Unsettling breakthrough: First-ever birth control injection enters clinical trials

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birth-control-vax(NaturalHealth365)  In a vax-crazed culture – sponsored by Big Pharma – that wants everyone to believe that there’s a shot for everything, we have yet another inoculation on the horizon.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre.

A bio-medical researcher in India has developed a vax to protect us from the “disease” of pregnancy.  To be fair, he does not use the term “disease” when referring to pregnancy his drug is intended to stop, but why else do you create a vax?  The shot is currently in clinical trials, but experts are already raising valid concerns about treating pregnancy like a disease that you need protection from, not a normal function of the human body to reproduce.

Horrifying medical invention treats pregnancy like a disease

The vax works by neutralizing the hormone hCG, which is human chorionic gonadotropin, also called “the pregnancy hormone.”  If hCG is neutralized, fertilized eggs cannot implant.  This means that the woman can’t get pregnant.

The rationale for the invention is to avoid the unwanted side effects that come with the pill and other contraceptives, many of which are “unpleasant.”

So according to this researcher, the answer to these side effects is to treat pregnancy like a disease and inoculate against it.  Of course, one could also argue that this new invention supports the depopulation plans of individuals like, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.  Keep in mind, one of the biggest financial donors of Dr. Talwar’s work is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Is Dr. Talwar’s controversial shot the work of a mad scientist?

The doctor who created this shot, Dr. G.P. Talwar, is the Director of Research at the Dr. Talwar Foundation.  It is a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in India.

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Dr. Talwar specializes in immunology and was the president of the International Society of Immunology of Reproduction.  He is credited with effectively eradicating leprosy in India, has published in more than 600 publications, and has authored 10 books.  His CV is extensive and impressive, but this latest venture is nothing short of absurd.

The question is, why would he purposely create a vax that manipulates the immune system in such a way that it essentially turns on the body it was designed to protect?

Provoking the immune system against reproductive hormones is a dangerous path, experts say

Many members of the medical community are hesitant to get on board with this radical plan.  Mary Lou Singleton, a midwife and family nurse practitioner, has some very valid concerns.  In an interview with The Defender, she said, “This would be the first vaccine designed to provoke an immune response against a normal, healthy bodily process.  Like all living organisms that reproduce sexually, the human body is organized around our reproductive potential.”

It is sheer craziness to treat pregnancy as a disease.  What’s worse is using a vax that causes a healthy immune system to act counter to the way it should.  Undoubtedly, this carries potential risks that no one can anticipate this early in the game.

Singleton raised these concerns as well, “We have no idea what the long-term consequences of programming the immune system to attack the part of our body that sustains early pregnancy may be, but we do know that the history of medicine is full of unintended consequences.”

Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., chief scientific officer for Children’s Health Defender, is also not finding favor with the shot, calling it “an absolutely horrible idea.”  He said, “So much can go wrong by ‘immunizing’ a woman with hCG identical to the hormone she produces, or men with sperm proteins to attack their own sperm at the production site.

The big question that comes to mind is ‘reversibility.’  It is very difficult to turn off an immune response complete with memory B-cells after it has been turned on.  My fear is that many would be left permanently sterile from this type of vaccine.”

According to these experts, exposing human tissue to this particular shot opens the door to autoimmune problems and severe inflammatory processes because the immune system has been trained to attack it.

Is it wise to turn the body’s immune system against hormones the body naturally produces as part of the reproductive process – a natural human function?  Many medical experts are saying an emphatic NO!

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