UPDATED: New petition says ban mandatory vaccination legislation

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forced childhood vaccine(NaturalHealth365)  Updated:  (Nov. 1, 2016) Alerted by one of our readers, the petition referenced in this article has been ‘quietly’ removed.  This is what we’re up against.  Stay tuned for more vaccine-related news.

The clock is ticking on a petition to prevent the government from forcing all U.S. citizens to receive mandated inoculations. The petition comes after a media storm following a recent measles outbreak at Disneyland in California put parents under fire for not vaccinating their children.

The petition, which can be accessed and signed at the official Whitehouse.gov site has only until March 6 to reach the necessary threshold of 100,000 signatures that triggers a response from the White House. Adding your signature was designed to tell the government that you are opposed to forced medical treatments.

Personal vaccine exemptions are now in jeopardy

The measles outbreak ignited a fear campaign, with some calling for anti-vaccination parents and outspoken healthcare professionals to be jailed. Despite the many personal and moral objections parents may have against inoculating their children, lawmakers in several states began drafting legislation to do away with personal vaccine exemptions, despite religious or moral concerns. You think this has anything to do with politicians getting their funds from the pharmaceutical industry?

Yet, there has been very little coverage of a report in the Los Angeles Times pointing out that five of the nine people affected by the so-called “Mickey Mouse measles” outbreak had actually been vaccinated against the measles.  As surprising as this may sound, hospitals already admit that vaccinated people are a threat to immune-compromised individuals.

Petition calls for ‘protection against forced vaccination’

The petition, entitled, “Prohibit Any Laws Mandating the Force and Requirement of Vaccinations of Any Kind,” first popped up on the “We the People” area of the official government website in early February and had garnered over 50,000 signatures as the month was drawing near a close. But, in order to prevent its success – we now see that the petition numbers don’t go up – no matter how many people sign it.

The petition states, “No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory. This includes forcing children to be vaccinated to attend public schools, activities, and daycare centers. This also includes adults working in the public or private sector.”

If the petition does not attract at least 100,000 signatures by March 6, which is approximately 30 days after it was created, it will not reach the threshold number of signatures required for further action. When you sign this petition – you’ll probably get an email with ‘confirms’ acceptance of your signature – but, in reality, your signature does NOT count. The petition numbers remain frozen.

If this sounds like some kind of ‘government conspiracy’ – you’d be right. The only logical reason why this petition does not count your signature would be to benefit vaccine manufacturers.  If this was truly a ‘computer glitch’ – then the government ought to admit there’s a technical issue; fix the problem and allow more time for signatures to be collected.

Real vaccine dangers are being swept under the rug

In addition to vaccinated people being affected by the measles outbreak, it’s been reported recently that two people in Washington state came down with the mumps after receiving the mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Even while government health officials have maintained a pro-vaccination stance, the risks from vaccine reactions have been well documented, and range from relatively minor reactions like low-grade fevers to life-threatening symptoms – even death. In fact, the package insert for the MMR vaccine includes a list of potential adverse reactions – including brain inflammation and death.

Meanwhile, the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) typically handles 20,000 reports related to vaccine damage each year. Since its inception in 1988, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has also awarded over $3 billion to families affected by adverse vaccination reactions, despite it becoming increasingly difficult to be awarded compensation. Of course, government health agencies would still have the uneducated public believe that all vaccines are ‘safe and effective’.

In addition to raising concerns over the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, other citizens are opting to sign the petition because they simply believe government has no place medicating its citizens against their will. Such tactics, they point out, are a slippery slope.

Think about it, if the government can force people to get vaccines – what’s next? This is medical tyranny at its worse.



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  • Richard Gale

    A note to everyone… the counter on the White House website for this petition has been rigged. The number of total persons who have signed — 56,741 — has been stuck at that number for almost a week now. Many have signed it and the figure has not changed. Try it.

    • pam r

      Within the last hour they just started counting signatures again – let’s see how long this lasts and will they allow it to reach 100,000 signatures.

  • Loki

    I just signed the petition (again) and the signature count went down from 82025 to 81978. A few seconds later I reload the site and the number is 82188. Clearly something is not right.

  • Rose

    I just signed it but the number didn’t change.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Says it’s at 88,009 for me- 88,655 after I “verified my signature”.

  • Bill

    Please footnote the sources of your quotations so that they may be visited by interested readers. Thank you.

  • ffonz

    The only way to overcome this abomination of govt control is
    to set up an independent peoples ‘petition’ at an independent
    website and obtain a true independent count with true email
    and or other verifiable digital or other receipting records.

    For example… This is something that could probably be easily
    set up by ‘NaturalHealth365. com’ through their obvious website
    building capabilities.

    Alternatively NH365 may know of another better way to do this
    independently by whoever/whatever contacts they have in the
    wider internet community.

    Once the ‘petition’ is completed.. then this proven/accurate/true
    record of the ‘real peoples voice’ can be presented to govt as
    the true will of the people.. with the full expectation that the ‘law’
    be promptly reflected to be ‘of/by/for’ the will of the people.

    No more ‘party representatives’ who only serve their petty:party.
    It’s time for the people to tell these ‘out of control’ ‘con[troll]ers’ to
    stop their petty:party:politricksing and get on with governing the
    nation in the best interests of the people and their families.. and
    get back to serving the people/the family as originally intended
    by the constitution of the Republic of the Founding Fathers. It’s
    way past time for politricks to go(forever) and for the restoration
    of the peoples/ the families original and constitutional inalienable
    rights of Life.. Liberty.. Pursuits.. and Happiness(for starters) of
    the true ‘Peoples Republic’ with true ‘People Representatives’.

    To do that the family unit has to be the highest priority instead of
    how it is at present as the lowest and least priority. Only when
    the family is govts highest priority will govt be found doing what it
    is elected to be doing.

    This is why govts the worldwide over have all ‘lost their way’ and
    are become corrupt and dangerous to the people.. and to family
    in particular. It’s time to reject the political:party:turncoats totally
    and return to electing independent people/family representatives
    who demonstrate their sole purpose is the highest aspirations of
    the people and their families. This.. alone.. is ‘true governance’.


  • shotofhealth

    Well done everyone!!! The petition is now at 112338!!!

    Keep going!!