COVID shots responsible for multiple sudden deaths, new autopsy report confirms

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covid-shots-responsible-for-sudden-deaths(NaturalHealth365)  As the United States federal and state governments continue to tout the alleged merits of COVID shots, a flurry of evidence highlighting the dangers of the injections is hitting the newswire.  A recently published autopsy report reveals those who “died suddenly” were probably killed by the coronavirus shot.

Conduct a quick online search for “sudden death,” and you will find nearly infinite news articles revealing unexpected deaths across all age cohorts.  However, few shine the spotlight on the truth, as told below.

New autopsy report reveals people who died suddenly were likely killed by COVID shots

The autopsy report referenced above reveals three individuals died suddenly in their homes without any pre-existing conditions or diseases.  The COVID injection is the sole common thread that links these sudden deaths together.  The report also indicates two additional deaths were likely the result of the COVID shot.

Initially revealed to the world by the German Cardiac Society’s official journal, Clinical Research in Cardiology, the report analyzes autopsies completed at Heidelberg University Hospital.  The investigative analysis reveals heart inflammation resulting from an autoimmune response caused by the shot occurred in nearly half a dozen deaths in a single week of either the first or second injection.  Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the COVID injection is the likely cause of death.

Breaking down the minutia of the report

Take a deep dive into the details of nearly 40 autopsies conducted at the University of Heidelberg, and you will find it focuses on unfortunate individuals who passed away within three weeks or less of the COVID shot.  Of the group, 10 had a pre-existing condition or illness that might have caused or significantly contributed to their demise.  However, the remaining 20 lost souls were likely killed by the coronavirus shot.

Though autopsy results cannot be considered to be fully conclusive, it must be noted nearly the entirety of the cases included heart problems.  The report highlights how blood clots from the AstraZeneca shot caused one death.  The remaining deaths were triggered by cardiovascular causes.  The bottom line is the effects of the shot likely contributed to or directly caused the premature deaths.

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A word about the early estimates

Let’s rewind to 2021, when the autopsies referenced above were first conducted.  The physicians responsible for those analyses concluded upwards of 40% of the deaths resulted from the injections.  Now that additional analysis of the autopsies has been conducted and thoroughly reviewed, it has been established that those who died shortly after receiving the shot likely passed away from an autoimmune response to the injection that compromised heart health and functionality.

We would be remiss not to highlight a recent study from Switzerland that reveals a nearly 3% hike in myocarditis and other forms of heart injury in individuals receiving the COVID jab.  It is also worth noting that a Thailand study found heart-related adverse effects occurred in nearly a third of teens shortly after receiving the Pfizer shot.

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