Vitamin C overdose saves man from deadly virus

Vitamin C overdose saves man from deadly virus
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(NaturalHealth365) As the death toll of the Ebola virus steadily increases, the government, researchers, and the medical community are grasping for ways to curb the epidemic. Recent developments include approval of clinical trials to test new Ebola drugs and the appointment of Ron Klain, as the United States ‘Ebola Czar’. The entire world seems to be throwing money (and energy) into fighting the deadly virus, but they may be overlooking an effective treatment for Ebola.

High-dose vitamin C can act as an antiviral agent when administered intravenously or via injections. The case study of a New Zealand man’s dramatic recovery from a nearly fatal battle with swine flu provides compelling evidence of this nutrient’s potential. To me, it seems worthy to investigate the possibilities of its effectiveness against Ebola but, so far, public health officials haven’t considered it seriously.

New Zealand case suggests the medical community nearly made a HUGE mistake

New Zealand’s TV3 documented Allan Smith’s remarkable story in its program, “60 Minutes.” After the dairy farmer came down with swine flu and the disease developed into white out pneumonia and hairy cell leukemia, doctors placed Mr. Smith into a medically-induced coma.

Three weeks later, his doctors were in agreement that Mr. Smith should be removed from life support and ‘allowed to die’, but Mr. Smith’s brother-in-law, suggested trying high-dose vitamin C.

Watch the full video story – below:

In terms of vitamin C dosing, according to the Mayo Clinic, “the upper limit is 2,000 mg a day.” So, in other words, according to conventional medicine – Allan Smith received an ‘overdose’. I guess Mr. Smith was fortunate enough to have family members willing to take such a ‘risk’ with this essential nutrient.

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In the video, you’ll learn how Mr. Smith’s doctors argued but agreed to try this ‘vitamin C overdose’ before letting Mr. Smith die. Within a day, Mr. Smith improved, and he was soon allowed to go off life support.

Of course, even after Mr. Smith fully recovery – doctor’s weren’t convinced. In fact, Dr. David Galler, an intensive care specialist, said that this case provided “no convincing evidence at all” about the effectiveness of vitamin C.

Dr. Galler continues his appalling opinion about vitamin C by saying (in the video), “we as a group find it harmful”. He goes on to say that he’s in the business of being “real” and “honest”. When you watch the video, you can hardly believe the callous disregard for human health and the arrogance of some conventionally-trained physicians. Just be sure to concentrate on the part of the video from 23 – 26 minutes, in particular.

These doctors are in such a state of denial about vitamin C – that they claim the recovery of Allan Smith was as likely to be due to a “bus driving by” as to the high-dose vitamin C treatment. However, rehabilitation went smoothly only as long as Mr. Smith continued taking high-dose vitamin C supplements – as soon as he stopped the doses, Mr. Smith’s progress stalled.

The case of Allan Smith seems miraculous, but this impressive result is not surprising to those familiar with high-dose vitamin C treatments. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that improves immune system activity and protects cells against damage by harmful compounds called free radicals. Mega-doses of this vitamin, given orally or intravenously, have been associated with improvements in patients with other viral diseases such as bird flu and measles.

High-dose vitamin C therapy can successfully eliminate viruses

As the Ebola virus outbreak grows, scientists and doctors are desperately trying to find a cure and a means of preventing more deadly infections. They’re also desperately racing to stop the disease before it claims more lives. In fact, a growing group of health experts warn the public of possible Ebola airborne transmission.

Why are public health officials ignoring the obvious truth?

Conventionally speaking, Western medicine has been ‘baffled’, for years, about how to properly treat infectious diseases. Yet, the medical literature is filled with scientifically valid natural protocols designed to strengthen immune function and dramatically reduce the risk of viral (or bacterial) infections. World health leaders need to have an open mind about possible solutions to serious health issues like, Ebola.

It may be time to seriously examine vitamin C as a remedy for Ebola patients. Allan Smith is a shining example of what natural therapies can do to the human body. We just have to be willing to try.

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