U.S. government offers Ebola vaccine makers legal immunity

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ebola virus sign(NaturalHealth365) At a time when researchers outside the United States have halted Ebola trials due to concerns over vaccine dangers, health officials here are announcing they will give a free pass to drug companies who cause harm or even death, as they rush toward Ebola vaccine development.

U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell announced recently that drug makers would be offered liability protection under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act. The agency declared the immunity is necessary to encourage quick development of Ebola vaccines.

Proof: Government does NOT care about public health or safety

The Ebola virus is credited with causing the deaths of 6,300 people in the three West Africa countries most impacted. Yet, conventionally speaking, we never hear about natural protocols to solve this dilemma. Drug companies and Western medicine continue to push the vaccine (only) agenda – as a ‘possible’ solution.

The protection afforded Ebola vaccine developers by the U.S. government mimics that already offered to makers of other government-mandated vaccines. A U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2011 stripped away protections consumers previously enjoyed under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

The uninformed public assumes all the risk with every vaccine shot

Parents lost their legal right to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable and were left with no feasible avenue to pursue compensation for injuries suffered by immunized children. The decision also removed any financial incentive for big drug companies to develop the safest vaccines possible.

Prior to the 2011 Supreme Court decision, civil liability had pressured drug companies to develop and license a less-toxic pertussis vaccine as well as a safer polio vaccine to replace one known to cause paralysis.

Under U.S. law, drug companies manufacturing vaccines protected under the PREP Act are immune to any claims related to the development, testing, manufacture, labeling, formulation, licensing, packaging, marketing, promotion, distribution, sale, purchase, donation, prescribing, and administration for three vaccines under development for the Ebola virus.

Drug companies are NOT being held accountable for their actions

That immunity applies to claims involving death, as well as physical, mental, or emotional injury or illness, disability, or other condition. It also covers loss due to fear of any such injury, illness, disability, or condition. In addition, immunity is granted for any loss related to medical monitoring needs, property damage or loss, or business interruption or loss.

The protection does not extend to legal action taken outside the country, however, prompting HHS officials to urge similar immunity of drug manufacturers worldwide. Looks like HHS works solely for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ebola vaccine trials put on hold due to safety concerns

The announcement of protection for Ebola vaccine developers comes just after Swiss researchers announced they were halting one of several Ebola vaccine trials due to concerns over vaccine dangers. Volunteers receiving the experimental vaccine began complaining of painful hands and feet, bringing the trial to a halt after 59 individuals were vaccinated. The Ebola vaccine administered was developed by U.S. and Canadian scientists using an animal virus genetically engineered with a piece of Ebola virus.

Meanwhile, Oxford University announced the start of the first clinical trials of an experimental Ebola vaccine in the U.S.  In addition, other Ebola vaccine trials are at various stages of development.

But, common sense tells us, vaccines will not ‘cure’ Ebola.  When the government supports better nutrition, living conditions and high-quality nutritional supplementation for those in need – then I’ll believe they care about public safety.


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