.

    Even if you are drug-free and all-natural, if you are in a car accident, or some life-threatening emergency, and you’re unconscious and alone, you need to make damn sure that you’re not injected with toxic drugs.

    WEAR A MEDIC ALERT bracelet at all times….EVEN a tetanus shot can alter your life permanently – please look it up. (avoid tetanus with colloidal silver or olive leaf tincture…simple)

    Have it engraved on your bracelet — NO INJECTIONS OF ANY KIND.

    ALL VACCINES can destroy your life – can destroy you neurologically, can cause life-long auto-immune issues, life-long debilitation….includes tetanus and all flu shots.

    Especially, NEVER ACCEPT an injection of anything in your spine either!

    Even if they say it’s frigging water!!!

    NOTHING IS SAFE IN YOUR SPINE. (look up Depo-medrol side effects and see the lives ruined with arachnoiditis: a condition right out of horror movies with the spine growing scar tissue and stiffening until you can no longer move at all – amazing, beautiful, innocent people, have comitted suicide to escape the pain this pain.

    We need MORE people to tell their story.

    People have had a stroke *on the spot* after these spinal injections – IT IS NOT even reported. YOU can end up with permanent spinal injury, intense pain that not even morphine can touch, and even end up in a WHEELCHAIR FOR LIFE, with ALL SPINAL injections…they will call it a nerve-block, or pain-block, or epidural. THEY will tell you it’s done ALL the time….DO NOT DO IT.


    Make sure your emergency contact’s phone number is on your medic alert bracelet as well.

    If you are in the hospital, find a way, or ask a loved one to research ANYTHING they want to give to you. YOU MUST resist their bullying and sense of ultimate authority.

    This includes HEPARIN, the blood thinner….if you knew the disgusting, toxic ingredients, you would SLAP any nurse trying to put this into your body.

    (look up Baxter’s contaminated batches also, of Heparin)

    The doctors and nurses who look over us in the hospital need to know that they are not in charge. Take control of what is happening to YOU before you become another unknown statistic.

    Yes, it all sounds extremist, until one of these horrors happens to YOU or someone you love.

    I pray with ALL my might, let the MANY innocent, trusting people out there read this post, and I pray that YOU ARE SPARED ANY and ALL suffering with knowledge.

    This awareness is the only power we have left.

    Knowledge and unity and love for each other.

    It’s all that’s left.

    Re-post this anywhere and everywhere — please.

    • Amen, thank you for sharing


      • Chloe Blue

        Linda ~ You are so welcome! I have never been so upset about anything in my life! In addition, congress is going after bio-identical medicines which have SAVED people’s lives, including mine. They are absolutely ruthless.

        senate bill s959

        Please look it up….many petitions out there and people fighting back, but the advances against our *right to choose* are becoming more extreme and the attacks are accelerating.

        Many blessings to you!i

  • Louise Bennett

    I totally agree, but what can you do except educate people which I have tried to do, but who am I ? not a doctor and so it goes, the sheeple think dr’s are gods but I have heard dr’s and nurses alike say “I am ashamed that I know nothing about health” so there you have it.. they are only taught to prescribe drugs, the shame is they learn so much about the body and where does it all go,, that information.. down the toilet. never met a healthy dietician or Dr and they are all overweight or have an ailment and to add to that there are meany naturopaths that are non too healthy either. my heart goes out the woman who has been so severely damaged but taking these drugs, I really hope people will wake up.

  • Walter Wroble

    What bothers me is that the FDA deems only drugs capable of curing a disease. Therefore, all the research done and documented in the 70’s and early 80’s regarding nutrition and diseases is still considered nonsense. Although, the US Government thought so highly of the report and book written after the study, it now resides in the Smithsonian Institution as a National Treasure! The book is called “Disease of Exotic Animals” and was determined that nutrition was able to reverse illness and disease across species lines including humans.

    Continuing studies confirmed this result stating that the only difference is: the more complex the organism, the more nutrients needed to sustain optimal health. The studies showed that just by eliminating certain combinations of nutrients one could cause a disease to appear. Conversely, by re-introducing the nutrients, one could cause the disease to disappear.

    Unfortunately, big pharma and the FDA will not make this information mainstream. There is no money to be made in vitamins and nutrients. You cannot patent a naturally occurring substance therefore making them low to non profitable. Quality also makes a huge difference in nutrients. Over the counter “vitamins” (all inclusive of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids) are poorly regulated and have little to no nutritional value rendering them basically useless. Again, this information is not mainstream.

    Do yourself a favor and educate yourself. Watch this “eye opening” recorded webinar and see exactly what you don’t know: tiny. cc/ webinarplayback

    You can also request a free e-book regarding nutrition and some amazing testimonials about healing from diseases like diabetes, arthritis, thyroid cancer, heart disease just to name a few: tiny. cc/ healingiseasy

    Thanks and God Bless