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Big pharma scams cancer patients with ineffective drugs, false hopes and high prices


(NaturalHealth365) This story is all about big pharma marketing at its ‘best.’ You’ve probably seen the television commercials – attractive actors, glowing with health, ride horseback or swing tennis rackets while testifying to the ability of various cancer therapies to prolong life. Although a disclaimer (“these results are not typical”) always follows, the fine print doesn’t do much to dispel ... Read More »

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Attention cancer patients: Boost the immune system with one hour of singing


(NaturalHealth365) While never short of anecdotal evidence, scientists now say they have uncovered biological proof that the simple act of singing can give the immune system a much-needed boost. This new evidence gives hope that spending some time engaged in choir singing could be an effective therapy for cancer patients. The findings also show that those patients who are struggling ... Read More »

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5-year cancer survival rate for chemotherapy is 2.1%

nurse with sick woman

(NaturalHealth365) There has been an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients as well as their effect on cancer survival rates. However, American and Australian studies have shown that cancer survival rates after receiving chemotherapy can be as startlingly low as 2.1%. These studies took a 5-year look at cancer survival rates in cancer patients who ... Read More »

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NH365 031: Why modern medicine fails to help cancer patients

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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS(NaturalHealth365) Modern medicine will never cure cancer because its model of care is based on treating symptoms with surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. If fact, in many cases, chemotherapy and radiation actually cause secondary cancers due to the toxicity of the treatment. Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, cancer patients ... Read More »

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Dandelion tea obliterates cancer cells

dandelion tea

(NaturalHealth365) Those bright yellow weeds blooming all over suburban lawns each spring may soon be known as more than just a springtime nuisance. A proposed clinical study will look at the potential cancer-killing properties of dandelion root extract in hopes of mirroring the promising results already seen in lab studies. Dr. Siyaram Pandey, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, University of ... Read More »

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Hospital warns cancer patients about vaccinated people

nurse with vaccine

(NaturalHealth365) The mainstream media is only too happy to create fear and panic, within public discussion, about the most recent measles outbreak. They would have us all believe that unvaccinated children are a threat to society and vaccines will ‘save us’ from harm. Yet, corporate-controlled, vaccine pushing news outlets deliberately omit lifesaving information about vaccines. Shocking to most people, there ... Read More »

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New study: Cancer center claims most cancer cases are due to ‘bad luck’

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(NaturalHealth365) A recent report has made the shocking (ridiculous) claim that the majority of cancer patients are just victims of ‘bad luck’. This has to be an all-time low, even for what we’ve come to expect from Western medicine and “junk” (big pharma created) science. Instead of educating the public about how to prevent cancer and how to avoid what ... Read More »

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Cancer news: The untreated live longer


(NaturalHealth365) Newly diagnosed cancer patients typically feel overwhelmed – by the prognosis of their illness as well as the mountain of decisions that often face them. And now those decisions may become even more complicated. The Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Therapy (FACT™) is pointing to a quarter century of research that brings into question the decision cancer patients ... Read More »

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The powerful healing effects of wheatgrass

(NaturalHealth365) How can wheatgrass juice actually reverse disease? Due to its high concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – this superfood effectively cleans the colon, detoxifies the liver and purifies the blood. Naturally, as a result of cleansing, the body will feel less sick – as symptoms simply fade away. The power of wheatgrass juice revealed! Clinical trials have ... Read More »

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IV vitamin C helps cancer patients

(NaturalHealth365) Most cancer patients are vitamin C deficient. In fact, it’s fair to say, most chronically ill people suffer (greatly) from inadequate nourishment. Let’s be real – poor nutrition increases your risk of inflammation, toxicity, chronic fatigue and depression. Bottom line, if the goal is to fully recover from a cancer diagnosis, cancer patients must consume high-quality vitamins and minerals ... Read More »

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Does the Ketogenic Diet Cure Cancer


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Elevated enzyme found in most cancer patients, could GcMAF be the cure?

(NaturalHealth365) GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activating Factor) is a natural protein that all healthy people naturally have inside of them. It is an immune system modulator that works by stimulating the activity of macrophages – the “big eaters” of our immune system. But, a negative influence on GcMAF is nagalase – an extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme that is secreted by cancerous cells ... Read More »

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