New study: Cancer center claims most cancer cases are due to ‘bad luck’

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what do you think(NaturalHealth365) A recent report has made the shocking (ridiculous) claim that the majority of cancer patients are just victims of ‘bad luck’. This has to be an all-time low, even for what we’ve come to expect from Western medicine and “junk” (big pharma created) science.

Instead of educating the public about how to prevent cancer and how to avoid what causes cancer, this study puts out the dangerous message that there is ‘nothing we can do’, that our risk of cancer is entirely in the hands of pure luck. After reading this study, it becomes abundantly clear why most conventionally-trained physicians would think you’re nuts for wanting dietary advice to overcome health issues.  Doctors don’t believe in nutrition!

Most conventionally-trained cancer doctors get the wrong message about cancer

The study from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center of Baltimore, MD claims that a full two-thirds of adult cancer patients aren’t affected by hereditary or environmental factors at all, but that these victims are just plain “unlucky.”  So, let me see if I have this right, conventional medicine wants us to believe that eating heavily-processed foods, drinking fluoridated water or being vaccinated with toxic chemicals will have no effect on our DNA or risk of disease? (Boy, they must think we’re really stupid)

The cancer types that were assessed included pancreatic, ovarian, bone and testicular cancers. The researchers did not include cancers like prostate and breast cancer in their study, stating that the rates of stem cell division in these types were unreliable and too difficult to assess. Heaven forbid, they should actually make an effort to do real scientific research on ALL types of cancer.

In 2014, 1.6 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in the United States alone. The Johns Hopkins researchers are now claiming that a full 65 percent of them were not driven by lifestyle and environmental factors but by purely random mutations during DNA replication in normal stem cells. I guess modern medicine has it all figured out now – and there’s no reason (in their mind) to do any more research. (like I said, this study is ridiculous)

However, researchers admitted that certain other cancer types could be driven by genetic and environmental factors in addition to these random mutations as the primary cause. For example, skin and lung cancer can have sun exposure and smoking as factors. The study went on to put forward that the main way to address these cancers is via early detection and early treatments such as surgeries. (Translation: Lifestyle changes would be a ‘silly’ thing to do)

Proof positive: Scientific researchers have sold out to pharmaceutical interest

To a shocking degree, the researchers downplayed the role that poor lifestyle choices can have in increasing the risk of such mutations in their published results. While admitting that poor lifestyle choices can increase the risk of getting some cancers, the headline and focus of this study obscures this fact and encourages a ‘why bother taking steps to be healthy?’ attitude. Gee, you think big pharma is happy about the conclusion of these researchers?

If the public is made to believe that whether or not they get cancer is entirely up to ‘chance’ and out of their hands, careless and even reckless behavior is implicitly ignored, and in some cases encouraged.  You wouldn’t even believe how many times I’ve heard of a cancer patient being told to “eat anything” – especially if they’re losing weight due to the advanced stage of their cancer. Conventionally-trained oncologists routinely tell cancer patients to eat whatever they like to gain more weight.

Instead of educating and informing the public about the dangers of wireless technology (EMF pollution); pesticides in foods; neurotoxic food additives like, aspartame and MSG; and GMOs – this highly-touted study puts out a dangerous (disempowering) message to every cancer patient. In truth, when faced with a cancer diagnosis, patients need to be taught about healing the body – not ‘giving up’.

How could any healthcare professional – in their right mind (and heart) – ever discount the value of eating organic food; drinking pure (non-toxic) water and enjoying the benefits of meditation or deep breathing to boost immune function?

The truth is that 70 to 90 percent of all chronic degenerative diseases can be prevented with intelligent diet and lifestyle choices such as herbal medicine, massage, green vegetable juices and developing a healthier outlook on life – including forgiveness and gratitude.

Don’t be fooled by these deliberately deceptive research projects. Educate yourself and, by all means, do what feels right to you to activate healing from within.


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