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If you’re worried about get sick from a bacterial or viral infection, this exclusive interview will prove to be very valuable. Enjoy!

Today I am joined with Dr. Richard Cheng. Dr. Cheng, thank you so much for being with us.

Richard Cheng, MD, PhD:  Thank you for having me Jonathan.

Jonathan Landsman: Please talk about first your medical background so people get to know you a little bit more, you know.

Richard Cheng, MD, PhD: Okay. Well, I’ve trained as an Internal Medicine doctor, I also received training in laboratory pathology and lymphoma, hematology. And I received a PhD and MD, and the most recent employment was at the US Army, I was a commissioned officer, major departmental chief at the US Army Community Hospital in South Carolina. And over 10 years ago, I separated from the army and opened my own private practice focusing primarily on Integrative Medicine or Functional Medicine and taking a holistic view of health and disease. And so that is briefly my background. I’m licensed in both the United States in the state of South Carolina and in China. So, I work in both places.

Jonathan Landsman: I appreciate that Dr. Cheng; this is very important. That you do practice medicine in the United States. But here it is, you’re in Shanghai, China. Talk a little bit for a moment about what brought you over there.

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Richard Cheng, MD, PhD: Yeah, sure. Actually, my parents are in their 80’s, so I made a rule to spend my traditional Chinese New Year with my parents, and for the last maybe 6, 7, 8 years now. So I came to Shanghai around January the 9th, so the Chinese New Year is on the 25th of January. And, also, I was invited to a few conferences here in China.

So, I decided to stay with my parents in case something happens, I can offer assistance.

For the rest of this interview, simply listen to the full video interview.

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