Researchers say aborted fetal cells in vaccines causing increase in autism

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mom-with-son(NaturalHealth365) Autism is a brain disorder that causes symptoms that typically become noticeable no later than age three. It affects a child’s ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally and also affects social interactions and relationships. In addition, autism can dramatically lower a child’s interest in socializing and may cause a preoccupation with certain activities, toys or routines.

It is no secret the U.S. autism rates are on the rise and have been for many years. The problem is bigger than it has ever been before, with rates soaring to all time highs in the past few years. In fact, a report from the Centers for Disease Control found that autism rates experienced a 30 percent surge in 2014 over 2012, with the number of diagnosed children rising from 1 in 88 to 1 in 68.

The Environmental Protection Agency admits autism is on the rise

Interestingly, a study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that autism rates have not just steadily increased, but rather experienced dramatic surges during certain years over the past few decades. Though the EPA researchers fail to speculate exactly what may have caused those skyrocketing numbers, they do suggest that an external factor may be responsible for the rise in autism rates during certain pivotal years. However, it cannot be denied that changes in autism rates are directly correlated to pharmaceutical toxins within U.S. vaccinations.

As the numbers of children who fall victim to autism spiral out of control, doctors, governments and mainstream media do little to understand the real cause of this disease. For years, many people have speculated at the dangers of vaccines in relation to autism rates, only to be condemned, criticized and even censured by those who defend immunizations as safe. However, a study published in the Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology found an association between autism disorders and the use of aborted human fetal cells in the manufacturing of certain vaccines.

How do vaccines actually trigger autism?

Since 1979, when human fetal tissue was first approved for use in vaccines, the rates of autism have markedly increased – particularly during certain years when major changes were made to U.S. vaccines and vaccine schedules. Aborted fetal cell tissue introduces the DNA of an aborted baby into the body of a child. The results can be catastrophic, potentially causing breaks in the DNA, genetic mutations and even triggering an autoimmune response.

Many children diagnosed with autism do not have symptoms present at an early age, but rather experience a sudden onset of symptoms that cause an unexplainable loss of learned skills. Known as ‘regressive autism’, this condition is associated with hundreds of DNA breaks and gene mutations, indicating it cannot be a congenital disorder but rather a condition caused by external factors.

Parents deserve to know about vaccine dangers and how those made with aborted human fetal tissues may be a major cause of autism. Unfortunately, most will not receive this information from medically trained doctors and will instead be met with disparaging comments and criticism for questioning the safety of immunizations.

The truth is that parents have rights and a choice when it comes to their children’s health. Instead of accepting the directives of physicians and merely hoping for the best, parents should educate themselves about vaccine dangers and the risks of exposing children to aborted fetal cell tissue plus many other unwanted poisons like, formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum.

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  • Victoria Smith

    Which vaccines have aborted fetal tissue?

    • CanadaCindy

      Have a look here Victoria

      https://www.cdc. gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf

      • bonniebluejeanne

        Just as above with another site, this one can no longer be displayed. Looks like Big Pharma takes care of articles that are helpful to brain-injured-by-vax parents!!

    • rme518

      Hi Victoria,

      From vaccine researcher Joel Lord’s article, ‘Vaccines Do Contain Human
      Fetal Tissue’

      ‘Current vaccines in circulation which contain aborted fetal tissue include:

      1. Polio vaccine (inactivated/IPV) & Oral Polio (live virus) drops
      2. Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine/MMR (Rubella component)
      3. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Poliomyelitis vaccine (DTaP/TdP)
      4. Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine & Shingles (zoster) vaccine
      5. Hepatitis A vaccine
      6. Rabies vaccine

      ‘Some vaccines—rubella, HepA, RAB-HDC, VAR, ZOS, and one form of IPV (the Poliovax contained in Pentacel)—are grown in cultured human embryo fibroblast cell lines (WI-38 or MRC-5) because these are the only cells that replicate the viruses in high enough titer for mass production (the rubella vaccine strain itself was originally isolated from an aborted fetus with intrauterine infection).‘ Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) – Medical Industry Reference Journal

      ‘Today, more than 23 vaccines are contaminated by the use of aborted fetal cells. There is no law that requires that consumers be informed that some vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells and contain residual aborted fetal DNA. While newer vaccines produced using aborted fetal cells do inform consumers, in their package inserts, that the vaccines contain contaminating DNA from the cell used to produce the vaccine, they do not identify the cells as being derived from electively aborted human fetuses.‘ Dr. Theresa A. Deisher, Ph.D…’

    • Wendy Allen

      https://www.rtl. org/prolife_issues/LifeNotes/VaccinesAbortion_FetalTissue.htm

  • Fern Boswell

    A Frankenstein intervention, throw everything but the kitchen sink in and pass it off as a savior of humanity.

  • Thinker2

    181 children have abandoned their diagnoses of Autism. Learn how and why at:www. cdautism. org

    154 Malaria victims cured (100%) in Uganda trial: https://www. youtube. com/watch?…(Search YouTube for: “Red Cross MMS”)

    I personally no longer suffer from Herpes, Candida, Arthritis (all reportedly incurable).

  • Karin Pine

    Document the source article in your footnotes. Regurgitation of ‘news sources’ does not constitute “reporting.” This article lacks credibility for me.

    • rme518

      Sources for info re. residues of human diploid cells include – amongst others for starters – the entry I made below to Victoria.

  • rme518

    Thanks for bringing this to the attention of your readers. I would strongly suggest those wanted to investigate the in depth implications etc. re. the use of human diploid cells check out the article:***’Vaccines Do Contain Aborted Human Fetal Tissue’
    by vaccine researcher, Joel Lord.

  • Bob

    Thank you for bringing this into people’s awareness. Pepsi also uses fetal tissue for testing its products although I am unsure if this is actually in their final product. If the ALL the actual ingredients in vaccinations were disclosed people would think twice on direct injection into the blood stream bypassing the bodies natural defences. There are many more questionable ingredients in vaccinations that I hope will be disclosed to the public some day.
    Another cause of Autism is the heavy metals used in all vaccinations because they are bigger in size than the capillaries in the brain blocking the blood flow. The ” autism spectrum” is really from what area of the brain was starved of nutrients.

  • MaryTormey

    Autism is not a brain disease, that is just hate speech.
    This paper is not credible and the sources it links to are not credible. The first link does not work, will the rest of the links seem to refer back to hate groups created by the pharmaceutical industry to sell unnecessary medications, such as vaccines.
    Good arguments against vaccines are:
    1) Correlation never equalled causation and vaccines never proved to have any long term effectiveness at preventing disease.
    2) If vaccines where saving lives, than the people who refused them would just die off, so there is no need to force vaccines, just let evolution disside.
    3) Vaccines teach kids that it is ok to rape someone else, simply because you have power over them and think you are right.

    • Renee

      You are so right Mary. Many whistleblowers from inside the CDC, and big pharma are now coming out and telling people the truth about vaccines and the phony data /studies. They didn’t like the study results, threw them in the trash and make up their own data to support the vaccines. Google, VAXXED the movie. It is showing in some cities now and causing many to think and research before just letting children get them. The data is showing (worldwide) nonvaccinated children are healthier overall.

    • bonniebluejeanne

      The article doesn’t say it’s a brain disease, it says it’s a brain disorder. Also, what kinds of studies would you think are credible, Mary? Studies by large universities that are bought & paid for by Big Pharma?? —- The additives (that are found online) to vaccines look like a toxic soup! They aren’t listed for parents to see. Moreover, Congress allowed the drug companies to put in their own “proprietary ingredients” which does not have to be listed for physicians to read. That, then, is over and above the ingredients (heavy metals, formaldehyde and fetal cells) No Thanks!! – However, I do agree with your points 1, 2, and 3.

  • Buggs

    Very interesting. I believe this but also understand and have read from physicians that high levels of mercury, aluminum and other toxic metals in vaccines create an enormously high level of inflammation in the brain which contributes to autism. A year ago, following the MMR vaccination of a friend’s granddaughter at 1-1/2 years, she developed a high fever, became very sick and has now been diagnosed with sensory autism. Tragic. This is crime at the highest levels.