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Study shows: Organic milk and meat contain 50% more omega-3 fatty acids


(NaturalHealth365) Omega-3 fatty acids offer a panacea of health benefits, as do organic foods. But, something more exciting, there’s now evidence that organic milk and grass-fed meats contain as much as 50 percent more of the health-sustaining omega-3s you’ve been trying to get more of anyway. Omega-3s bring with them a range of positive effects, including improving immune function and ... Read More »

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5 organic foods contributing to inflammation


(NaturalHealth365) At one time, certain foods were considered “healthy” such as yogurt, whole grain bread, or granola. But, now, many people know that these prepackaged and processed foods are actually not as healthy as once claimed. In fact, did you know that these same “healthy” organic foods can actually cause you harm? In reality, these highly-processed foods contribute to inflammation ... Read More »

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New Study: Common food additives found in organic foods causing major health damage


(NaturalHealth365) Organic food consumption is at an all-time high in the United States primarily due to wider consumer education about the dangers of chemicals, pesticides and other additives found in conventionally grown and processed foods. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), three in four grocery stores stock organic products, and organic foods account for approximately 4 percent of ... Read More »

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Major university finds lead in common foods

(NaturalHealth365) Lead, a highly toxic heavy metal, has been found in thousands of commonly used food items throughout the world. Millions of unsuspecting food consumers are buying poor quality products that reduce I.Q.; cause learning disabilities; organ failure; reproductive problems and cancer. Our food money can change the world.. As health conscious food consumers, we must ask questions and see ... Read More »

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India’s tragic school lunch catastrophe sparks outrage

(NaturalHealth365) Officials said that they had found the cause of the tragic school event in India. They discovered that cooking oil was stored in a container formerly used for insecticides and that’s how poison got into the lunch program. It’s almost hard to believe. The Huffington Post reports that authorities discovered a container of insecticide in the school’s cooking area ... Read More »

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