The chilling truth about Pfizer’s cancerous COVID jab is coming to light

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pfizer-covid-jab(NaturalHealth365)  Pfizer raked in a whopping $100 billion in 2022.  The haul was a record for the pharmaceutical giant.  The company also enjoyed 30% operational growth for the year, along with 2x revenue compared to the year prior.  All in all, the Big Pharma giant generated just under $43 billion in sales for the year.

Perhaps even more intriguing is the fact that more than half of Pfizer’s revenue resulted from COVID-19 jab sales.  Yet, at the same time, the harsh reality about the company’s injections is finally being revealed as we enter the second half of 2023.

What everyone should know about Pfizer’s cancer-causing jab

The chilling truth that only a few on the internet are aware of, yet the mainstream media will never admit to, is that Pfizer’s injection contains 4-hydroxybutyl.  This controversial substance is used for cancer research purposes.

It is quite alarming to learn that 4-hydroxybutyl spurred the formation of bladder tumors in tests conducted on lab animals.  Though, conventionally speaking, this toxin has not been “proven” to cause cancer in humans, time will likely tell a very different (cancer-causing) story.

But, wait, there’s more: Pfizer executives owe it to the public to tell the truth about SV40

Pfizer’s jabs also contain the SV40 sequence.  Though it is uncomfortable to ponder, those with an allegiance to the truth will acknowledge Pfizer’s mRNA jabs contain plasmid DNA characterized by this sequence.  Short for simian virus 40, SV40 spurs the formation and spread of cancer viruses throughout the body.

The SV40 sequence leads to DNA translocation, shifting it to nuclei and genomes.  Scientists believe SV40 is a powerful human pathogen that directly causes or at least contributes to chronic and acute disease.

SV40 and similar DNA sequences have been identified in brain tumors, bone tumors, ependymomas, and choroid plexus neoplasms.  Ependymomas are best described as gliomas or tumors that form within glial support cells within the human body’s central nervous system.  Most such tumors are located within the cranium or spine.  Choroid plexus neoplasms are less severe yet still require full surgical extraction.  Some invasive neoplasm variants prove malignant.

SV40 sequences have also been detected in mesothelioma tumors of the lungs.  Add in the fact that SV40 has been associated with renal disease, colon cancer, and tumors within urinary tracts, and there is even more cause for concern.

Most important question: Are Pfizer executives hiding several deadly truths about their COVID shots?

In many cases, we must ask difficult questions to gain a better understanding of our world.  For example, why did Pfizer scientists insist on adding SV40 to the jab when it is unnecessary for the creation of the jab?  Moreover, it appears that Pfizer executives might have gone to great lengths to conceal the use of SV40 in its jabs when providing a map of the jab DNA to the European Medicines Agency.

To say the information presented above is “disturbing” would be quite an understatement.  We urge you to warn everyone in your social circles, family and friends.

Spread the word about what’s really inside Pfizer’s jabs, and organize in solidarity with fellow truth-seekers both online and offline.  Use your voice to help create the kind of world we all want to see … a world built on truth and respect for each other – with an emphasis on medical and health freedom.

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