Over 270 unreleased vaccines threaten medical freedom

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multiple vaccine bottles(NaturalHealth365) The vaccine industry rakes in billions of dollars – every year. Is it any wonder that pharmaceutical companies – that develop these vaccines – are pushing for mandatory vaccinations?  The doctor-patient relationship and our ability to choose which medical treatment is right for us are under attack.

This ‘vaccines for everyone’ campaign is in spite of the fact that many approved vaccinations trigger serious negative side effects and the physical injuries are well-documented.  If the vaccine industry has its way, you will soon have no choice but to comply with dozens, or even hundreds, of mandatory vaccinations if you want to participate in any aspect of public life.  We must question vaccine safety and protect our right to choose.

Look at what big pharma has planned for us

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America reports there are currently over 270 new vaccines being developed by drug companies. The current push for mandatory vaccinations for both children and adults will pave the way for the deployment of these vaccines to the public.

Many of these vaccines will have had little in the way of clinical trials and their safety will be dubious, yet we will all be expected to get them if drug companies and politicians have their way. Are you concerned about this trend?

Our medical freedom is quickly being eroded

In the past, people could get vaccination exemptions for themselves if their jobs required them, and for their children going to school, if they had a documented philosophical or religious objection to them.

Now, since the measles outbreak at Disneyland in 2014, laws are being pushed at both the state and federal levels to do away with those exemptions. This is in spite of the fact that more people die of complications from the measles vaccine than from the measles, and no “patient zero” for the Disneyland measles outbreak was ever found.

We are being used as human guinea pigs by the vaccine industry

The vaccine industry has its hands in the pockets of legislators all over the country. That is why 12 states are pushing to eliminate all vaccine exemptions, and legislators in other states are calling for mandatory vaccines for adults in certain professions, like health care and teaching.

The National Vaccine Information Center reports that if these bills go through, people could be fired from their jobs for refusing to get untried, untested, and very probably unsafe vaccines on the government’s schedule. Who knows what other freedoms may be taken away from the unvaccinated?

Does this make sense to you? Vaccine manufacturers make a dangerous product and they cannot be sued.

Vaccine dangers are real, which is why there is a government compensation fund for parents of children who have been injured by vaccines. In spite of the reality of vaccine dangers, a February 23, 2011 report in Enhanced Online News reveals there are laws in place to prevent vaccine manufacturers from being sued.

Why are vaccine manufacturers protected? Some suggest it is because they are part of the government’s agenda to force vaccines on everyone in order to control the populace as well as the growth of the population.  This is not some ‘crazy’ conspiracy theory.

There are actually scientists that admit vaccines have the ability to control human behavior.  And, of course, Bill Gates is famous for saying that ‘if we do a really good job with new vaccines and healthcare services’ – we could reduce the human population by 10 – 15%.  Don’t believe me? (Click here for the video proof)

This deserves our immediate attention or we will pay the consequences

What will you do when the government tells you that you can’t get a driver’s license, go to work, send your child to school, or otherwise participate in public life if you don’t get these new vaccines (or get re-vaccinated for old ones)?

Will you stand up for your personal freedom to choose – which is a freedom this country was founded upon? Will you defy the drug companies and take a stand with like-minded people against vaccine dangers?

It’s either that, or quietly accept that we have no real freedom in this country anymore, and subject yourself and your family to unsanctioned government medical experiments.

Which side will you take in this vaccine debate?

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