UNACCEPTABLE: Hospitals lied to create illusion of COVID pandemic

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hospitals-lied-to-create-illusion-of-pandemic(NaturalHealth365)  Before the pandemic, most people knew that heart disease, cancer, and accidents were the top three causes of death in the United States.  Now that the pandemic is fading and people are less inclined to receive potentially deadly shots, the traditional causes of death will inevitably return to the top of the list.

In the United Kingdom, four distinct variations of pneumonia were grouped as the leading cause of death before the pandemic.  However, a new system for death certification implemented by the country’s medical examiner system now certifies each type of pneumonia as a coronavirus death.  The dirty details dished by an individual who goes by the pseudonym of “Sai” on social media appear valid as they are allegedly from the mouth of a National Health Service (NHS) End of Life Care Director.

Ex-Director of End-of-Life Care at NHS reveals truth about COVID-19 pandemic

Surf your way over to the lesser-traveled corners of the web, and you’ll find editorials, tweets, and other content highlighting disturbing alterations to the system used to report deaths.  The ugly truth is that four different diseases are consolidated under the umbrella of COVID-19, making it appear that the so-called virus is the primary cause of death in the United Kingdom.

Though it is undoubtedly true that something sinister did caused many deaths in the elderly and other immunocompromised groups at the start of the pandemic, the NHS and mainstream media are now going to great lengths to make it appear as though the pandemic is raging on and still causing widespread deaths.  In reality, the subtleties of the medical examiner system shape cause of death classifications and statistics.

Let’s not forget the other “crime of the century” … the many people denied early treatment for upper respiratory illnesses – throughout this crisis – with effective (safe) protocols that included things like, ivermectin.

Big Government and Big Pharma have an evil agenda

There is clearly an agenda to make it seem like the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the populace of the United Kingdom and other nations.  Big Government, Big Pharma, and the heads of hospitals conveniently attributed deaths to the virus using the “death cause” classification scheme detailed above to advance their financial and political interests.  This evil triumvirate conveniently pivoted to the medical examiner system when it was in their interest to increase the coronavirus death count.

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Making the situation all the shadier is Sai’s admission that hospitals were provided with financial incentives to report coronavirus deaths over regular deaths.  The government compensated hospitals with additional funds as new deaths, supposedly caused by the virus, were reported.

According to Sai, the federal governments of post-industrialized nations worldwide coordinated the pandemic as early as 2016, as this was the time when the alteration to the medical death certification was first proposed.

EXPOSED: Medical examiners played critical role in pulling off the scam

Implementing the medical examiner system empowered the government to hire and financially compensate medical examiners for visiting hospitals at or near the time of patient deaths.  These examiners created reports for the deceased, ultimately hijacking the hospital personnel’s autonomy in determining patients’ causes of death.

Though Sai and others who worked in hospitals sometimes pushed back against examiners’ classifications of death as COVID-caused or COVID-related, it was ultimately in the interest of healthcare providers to use the virus as a scapegoat to sidestep potential legal action such as medical malpractice and wrongful death litigation.

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