Warning: COVID injection nanoparticles compromise DNA

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covid-injections(NaturalHealth365)  DNA, the building block of human beings, is integral to the evolution and health of the species.  Most people are surprised to learn that DNA within the human body is dynamic, meaning it has the potential to change quite significantly throughout the aging process.  Everything from everyday stress to traumatic life experiences that shape epigenetic markers can potentially change the DNA structure.

If it were possible to unpack the DNA in your body, it would stretch from Earth to the moon and back to our pale blue dot nearly 1,500 times.  Recent studies indicate COVID injections contain nanoparticles that compromise human DNA.

Recently injected?  Your DNA may be in serious danger

The minuscule particles referred to as nanoparticles within COVID injections alter human DNA for the worse.  The shot is undergoing in-depth investigation for a potential litany of side effects resulting from nanoparticle infiltration.  The investigatory work centers on the use of electron microscopy to pinpoint solid contaminants.  This feat is accomplished with the use of a complex scanning scope complete with a microprobe x-ray.

Early results from the investigation revealed the presence of nanoparticles and other microscopic inorganic particles within shot samples.  However, Big Pharma did not admit that such particles were in their shots, ultimately making the presence of those particles inexplicable and completely unjustified.

Scan through the studies and other medical literature emerging on this subject, and you will find the particles in question are non-biocompatible and non-biodegradable.  The evidence suggests it is the COVID shots’ nanoparticles that are responsible for myocarditis, irregular periods, sudden deaths, and DNA alterations.

There is also the ever-looming threat of injected individuals passing on their compromised DNA to offspring, who, in turn, pass on their tainted DNA to their own children.

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What is in the COVID injections?  A closer look beneath the microscope lens reveals the truth

Scientists who have used the FEG-EEM scope, short for field emission gun environmental electron scanning microscope, to analyze Big Pharma injections detected particulate contaminants of the inorganic variety.  The scientists used 20 microliters of the jab released by way of a syringe onto a cellulose filter measuring 25 mm in diameter.

The filter is placed on an aluminum stub and subsequently covered with a disc made of sticky carbon.  The jab sample was then positioned within a sanitized box to prevent contamination.  The box was subsequently re-opened for the particles to be placed in the microscope changer.  Aside from the DNA-compromising nanoparticles referenced above, the scientists also found foreign bodies 100 nm to 10 full microns in size.  The shots also contain aluminum salts, saline, and additional unexpected components.

Is Big Pharma nefarious or simply careless?

Jab contaminants have the potential to breach the barriers of cell nuclei and interact with DNA.  The question is whether Big Pharma is intentionally sabotaging the populace’s DNA with nanoparticles that can be used to hijack personal autonomy or if the presence of these harmful particles is merely an oversight.

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