Lyme disease symptoms fueled by vaccines

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vaccine-shot(NaturalHealth365) Lyme disease is a toxic inflammatory condition that has been attributed to bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. If untreated, an infected person will progress through three stages of the disease that eventually devastate the body.

Currently, the majority of the scientific community attributes the disease to a deer tick bite. However, new studies are showing that certain vaccine viruses actually enable the disease. In fact, shocking news to most people, the tick bite is only a cofactor.

A closer look at the nature of Lyme disease

The first stage of Lyme disease may portray itself as the common flu virus. Some will receive notice to get treatment right away if they portray a circular red rash on their skin in the form of a bullseye.

Because everyone that’s been infected doesn’t get the rash, the disease may progress to stage 2 – where the bacteria can infect the skin, joints, nervous system, and heart. Without treatment, the disease can devastate the body in as little as a few months. Neurological problems and paralysis, psychological issues, eye problems, and chronic fatigue may take place.

For people who didn’t receive the bullseye rash, stage 2 and 3 symptoms may be the first signs of Lyme disease.

Tick bites are NOT the primary cause of Lyme disease

Dr. Thomas Rau, Chief Medical Director of a Switzerland based clinic, conducts one of the most effective treatment plans for Lyme disease in the world. He makes a bold statement by saying that not every tick bite will contribute to inflammation and that the Borrelia bacteria are not the enabler of the disease.

Take time now to hear this stunning 2-minute video presentation (below) by Dr. Rau – as he explains what most Lyme disease patients need to know.

His clinic has studied vulnerable populations where tick bites are excessive for Lyme disease. To the surprise of most people, his team discovered that one-third of ticks were Borrelia burgdorferi carriers, and only 10 to 20 percent of tick bites led to stage 1 Lyme disease.

If untreated, 30 percent of stage 1 diagnosis led to stage 2 of which one percent led to stage 3. Because many people had the natural ability to overcome Lyme disease on their own, his team led further investigations into why some people were more vulnerable than others to symptoms. Can you guess what they found out?

Vaccine viruses are cofactors of Lyme disease

Dr. Rau describes a situation in a Swiss community of farmers where there is an extreme vulnerability to Lyme disease due to the environmental breeding ground for ticks. His clinic conducted examinations on all farmers and their families, and an astronomical 80 percent were diagnosed with the disease.

However, only two percent exhibited symptoms. It turned out that the majority of those diagnosed were able to heal on their own. Therefore, they set out to find the reason some people were more susceptible to the debilitating symptoms.

In another 2-minute video presentation, Dr. Rau reveals how vaccines threaten human health – in a way most people have never considered. Listen for yourself – below:

In his investigation, Dr. Rau discovered the difference between those who healed on their own from those who could not. Those who could not heal on their own also had viruses. In fact, 100 percent of them had viruses – particularly cytomegalia and chlamydia. These underlying viruses and toxicity such as heavy metals – added to the stress of the immune system.

With his discovery, Dr. Rau’s continued investigation led to other revelations. He also determined specific vaccine viruses that were also cofactors:

  • Tick-borne meningoencephalitis vaccine
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Flu vaccine
  • Coxsackie vaccine
  • Epstein barr virus (EBV) vaccine

In addition, Dr. Rau detected another important paradigm about Lyme disease. All Stage 3 patients – 100 percent of them – had severely unbalanced fatty acid and phospholipid profiles. Arachidonic acid and palmitic acid levels were elevated, and linoleic acid was extremely inflated.

Additionally, levels of omega-3 were deficient. This imbalance causes inflammation and enhances membrane destruction. In fact, it favors the chronification of viruses while weakening the lipophilic parts of the cell walls which sets up the stage for autoimmune symptoms.

No surprise: Antibiotics make Lyme disease symptoms worse

Once the cell walls of a Lyme disease patient has been destructed, Dr. Rau claims that antibiotics only make symptoms worse. Working with patients for many years, he says that patients are only treatable with a biological medicine called Pleo-Sanum Haptens – which is an antigen absorber.

Additionally, the doctor places patients under a strict regimen that begins with detoxification. Intestinal healing and regeneration are the next steps which include nutrition and supplements. His protocol has helped his patients overcome the symptoms of Lyme disease.

About the author: Abby Campbell is a medical, health, and nutrition research writer. She’s dedicated to helping people live a healthy lifestyle in all aspects – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Abby practices, writes, and coaches on natural preventive care, nutritional medicine, and complementary and alternative therapy.


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  • truthseeker

    I can confirm that the GSK Hep B vaccine will indeed trigger an outbreak. It happened to me in Singapore where an aggressive Dr. Tan convinced me to take the vaccine. Within three days I had a rash spread across my chest, then severe flu-like symptoms that lasted for almost a month with a horrible dry cough. Then the final joint in my left ring finger began to ache as if it had been jammed and bruised. Then my knees began to hurt, then my hips, then everything – fibromyalgia. This occurred over the course of about three months. Within six months I could barely get out of bed, had an outbreak of warts in the genital area, was occasionally unable to speak coherently, and actually wanted to go ahead and die, get it over with. All the while I was experimenting with antibiotics and settled on clarithromycin, doxycyclene and rifampicin based on a study done at a Florida University regarding arthralgia. I had no idea I had Lyme until about six months later when I tested positive by Igenx. I then started using cats claw and NAC along with the ABX. I finally recovered after about three years of treatment but my bones have been deformed as a result of the infection. My knees are wider, my pelvic bones protrude, the “knots” on my wrists protrude, my finger joints are wider, same with my elbows, and my feet have protruding joints everywhere. BTW, no doctor knew jack shyte about my condition. I had to figure it out on my own. The GSK vax is a killer and I suspect it was designed to be that way. Wake up, folks. We are being duped in so many ways it’s almost impossible to believe. Indeed, most of you won’t.

    • Brenda

      That’s terrible what you went through. Vaccines are a plague to mankind. I think Lyme is man made by an ex nazi war criminal they brought over to the US. Google Plum Island and Lyme disease. Thanks for sharing your story

      • growerjenn

        I am very interested in your comment. I did google it and have come back with pages of “conspiracy, hoax, etc.” Do you have a source that is not biased against thinking (I suppose you know what I mean)? I hate to read the “snopes” nothing to see hear articles.

  • Wendy Allen

    I had other ticks bite me before getting the Lyme tick bite so my immune system was down from that and Celiac/hidden gluten. I had stopped LDN for awhile before getting the Lyme. LDN helps block hidden gluten. I have had Epstein bar when younger. Yes…if the immune system is burden it may not fight off the Lyme as well. Yeast may also burden the immune system.

  • Perry Myers

    Neurological manifestations are common following vaccinations. Also, vaccines harbor aluminum which can induce autoimmune disease.This information is known by vaccine manufacturers, because they and the FDA have seen the studies.

  • Janet Kaplan

    It is acknowledgement that certain hard-to-treat bacterial infections in
    children are on the rise because of the widespread use of the conjugated
    pneumococcal vaccines.
    This is taken from reports by researchers and studies conducted over a long period of time.

    This shouldn’t be surprising, since vaccines do not provide immunity, but compromise the natural immune response.

  • Walter Fuller

    This is no surprise to those that are opposed to vaccines. Most to the people that are opposed either had their health ruined by a vaccination, or know of someone who has suffered because of it.

    This is a well researched article and says what many suspect in a comprehensive way.

  • pam r

    Thanks! This is amazing info – these 2 video’s were extremely powerful for anyone concerned about Lyme.

  • Jean Arnone

    This viral theory is so ridiculously flawed because chlymidia is not a virus. It is a bacteria, like Lyme’s.

    • GWB

      Jean Arnone, you pretty much discredit yourself when you say this “theory” is flawed. If you were so educated about this subject you would know that there is no such thing as “Lyme’s”. It’s LYME DISEASE…not Lyme’s. Are you the mouthpiece for the CDC or IDSA?

    • I apologize, Jean. Yes, I should have said said “viruses and bacteria.” I unintentionally left out bacteria; however, chlamydia does act like a virus. I appreciate you catching this. 😉

    • Ruby Browning Vice

      It’s LYME – no s at the end. <3

  • selki tombs

    hi…can you please show me the written clinical trials ? Ive been searching and i cannot find it. I have only read that they were conducted and viewed this video and would like to see it for my self, If that’s okay.

    • candyland7.0

      Probably best to begin by researching the clinical trials regarding the massive doses of vaccines that are now routinely pumped into pregnant women, newborns, and toddlers. Oh wait! There aren’t any. Lol, my bad.

      • selki tombs

        Thats okay…hmmm i will just ask the mother of baby Riley . She was nominated Australian of the Year for pushing pregnant mothers to vaccinate she may have the reports…?

        • candyland7.0

          Lol..don’t hold your breath. She doesn’t have them because they don’t exist. She has merely been rewarded for being the best sheep of ALL!

  • Aeron

    My two horses have gotten Lyme Disease from the vaccine (horses are given the canine vaccine here on the east coast of the US)… my horses were both healthy prior to getting the vaccine. After getting the vaccine, they both developed debilitating Lyme Disease. It has taken me a year to get them back to health…. if they even are healthy………..

  • James Calfee

    Can you please share update the reference links? They are broken. I would like to see the protocol shared publicly so we can learn more..