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CoQ10 can significantly reduce dementia risk


(NaturalHealth365) There is exciting news about the coenzyme CoQ10 related to preventing dementia. A study published in the journal Atherosclerosis reveals that higher levels of CoQ10 in the blood correlates with a lowered risk of dementia in the later years of life. The study looked at adults between the ages of 40 and 69 and measured their serum CoQ10 levels. ... Read More »

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Over-the-counter cold medicine linked to dementia


(NaturalHealth365) Cold symptoms such as coughing, sleeplessness, headaches, and muscle pain can interfere with your day. Over the counter cold medicine may help you feel better, but natural remedies are actually more effective at treating cold symptoms.  Plus, there’s an even greater reason to think twice about using typical cold medications. Recent research shows certain medications may be bad for ... Read More »

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Woman cured of terminal vascular dementia with plant-based nutritional protocol


(NaturalHealth365) Given a diagnosis of only two weeks to live, Rick Panson’s mother went home to live out her few remaining days among familiar surroundings, with her loving family by her side. Having survived two previous strokes, she had suffered another ischemic event, and was suffering terminal vascular dementia and paralysis from the neck down. Panson brought his mother home ... Read More »

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Dementia warning: Toxic food truths exposed at the Alzheimer’s summit


(NaturalHealth365) The gateway to optimal health and longevity, food can be your best ally or the direct cause of serious health problems like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. But, here’s the real truth: the problems with toxic food are not limited to the obvious threats posed by highly processed junk food. Even organic foods can be tainted with heavy ... Read More »

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Pomegranates prevent neuroinflammation related to dementia


(NaturalHealth365) Could something as simple and natural as pomegranates be effective in preventing dementia? Science is showing that a component found in this little red fruit – long prized for its nutritional profile and antioxidant properties – could reduce the risk of dementia. Pomegranates contain an impressive array of fiber, vitamins, minerals and useful plant compounds. But pomegranates are also ... Read More »

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Alzheimer’s Association says mercury fillings, aluminum, flu shots and aspartame do not affect brain health


(NaturalHealth365) Using its well-funded position as the authoritative voice on Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s Association has made some odd statements regarding certain factors believed to contribute to the risk of Alzheimer’s.  On its website, the organization claims that known probable and potentially contributing factors behind the Alzheimer’s epidemic are simply myths. (are you kidding?!) Many experts from the scientific and medical ... Read More »

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Silent epidemic: Early onset dementia is on the rise


(NaturalHealth365) It’s a frightening fact: the number of non-elderly diagnosed with dementia is on the rise. Defined as striking people younger than 65, early onset dementia can take form as a range of brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or brain infections. While devastating at any age, dementia is particularly overwhelming when it strikes those ... Read More »

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29-year-old diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease given a few years to live


(NaturalHealth365) It isn’t just an older person’s disease. That’s the sobering reality about the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.  While Alzheimer’s disease typically strikes patients around the age of 65, up to 5 percent of the 5 million-plus Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s have a younger onset form of the disease. That shocking truth has hit home ... Read More »

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NH365 070: The hidden truth about Alzheimer’s and dementia

naturalhealth365 podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS(NaturalHealth365) More than 46 million people on the planet right now are losing their minds. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease plus many other forms of dementia are fast becoming the world’s biggest health problem. Did you know that every three seconds – a new person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ... Read More »

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High blood sugar can have damaging effects on the brain


(NaturalHealth365) Diabetes and high blood sugar is at epidemic proportions in the U.S. According to the CDC, around 29 million Americans – 9.3 percent of the population – have diabetes, which is characterized by high blood sugar. Excess blood sugar can lead to a host of health issues including heart and kidney disease as well as eye issues (including blindness) ... Read More »

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Alzheimer’s disease linked to common viruses


(NaturalHealth365) While everyone has misplaced keys from time to time, this type of forgetfulness is normal. On the other hand, forgetting your child’s name or how to tie your shoe is a serious neurological problem called “Alzheimer’s disease.” While it is the most common form of dementia, it also has the most potential for damaging the brain’s neurons. Changes in ... Read More »

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3 miracle mushrooms for preventing dementia


(NaturalHealth365) Hearty meat-like mushrooms provide a savory flavor to enhance any protein or vegetable dish. They are also an excellent source of nutrients that show promise in the treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases. With 14,000 species of mushrooms, over 2,000 species are edible and used for medicinal purposes. Currently, 270 species are considered as potentially therapeutic. However, ... Read More »

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