Outspoken anti-vaccine doctor found dead, family seeks the truth

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crime-scene-tape(NaturalHealth365) The mystery surrounding a beloved physician’s death has got many in the anti-vaccination movement crying foul. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet’s body was found June 19 in the Broad River – just outside the mall town of Chimney Rock, N.C. While police ruled the death a ‘suicide’ due to an apparent gunshot wound to the chest, Dr. Bradstreer’s friends, family and supporters believe foul play was involved.

Dr. Bradsteet’s work in using controversial treatments for autism and his tireless battle to bring to light the link between vaccinations and disease is well-known. He has been a tireless advocate for bringing to light the vaccine dangers many parents don’t understand.

Medical doctor uses ‘controversial’ autism treatment to cure his own son

The doctor’s strongly held belief that vaccinations are behind the onset of autism earned him a spot at a Congressional hearing on the topics. The doctor’s use of secretin administered intravenously, chelation treatments and intravenous immunoglobin treatments have been at the center of criticism hurled his way primarily from other healthcare providers. But Dr. Bradstreet stood by his findings, and frequently noted that his own son, who suffered from autism, was helped through the treatments he developed.

Dr. Bradstreet has stated publicly several times that his quest regarding autism is both personal and professional. The anti-vaccine doctor believed that mercury, found in many of the vaccinations given to infants and children, was the likely link between vaccinations and autism.

But despite strong evidence linking the two, the theory has been debunked, primarily by those who stand to gain financially from a thriving vaccine industry. He has also been one of the few doctors who have focused on the gut’s reaction to autism and on treatments to alleviate some of the intestinal discomfort realized by those with autism.

Looks like big pharma wants us to simply ignore successful (safe) treatments for autism

From his private clinic in Buford, Ga., Dr. Bradstreet saw patients from around the globe, many who sought him out after learning about him online. Word spread quickly and past patients who were shocked to learn of his death, were quick to recall the significant difference Dr. Bradstreet’s treatments had made in a loved one’s life.

Dr. Bradstreet frequently discussed the potential threat and financial devastation that would fall at the feet of the vaccine industry and its supporters should his theory become generally accepted. Could his medical opinions (and successful track record treating patients) have something to do with his death?

There’s a lack of evidence pointing to suicide

Because Dr. Bradstreet was such a tireless advocate for the link between autism and vaccinations, his family believes it was likely foul play and not suicide that took his life. Those who followed his professional climb from clergy to physician most closely have pointed out that it would be horrible timing to consider suicide.

The BIG question.  Do you really believe this man committed suicide? Judge for yourself: Simply watch this incredible presentation by Dr. Bradstreet, talking about autism biomedical interventions on Youtube – before it gets removed from the internet.

To those who knew him best, the classification as suicide makes no sense. His interest in autism was both personal and professional. The doctor had not completed his trials to support his theory about the link between measles and autism. He also understood the potential threat vaccinations pose day in and day out.

By the way, here’s a link to the family’s successful ‘GoFundMe’ campaign (not sure how long this link will remain active) designed to raise funds to investigate the death of Dr. Bradstreet. Our prayers go out to his family.


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  • Laurie

    Unbelievable! It makes me literally ill to think that this could happen to a man who has spent years of his life helping vaccine-injured children recover their health. What kind of a world do we live in? What kind of evil people exist that could do this to such a hard-working doctor?

  • Protonius

    Of course I have no idea of what happened to Dr. Bradstreet. Maybe it was what the police say, or maybe he was just “in the wrong place at the wrong time” — or could it be that he was “removed” for much the same set of (speculated) reasons that, according to numerous reports, over a hundred microbiologists have allegedly been mysteriously propelled out of the realm of the living, in just the past few years? Hopefully that is not the case. But, who knows?

  • Wendy Allen

    Water may cover fingerprints/crime. It may not be suicide, but made to look like it. He figured out how to help Autistic kids and knew too much about the cause. His workers may know enough to explain it to another person, but hurting Alternative doctors who help in natural ways which to me are God’s way is sad. I pray God protects Alternative medicine and the people who worked so hard to learn/help others.

  • Lee

    Dr. Bradstreet’s dedication is hope-giving & inspiring, and my heart goes out to his family. To think his 61st birthday was Monday the 5th–so sad!! May he be honored through the continuation of his work. It surely will continue. While the truth can be deferred or repressed at times, it can actually never be killed (unlike the people seeking to uncover truth). I’m sure that few of us can grasp the enormous pressures exerted on him.

    DO yourself a favor, and watch the video! In it, Dr. Bradstreet takes a scientific issue (potentially boring), and makes it fascinating through the power of his presence. He’s super sharp, radiates trustworthiness, is engaging, is likeable, is down to earth, is admirably humble, has a great wit, and is over-all endearingly human.

  • grumpy1938

    Consider this if you were to decide to kill your self where would you shoot your self to have the least pain? certainly not your chest. Bad set up on the killers part! This should put the spot light on the success of vaccine’s. Now that Calif. will be nearly 100% vaccinated, the truth will be hard to hide. Vaccines are not the panacea that the drug cartel would have you believe! It is not that hard to see just review the incidence of autism and ADHD from the introduction of vaccines.

  • Marco

    If you are a medical doctor and you decide to commit suicide by shooting yourself, would you choose to shoot yourself in the chest rather than the head? Then Dr Bradstreet would have had to have placed himself either in the Broad River or where he knew his body would fall after he had committed suicide. Both of these seem particularly unlikely in my view, especially the latter. If I were the detectives on this case I would definitely hold open the view that this man was murdered, particularly in light of his opposition to vaccines. And if there was a motive to silence this man who was he mainly a threat to. Surely it would have to be to the pharmaceutical companies who make vaccines? And then, we all know about economic hit-men who are dispatched to take care of problem people. People who won’t toe the line whether they be GMO opponents say in France or other folk in South America. These large pharmaceutical companies have become way too powerful due to their huge growth in profits especially over the past ten years or so. I would suggest we keep a record of all outspoken anti-vaccine and pro natural health people who die in suspicious circumstances.