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Pharmacy delivers carloads of big pharma drugs to U.S. Congress for conditions including dementia


(NaturalHealth365) Some people joke about whether our Senators are up to the task of governing, especially some of our more “mature” incumbents. However, a pharmacist who makes deliveries to the luminaries on Capitol Hill has shared some disturbing revelations about how big pharma is ‘taking care of’ our politicians. Mike Kim, the head pharmacist at Grubb’s pharmacy, says that some ... Read More »

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Government health officials attack Scottish superstar after he warned that the flu shot contains mercury

flu shot in arm

(NaturalHealth365) Government health officials in the UK and big pharma reps were in full damage control mode after superstar DJ Calvin Harris expressed his views about vaccines. He was trying to warn the public about the dangers linked to vaccines – especially the flu shot. Harris took to the popular social media platform Twitter to say that the flu vaccine ... Read More »

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Big pharma scams cancer patients with ineffective drugs, false hopes and high prices


(NaturalHealth365) This story is all about big pharma marketing at its ‘best.’ You’ve probably seen the television commercials – attractive actors, glowing with health, ride horseback or swing tennis rackets while testifying to the ability of various cancer therapies to prolong life. Although a disclaimer (“these results are not typical”) always follows, the fine print doesn’t do much to dispel ... Read More »

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FDA warns Pfizer over contaminated drugs putting patients at risk


(NaturalHealth365) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a letter to Pfizer – delivered on a day that many consider the ‘most romantic day of the year’ – but it was certainly no Valentine. The explosive letter was, in fact, a condemnation of a drug company’s unsafe manufacturing protocols – and a warning that consumers have been put “at serious ... Read More »

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Diabetes drug shown to promote bladder cancer


(NaturalHealth365) The drug pioglitazone, brand name Actos, is promoted as a substance to help control and regulate blood sugar – in people with type 2 diabetes. However, some of those people – that use this toxic drug – end up getting bladder cancer. A study, published by The British Medical Journal (BMJ), has confirmed those taking the drug have a ... Read More »

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Common painkiller found to damage mental and emotional wellness


(NaturalHealth365)  Are aches and pains or a headache keeping you from enjoying life?  It seems like a harmless solution to a common problem, but grabbing a painkiller like Tylenol to relieve minor pain or fever could do more harm than good. Researchers have found that over 600 medications pushed by big pharma containing acetaminophen not only cover up symptoms, but ... Read More »

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Alzheimer’s disease projected to bankrupt Medicare


(NaturalHealth365) By 2050, the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 13.8 million Americans will be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. That prediction will have a devastating effect on families and caregivers who will be affected by this growing health crisis.  In fact, one of the biggest problems linked to Alzheimer’s is rarely mentioned in the media. Current costs for Alzheimer’s care and other ... Read More »

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Contaminated prescription drugs from China in U.S. medicine cabinets


(NaturalHealth365) China is a major supplier of the active ingredients found in many of the prescription drugs that Americans use on a daily basis. However, it has come to light that some of these drug components aren’t being properly tested for safety, contamination or dosage effects. Big pharma saves quite a bit of money by outsourcing to China, but the ... Read More »

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Common painkiller found to affect brain function and cause liver damage


(NaturalHealth365) Money not only talks, it apparently silences as well. Especially when the money in question is an industry boasting over a trillion dollars in sales. That kind of money-based power is apparently enough to keep the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at bay when it comes to the most profitable and popular painkiller on the market, despite stacks ... Read More »

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FDA fails to act: Women have 2x the risk to develop an adverse drug reaction compared to men


(NaturalHealth365) The gender earnings gap has made headlines recently as political campaigns argue over the issues. But there is another gender gap that gets little attention: the adverse drug reaction risk for women.  Why is the FDA ignoring this problem? From unsafe medical devices to inadequate clinical trials for drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has turned a blind ... Read More »

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Actor Aidan Quinn speaks out about vaccines causing his daughter’s autism


(NaturalHealth365) When it comes to the dangers of vaccines and their link to autism, Hollywood actor Aidan Quinn doesn’t need a script. The actor is more than ready to share his family’s painful experience with vaccine injury. Quinn’s elder daughter has autism, a condition he is vocal about attributing to vaccination. Blaming the greed of big pharma, the actor is ... Read More »

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Medical experts warn that the word natural is a threat to public health


(NaturalHealth365) There is an alarming trend in the food and healthcare industries toward demonizing the word natural.  Not surprisingly, the sources of this campaign include vaccine companies, big pharma and proponents of GMO foods.  Suppressing the use of the word “natural” seems to be a primary objective at this time. (keep reading … to find out why) These entities are ... Read More »

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