Susan G. Komen says organic food may not be safe

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worried woman(NaturalHealth365) In a move completely in opposition to the promotion of good health, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has raised unnecessary red flags about the safety and nutritional value of organic foods. On its website, the organization downplays the wealth of research showing the health benefits of organic foods and even goes so far as to suggest there may be safety concerns with food not treated with pesticides.

Misleading its audience about the benefits of choosing organic foods seems a poor choice for an organization that has already seen its reputation slip in recent years. Once considered one of the most trusted nonprofits in the United States, the organization has come under fire lately with accusations of misleading statistics, use of donations, sponsor affiliations, and commercial cause promotions.

Schooling Susan G. Komen on the ‘organic certification process’

Organic farmers, ranchers and processors produce food and fiber using methods that preserve the environment and avoid synthetic inputs, such as pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals. USDA organic standards describe how farmers grow crops and raise livestock and which materials they may use.

Organic producers and processors in the U.S. must adhere to a very specific set of standards in order to certify their products as organic.

The Organic Foods Production Act, passed by Congress, laid the foundation for defining organic standards developed and enforced by the USDA. Before becoming certified, growers must go through a minimum three-year process, and invest considerable time and resources into meeting the standards. Once certified, ongoing inspections and residue testing assures continued adherence to organic standards.

How cancer patients are being misled by Susan G. Komen

The Susan G. Komen website raises unnecessary questions about the safety of organic food on its website, despite the unusually strict guidelines organic farmers, ranchers and processors follow in producing certified organic food.

The organization goes so far as to suggest that cancer patients and consumers in general need not be overly worried about pesticides in food, when it states, “Some studies have shown that organic food has a lower amount of pesticides, but research has not confirmed that lower amounts of pesticides are causally related to preventing certain diseases or conditions.”

The Susan G. Komen website also states that it cannot recommend consumption of certified organic food, due to the lack of high-quality human research. It also implies that food grown without pesticides could carry safety risks, a claim that is unsubstantiated by scientific study.

Good science and research-backed evidence is being ignored

Contrary to the Susan G. Komen’s inferences about safety risks, USDA’s organic certification is the only food labeling system subject to independent public oversight and review. Such a process guarantees consumers that managed practices incorporating biodiversity, plant health management and natural fertilizers in organic farming replace the use of toxic, synthetic pesticides used in conventional agriculture.

Neither does evidence appear to be lacking regarding the nutritional value of organic food. A recent study led by a team of scientists at Newcastle University in England, and co-authored in the British Journal of Nutrition by Washington State University research professor Chuck Benbrook, provides the latest evidence that organic food is nutritionally superior to food produced by conventional means.

The researchers’ analysis found organic grains and produce to have higher concentrations of antioxidants, lower levels of cadmium and nitrogen compounds and fewer pesticide residues. The scientists reviewed 343 previously published, peer-reviewed studies comparing organic and conventionally grown crops in formulating their conclusion.

Why does Susan G. Komen ignore the facts? One can only wonder what their real agenda is – especially when you see the proof.

According to a news release by Washington State University on the findings, “…consumers who switch to organic fruits, vegetables, and cereals would get 20 to 40 percent more antioxidants. That’s the equivalent of about two extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day, with no increase in caloric intake.”

Antioxidants are believed to prevent cancer, as well as a variety of other diseases, including heart disease and stroke.

The Susan G. Komen foundation does admit that organic farming promotes a sustainable environment. But raising doubts in the minds of cancer patients over the safety and nutritional value of consuming food free of cancer-causing agents is reckless behavior from an organization that has played a pivotal role in raising awareness and support for the fight against cancer.


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  • Bill Brinklow

    I guess the more people there is with cancer the more money Susan G Komen makes…

    • fromtheATL

      Bill….that is the only explanation that makes sense…unless SGK is in bed with Monsanto?

      • Robert Pollard

        Wouldn’t doubt that a bit…

  • Doctor Knows

    Komen is another cancer criminal – breast x-rays cause more cancers that prevent or cure. Like the American Cancer Society – all a racket.

  • Ed

    You would think after all these years of cancer research (Like 40+) they have to have found a cure but there is too much money to be made by just misleading the general public. Greed is quickly decaying the world.

    • SoccerMom51

      Over the years, there have been numerous highly efficacious cancer treatments discovered and developed – all deliberately suppressed by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment. Virtually all of these treatments can be self-administered, with little or no expense. The high rate of cancer deaths is an effective form of population reduction, which is why government will never support an actual cure. The practice of medicine is a business, not a science, and cancer is the biggest cash cow they have. Billions in profits would be lost if the public knew that cancer can be cured by simply drinking a quart of carrot juice every day. As a starter, Interested parties could learn more by doing a web search for Essiac Tea and Aloe Arborescens.

      • Jennifer Symonds

        &, of course, vitamin B17

    • Robert Pollard

      Ed, that’s what turned me to investigate healthy lifestyles and then led me to organics. I couldn’t believe they couldn’t find a cure after all this time. I assumed it had to be they didn’t want to find one. Especially, after I found out how much money was involved in addressing cancer symptoms versus the problem.

      • signalfire1

        And their ‘cure’ rates are skewed by the ones they have found a ‘cure’ for; lymphomas and some childhood leukemias. The rest of the cure stats haven’t budged since the 1950s, and are also skewed by the 5 year mark stats; you can get a recurrence at five years and a day and they’ll call it a new cancer. The ‘cure’ rate is statistically identical to the ‘spontaneous remission’ rate, which is probably lower than it could be given if you’ve taken chemo and radiation, you’re made sicker from that and need to recover from both the disease and the treatment now.

  • Loki

    there’s no money to be gained through this research so its rarely done. it may be the case that research has not vetted organic foods yet but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there proving the benefits of an organic diet including mine. after four months of working (and eating) on an organic farm I lost more than 5 inches in my waist and after just two months my brain fog lifted. I began and finished a number of art projects which is something I hadn’t done since I was in my single digits. I felt better physically and mentally than I ever had within memory. the one caveat is the soil conditions of the farm in question. organic farmers can be just as negligent when it comes to building their soil as any other. if the soil isn’t amended regularly the nutrients won’t be there for the plants or you.

    • Robert Pollard

      I was under the impression they didn’t have to amend. Mainly because of the enzymes/creatures that aren’t killed off in the soil by pesticides. Don’t know the details but organic farming in general I thought does not deplete but replenish the necessary minerals???

      • Loki

        soil is depleted due to growing, then harvesting produce. its not self-replenishing and depending on who’s farming the land, determines how well the soil is cared for. so its quite possible to grow poor-qualtiy produce organically though that is likely a rare exception.

        • Robert Pollard

          I guess it’s possible to do anything that’s right, the wrong way. Everything I’ve read on organic farming indicated standard practice is to ensure there is always sufficient mineral replenishment by following a standard approach.

  • Stormy

    It never ceases to amaze me how a lot of these organizations are considered “Non-Profit” although in the org. may not profit at the end of the year,people at the top make upwards to “wages in the millions” and is a tidy profit for them! and one has to suspect that certain ” large Donations to these Non-Profits, originate from dubious sources. As far as the” manufactured controversy” over Organic vs Non organic you should get an Expert on plant development, in general to explain to the pesticide spewing camp that plants have developed there own protections from pests over millions of years, “that” process is what makes plants nutrient dense and healthful for humans, when you slather them with chemicals they do not have to protect themselves,and therefore do not produce the Antioxidant, and vitamins that we need.

    • G Clay

      And when you “slather them with chemicals” it also kills the beneficial microbes in the soil.

    • Robert Pollard

      Very good explanation Stormy! You said it well… Wages in the millions is enough for most people to turn genocidal.

  • Please share with @NFL asap and ask them to stop this abuse against women.

    • jay

      The NFL is a propaganda arm of the NWO, do yourself a favor and turn off the switch to the TV mind programming

  • Cancer is BIG business, and anyone thinking otherwise is a fool! There is no money to be made from good health or its promotion. Only sickness and disease can be peddled with drugs and snake oils costing upwards of $1,000.00 per pill; like the newly developed Hep C pill being currently marketed.

    • jay

      you hit the nail on the head buddy…don’t be a smuck, the cures that really cure, are all, almost free, real food pesticide gmo free, pure clean water, and a clean guilt free loving mind, no ‘war on’ required..that’s what got you into the mess in the first place.. Susan G scumen sold out years ago..good riddince, she get cancer again before to long with her set of morals.

  • shaney

    Every person in this country should obtain/read Politics in Healing. The discoveries of Rife in the 30’s CURED cancer with no drugs, no surgery, no medicine. The AMA/FDA put a stop to Mr. Rife’s work, because, after all, “all those oncologists had spend all that time and money learning their trade”; and more importantly, because Mr. Rife would not GIVE the AMA/FDA rights to his discoveries.

    • G Clay

      It’s a good book and gives some insight into the evil underhanded dealings of our government and Big pHARMa. The truth is irrefutable.

    • Robert Pollard

      Awesome. I thought I was the only one that knew about Royal. I read the story and after discovering the theory behind it, I knew it would work because it made so much sense…

  • Don’t trust Sugan G. Komen

    I read an article about how Susan herself has breast implants — which she touts as the “safer” type! UNBELIEVABLE that a BREAST cancer expert would recommend any type of silicone materials to be placed in a woman’s body for cosmetic purposes. After I read that, I pretty much don’t trust a word she says. In addition, her fees for operating on women to remove and clean up breast implants is absurdly high. The woman has made a fortune off of other women’s troubles.

  • Guest

    Keep in mind, Susan G. Komen may have studied many things about breast cancer, but they are on the CONVENTIONAL treatment and practice. They recommend breast cancer treatment with toxic methods such as chemotherapy and radiation.

  • ricky

    Susan G. Komen is a whore of the highest magnitude!

  • Sabienne

    Susan G. Komen is funded by mammogram machine manufacturers and drug companies. Check out this article by Health Ranger: naturalnews. com/036711_komen_for_the_cure_mammography_fraud.html

    Susan G. Komen has never been interested in research for a cure for breast cancer. Susan G. Komen is all about pushing mammograms. Period.

    The heads of Susan G. Komen belong behind bars.

    • Joan Camara

      Exactly righ!!!

      • Patricia P. Tursi

        “Exactly right” refers to putting Susan Komen Foundation CEOs behind bars…not that organic food is unsafe as it looks like. I particularly like the pink drillbit for fracking tool….Komen and fracking .. a neat partnership.
        The American Cancer Society has existed for over 100 years…known any cures they have generated? The pink ribbons are the biggest scam I have seen in a long time…Look up where the money goes. Most orgs use their donations to keep the orgs going…not for the stated purpose. Am Vet stores and other stores for the Blind, or the Poor, are only required to give 7% of their profits …after deducting homes, cars, big salaries, etc. Yet, they operate on donations, etc. But don’t take my word, check it out . I don’t donate for anything, but then I’m on SS and can’t afford to.

  • Jay Gee

    I presented a body of research disputing their deadly disinformation campaign to them a few years back. They simply defended their lies with more lies proving they are without a shred of integrity. The extent of the mainstream brainwashing is evidenced by the sheer extent of the “pink ribbon” junk being peddled. A major anti-pink ribbon boycott should be launched in support of truth in advertising and re-educating the public to THINK (beyond pink) for themselves and weigh the facts against the shameless profiteering. It is amazing given the basic facts disputing their false claims that they have not found themselves in court of law being forced to re-pay the money they have scammed off the naïve and trusting public that needs to wake up and start questioning – at the very least- why with all the money thrown at cancer that allopathic “medicine” remains so impotent and ignorant. Buyer beware.

  • Kevin Steigner

    Any one giving to the Komen foundation is throwing their money away approximately 97% of funds go to administration costs. Also the cancer society, Heart and Diebietes all are multli million dollar organizations that have no interest in curing anything why shut off the pipeline ! The cure is out there for all and its free. It is Diet and lifestyle, you can put the drug companies out of business in weeks.

    • Lynn

      Kevin, You are absolutely right. I am living proof that it all comes down to diet and lifestyle and taking certain NATURAL supplement that unfortunately, are banned in the USA,
      all for the sake of the mighty dollar.

      • ipragmatist

        Me too…I cured myself from SEVER ulcerative colitis through nutrition. Can’t imagine still being sick. And was for 15 years because I listened to a gastroenterologist tell me you couldn’t cure colitis. The look on his face when he did a colonoscopy and there was nothing there was priceless. Can’t imagine the last few years still suffering from this dreadful disease. Yet I even tell people WITH colitis how to heal, and they all tell me they have to get the ok from their gastroenterologist first. Sigh. Live with it then.

    • pam r

      It’s worse than throwing away your money. They are supporting these organization to keep growing and spreading their false info to more and more unsuspecting women. More women will be harmed by treating false positive mammograms and getting chemo and all standard procedures.

    • ipragmatist

      The Nazi regime is here and well, and taking all our wealth and keeping people dumbed down. Shame on these and so many other people. The government and government agencies are NOT looking out for our greater good. They are intentionally poisoning everyone, especially young kids. Think vaccine damage and the government’s refusal to accept it. Yet they have a secret fund to pay out claims of those parents whose kids have been horrifically damaged from vaccines. All of this is a scam….yes so many people, including the idiot football players running around in their ping ribbons. Makes me wanna get sick.

  • Vito Goldfarb

    Ill tell you are we all f-cked up or what?? Does it always boil down to money. I’ve done some pretty low things for money in my life but to knowingly hurt a mass of people with false statements that could ultimately cause harm or death!. I wouldn’t do it!! If you knew me youd think I could but I wouldn’t Karma can truly be a painful bitch and the shot callers that made this move will ultimately answer. And anybody that doesn’t believe in the golden rule is because what they got coming simply hasn’t got there yet

  • Steve

    Here’s a link to an interesting article that summarizes various studies showing significantly higher phyto-nutrient content in organic produce as well as grass-fed milk, etc. I’ve seen others that studied the difference in soils btwn conventional and organic, the latter showing significantly greater microbial activity. All of this is what anyone with common sense would expect to see, but its interesting nonetheless.

    pccnaturalmarkets. com/sc/0802/sc0802-organicadvantage.html

  • pam r

    It is very clear by looking at their website that they want people to be uneducated about real solutions for cancer. I feel bad for all the manipulated women who go out and walk and raise money for this organization. These women are unknowingly helping this organization to manipulate and hurt people with their disinformation.

    • kathleen

      I agree!!!

    • Joan Camara

      Totally right…so sad that someone could tell people misinformation so bad.!

    • signalfire1

      Which begs the question, how can they possibly be so uneducated? These must be the same nitwits who love vaccinations and don’t want your unvaccinated kids near their vaccinated ones, in case what? The vaccines don’t work??? I saw one of these ‘Pink Fests’ once and there were actually cancer patients going on long ‘fundraising’ walks until they were exhausted, thinking they were somehow doing a great thing. It was a pep rally for aging cheerleaders and was ridiculous at its core. Meanwhile the ‘president’ is taking home 800K in salary every year to give a few speeches and plan the next ‘race’. Most of the money seems to be spent on pink t-shirts and pink hats and pink balloons and lots of ridiculous rah-rah. If you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, don’t expect any money from them, though. They’ll refer you to a more local charity and will be lucky to get 20 bucks for gas to get to your poisonous chemo treatments. Hey Natural Health! How do we shut down (and or sue) a ‘charity’ for not being a charity at all, but a con?

  • Robert Paggen

    Susan G. Komen is probably one of the most corrupt charities around. The head of Komen makes around one half million a year. If people ate organic food there would be much less cancer and less obscene profit for them. It could put them out of work. And why the run for the cure and not run for the cause. Because there is no money in prevention.

    • signalfire1

      Obviously, Komen’s fundraising has slowed because of the different exposes’ about them available on line and on Youtube and they’ve started getting money from Big Ag and Monsanto. This has Monsanto’s fingerprints all over it.

  • Jinglepots

    With the availability of knowledge on the internet, nearly everyone can do their own research and discover the truth about our food supply. I am grateful for this site, as I continue to be informed about important health issues, which makes me dig even deeper. Bottom line, I buy local organic as much as possible , so I know who grew it and the land or farm upon which it was produced. I also sprout organic seeds. What a great source of nutrition!

  • Anonomous

    I’m currently fighting a parasitic infection and I got it from food. And yes I ate organic. And no, I don’t go out of my way to eat organic anymore. I’d prefer cancer to parasites. But the truth is some parasites can give you cancer. Liver flukes for instance which are found on certain vegetables. You have no idea the hell it is to fight parasites, to feel them crawling around inside of you. It is a living hell. And it doesn’t matter if you know the grower or not. All it takes is a dog (or other animal) to wander onto your local farm, and pee on the lettuce or poop on the earth around there, and you have a parasite issue. Do you think the farmer knows that happened?

    In fact, the earth is swarming with “soil transmitted helmiths” especially in the southeastern United States. The CDC says that up to 27% of children have Ascaris worms (intestinal worms) in the Southeastern United States. That is almost one out of three kids. Up to 10 percent elsewhere. I told my doctor this statistic and he didn’t believe me. He said “You must mean pinworms.” I said, no, Ascaris (the largest roundworm there is.) So he looked it up, right then and he saw I was correct. He didn’t even KNOW! One out of three children walking into his office had large roundworms in their belly and he had no clue. I asked him what happened to those worms in those children if no doctor ever suspected and no one ever treated them. He had no answer to that.

    Over 50% of all people in the United States show antibodies for Toxicara.

    Don’t believe anyone who tells you it isn’t an issue in this country. This study from 2000 shows that 30 percent of AMERICANS have intestinal parasites. They just don’t know about it. And this is before the big organic and global trade movements. ajtmh. org/content/66/6/799 I shudder to think what the ratios are now.

    If you must eat organic, cook all vegetables unless you can peel them or unless they are specifically an anti-parasitic food like horseradish, onion, garlic, hot peppers, ginger, etc. Cook all fruit unless you can peel it. Cook all meet well. Don’t eat anything that is simply smoked. Smoking is not enough to kill parasites. This includes salami and pepperoni and smoked salmon.

    Practice food safety. Don’t close your eyes to parasites and practice ignorance. Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it is a safe food.

    • signalfire1

      Parasites will be an issue on ANY food, organic or not. It all depends on where it was grown, out in the open or in a greenhouse, among other things. This is why I advocate for an aquaponics system of growing most vegetables (anything that specifically doesn’t need dirt to root in, which is most of them), it would mostly eliminate the parasite problem. But your diatribe seems out of place considering the topic.

    • Bob Loblaw

      If 1 in 3 kids has such a parasite you’re just as likely to catch it from a cashier scratching his behind then handling your lettuce which is why you need to wash and cook your food properly as you indicated regardless. Nobody (sane) buys organic because they think it’s got some magical coating that keeps it clean. Oh, and FYI pesticides are not such a coating either.

    • Lee

      Anonomous, you seem quite well-researched about parasites already, but just in case you hadn’t come across the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, I’d like to recommend it. It’s been four months since you posted, and so I truly hope your parasite issue has subsided. In case it hasn’t, however, in “The Cure for all Diseases,” Clark offers all-natural remedies for every type of parasite, as well as listing various web resources for acquiring the ingredients in those remedies. (Amazon has the book.)

      You had mentioned that some parasites can lead to cancer. Yes! In her book, she states that she had never found a case of cancer that did not include a specific type of parasite (forgot the name of the parasite, but it’s in her book).

      She also makes recommendations for all-natural food cleansing methods which can help reduce susceptibility to parasites. You are correct in noting the pervasiveness of parasites. Proper hygiene habits, including food hygiene, self-hygiene, and home hygiene, are essential.

    • Lee

      Anonymous, this is a correction to the post I wrote you. The parasite information to which I was referring is in Dr. Clark’s “The Cure for all Cancers.” Possibly it’s also in the book I erroneously mentioned, but I don’t have a copy of that one to check further.

  • Joan Camara

    This woman and anyone who says something as stupid as this, needs to take some pharmecutical drugs, and a lot of them! Grrr…

  • Anonymous

    And what particular part do you think is stupid? Is there a particular point you want to refute? Or do you just generally decide you don’t like what I have to say, so you believe it is stupid. Because if you have a particular point, then we can discuss it. If you are just close minded, then there is no discussion to be had.

  • Wow


    This is bullshit CEO Nancy Brinker gets paid an annual salary of over $684,000 a year. Living comfortably there, Nancy? this is a profitable non profit company they need to be shut down

  • signalfire1

    The US government has a monopoly on the word ‘organic’ and if a food is so labeled, it damn well better be grown within certain parameters. Organic is hardly a stamp of approval that a food is perfectly safe to eat. Obviously it still needs washing, etc. A food grown out in the open may have had a passing bird poop on it, worms are still growing in that soil, etc. Organic simply means no added chemical fertilizers or pesticides were used. The fertilizer could be heavily soil amended cattle manure (which begs the question, what were the cows fed? GMO? Pesticided feed?) which can be contaminated with all sorts of things. We don’t need to grow in dirt anymore for many products, check out aquaponics which uses ~5% of the water of regular farming and doesn’t need dirt at all – a parking lot will do. It also solves many of the problems of local-based eating and would employ millions of families and potentially solve many economic problems, while reducing the trucking-in of produce from 1000s of miles away.

  • For my liking this article is a bit tame! I would have flayed, skewered, roasted, fried, and boiled their organization and executives to chared remains. Their children and children’s children would have had to change their last names to avoid the torrent of hate and disgust from healthy and sane parents that care about their children’s health and future…EVERYWHERE!

    Stand up for your rights and freedoms, never let the lies and betrayals creep into the consciousness of anyone looking for true health. Preserve and protect life above all else!

  • Susan J Komen promotes chemotherapy for cancer, too. Who would believe anything this woman says????

  • Lou

    Susan J Komen is clearly a fraud; just another shill organization working for the Rockefeller Cancer Racket INC.

    Mentioned many times herein are instances of their BAD advice.

    For me here is the kicker.

    Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

    “Simple sunshine, Vitamin D is “the cure” for breast cancer that the cancer industry ridiculously claims to be searching for.”

    “It’s time to take action, women are already fully aware of breast cancer and its consequences. When you can project that fully 75 percent of breast cancer could be prevented with higher vitamin D serum levels, there is no justification for waiting to take preventive measures such as getting one’s vitamin D level up to the recommended range of 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L).” Carole Baggerly, director of GrassrootsHealth.

    Breast cancer is a disease so directly related to vitamin D deficiency that a woman’s risk of contracting the disease can be ‘virtually eradicated’ by elevating her vitamin D status to what vitamin D scientists consider to be natural blood levels.” Doctor Cedric Garland

    “In a gathering of vitamin D researchers recently held in Toronto, Dr. Cedric Garland delivered a blockbuster announcement: Breast cancer can be virtually “eradicated” by raising vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is “the cure” for breast cancer that the cancer industry ridiculously claims to be searching for. The cure already exists! But the breast cancer industry simply refuses to acknowledge any “cure” that doesn’t involve mammography, chemotherapy or high-profit pharmaceuticals.”

    “Breast cancer patients may take between 4000 to 6000 IU of vitamin D3 every day. Water-soluble vitamin A can be taken in doses of 100,000-300,000 IU every day. Monthly blood tests are needed to make sure toxicity does not occur in response to these high daily doses of vitamin A and vitamin D3” Life Extension, Note IMO getting your vitamin D levels up to 100 ng/ml will work better, this may require MORE than 6000 IU/day

    healthyprotocols. com/2_breast_1.htm

    So what does Susan have to say about Vitamin D a cure for Breast Cancer?

  • Bam Bam Griffiths

    I don’t think the jury is out anymore regarding the integrity of the Susan G Komen group.

    These pink matadors of the unlikely have nailed their colours to the mast of incredulaty.
    All that is now left is simply a test of your gullibility.

  • Xynix

    Monsanto sponsors their races. Of course they’re going to side with GMO manufacturers. It’s all about the money.

  • POdChick

    Komen has become a prostitute – doing/saying whatever it takes to bring in more $$$$. They support orgs that contribute to the development of breast cancer and support therapies that are pathetically ineffective. Detestable organization.

  • dhartley231 .

    Sorry women and ladies dont let this dumb bitch SUSAN G. KOMEN lead you down the wrong road to better health. she is completely wrong about organic food and GMOs Drop her like she did you. Money hungry MONSATO bitch

  • John Landau

    We’re all prostitutes for big business unless we stop supporting these people. No $$$ in prevention! If you say, “PREVENTION”, people look at you as if you need to be committed to an asylum. How is it that people just do what the next person does and doesn’t realize that $$$ and power influence people to not do the right thing? Trained zombies we are – when we see a uniform, we dutifully submit. This nonsense has to stop. Doctors have my aunt on 12 rounds of chemo for liver cancer and she’s 86! She thinks when she’s finished that she will be cured. How can they do this to a woman her age and lead her to false hope? It’s mind-blowing! So many people start out sentences with, “My doctor told me to do this, or the pharmacist told me to take this product” – even though it’s full of sugar and artificial colors. Take back your power Americans; stop being apathetic about life. Other nations don’t tolerate these shams. We are like 36, 37 in the world in healthcare. More babies die here than in some third world countries. What’s wrong with us? Are we all really just so brain dead we can’t see the reality of life? Wake up, Americans! When I hear that song, Proud 2b an American, I absolutely cringe. I’m ashamed!

    • Rebecca Scott Boddie

      John, thank you for wriitng that. I concur with every word you wrote
      My only sister died after fighting cancer for eleven years, with the chemo working/not working, over and over. She could have had a much better quality of life if she hadn’t listened to the doctors.

  • SibyllasStuff

    I am a BC cancer survivor of I believe now 20 years. I had reoccurance 2 – 3 years after cut, burn, and poison at age 41. After that I told the doctor to just cut both breasts off – went on to tamoxifen for 9 years (not the recommended 5 years) and now I have fatty deposits on my liver. Oh well. At least I am still living and working and playing.
    I think you have a point about attitude – the anger part does crop up and it does infect how we act towards others. I continue to work on my own attitude, but it does become challenging when organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation try push their pink ribbon nonsense. (I had words with them years ago and told them to stop sending me their junk), I will NOT do anything for them, wear pink ribbons or anything else. It was taken from the original and turned into a money making thing. Best wishes in your search for cure. Ty Bolinger just put out a series on Finding the Cure for Cancer. Very interesting information and interviews with people and doctors who are practicing real healing medicine and curing people. It just makes sense to nourish the immune system and try to feel better.

    I wish you well also.

  • JaxRiley

    She must have a vested interest in Monsanto. Tis is totally laughable. How does she defend the stance that pesticies are ok? SERIOUSLY? OMG the fluoride is working.

  • Tomtom

    If one accepts Tulio Simoncini’s observation that cancer is a fungus ( candida albicans), then eating organic produce is a “no brainer”. Organically grown vegetables produce a natural substance called “salvestrols”, which inhibit fungus growth on the growing vegetables. it is also incorporated “in” the vegetable.Salvestrols, when eaten in organic foods ,inhibit the growth of cancer. Vegetables grown with pesticides do not produce these salvestrols, because the pesticides kill the fungus on the exterior of the vegetable , and this action inhibits the natural production of Salvestrol in vegetables. Tulia Simoncini, an oncologist, lost his medical license in Italy, because he was curing 94% of his patients with a 5% solution of baking soda to kill tumors.Baking soda is alkaline, and alkaline environments will kill cancer (candida albicans) . Do you think the Susan G. Komen foundation wants to kill the goose that laid the “golden egg” ?, They make money by denying the truth about Cancer