Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death

Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death
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(NaturalHealth365) Newer isn’t always better. Take the case of prescription drugs. Medications new on the market are so dangerous that they have a one in five chance of serious complications, including death.

A careful review of hospital records shows that even when properly prescribed, drugs are responsible for 1.9 million hospitalizations each year, while an additional 840,000 will suffer a seriously adverse reaction. But this tragedy is not just a concern within the United States. The European Commission estimates that 328,000 patients die from prescription drugs each year in the U.S. and Europe combined.

’Legalized’ drugs provide little or no benefit

Much is made in the media of advances in modern-day medicine. Yet, a closer look raises serious questions as to whether these advances – in particular, new prescription drugs – are really benefiting patients or harming them.

In reality, only a tiny percentage of new drugs offer measurable advantages for patients at a level that outweighs the very real risk of harm. Independent reviews over the past 10 years reveals only of prescription drugs that were newly introduced over the past 35 years have found that only 11 to 15 percent of newly approved drugs have significant clinical advantages over existing, better-known drugs. These contribute to the large medicine chest of effective drugs developed over the decades. Yet, 85 to 89 percent of these medications offering little or no clinical advantage are pushed forward, flooding the market.

Because of the lack of advantages and very real risk of seriously harmful side effects, expert physicians recommend waiting at least five years after a drug hits the market before using it, unless other avenues have already been exhausted, or there is a specific and critical need.

The ‘master plan’ of big pharma: A model for profit

The continual push to release new drugs into a marketplace already flooded with them is another example of pharmaceuticals being driven by profits and not human health. In fact, saturating the market with thousands of minor variations seems to be the true business model of drug companies.

This business model is built on exploitation of patents or profits, rather than significant benefits to human health. While advantages of these new medications have been questionable, profits have continued to soar. It is, therefore, a business model built on sales profits rather than successful product innovation and breakthrough. This drive for profits has led to an epidemic of harmful side effects and in some cases, death.

Reality check: Big pharma profits off ignorance and fears an educated public

One way to avoid the dangerous side effects of newly introduced pharmaceuticals is to avoid them for a minimum of five years. The broad majority of drugs introduced to the marketplace today are mere minor variations to those medications already available. Use prescription drugs only when you and your physician agree they are entirely necessary.

The better option is to seek out natural solutions to take the place of drugs. In addition, make lifestyle and nutritional changes that will promote better health long term and avoid reliance on pharmaceuticals as much as possible. Choose foods and supplements that contain antioxidants – which nourish the body and protect you from the harmful effects of this toxic world.

Of course, equally important, avoid toxins in your diet as well as the environment. Minimize your consumption of processed foods – in bags and boxes – and invest in good water/air purification systems.

Bottom line, when you make healthy living a part of your daily routine – you’ll reduce the need for toxic medications. And, remember, if you’re suffering with a chronic health condition – work with a trusted, holistically-minded physicians to help you with the recovery process.


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