Breaking News: Whooping cough outbreak in only vaccinated children

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girl tells secret(NaturalHealth365) An alarming outbreak of pertussis (whooping cough) is currently sweeping through the Park City, Utah area. And the news is not good for the vaccine industry – as you’ll soon see.

This whooping cough outbreak marks the first time in many years that the area has experienced even one case of pertussis. So far, 19 kids have been diagnosed with the illness.

Is the pertussis vaccine causing pertussis?

The most alarming aspect of the matter is that so far, all of the children diagnosed with whooping cough had been vaccinated against it. Of course, medical authorities have no good answer or understanding about how this could happen – fueling the debate about vaccine dangers. Unfortunately, some in the pro-vaccine community are attempting to twist things around as a “plus” for vaccines.

Dozens of children have been tested so far, making it a busy week for pediatricians in Park City. Many more kids are expected to be tested. Pertussis is highly contagious, and it is perplexing to Park City officials that all of the infected kids are up to date with vaccinations; however, it is not as surprising to those who are already aware of vaccine dangers.

Pro-vaccine advocates twist the truth to support the pharmaceutical industry

Needless to say, parents are demanding answers as to why kids who received the pertussis vaccine were the ones to come down with it. While some medical experts have tried to remind parents that such vaccines are only “90 to 95 percent effective,” the sheer number of kids who are being affected in Park City suggest that this percentage is much, much lower.

Pertussis begins with cold-like symptoms and progresses rapidly to a severe cough. Some medical professionals are lamely offering the consolation that since the kids were immunized – their cases of whooping cough aren’t as contagious and won’t be as severe as they would’ve been otherwise.

They even have the gall to say that infants and immuno-compromised persons are “fortunate,” as they would’ve been much more ill if they hadn’t had the vaccine.

It’s no surprise: Vaccine history repeats itself

The truth is that the medical community has known about the pertussis vaccine dangers since at least 2010. One study done in California after a whooping cough outbreak there showed that 81 percent of whooping cough cases in children occurred in those who had received the pertussis vaccine; only eight percent of the infected persons had not been vaccinated.

The study also showed that infection rates markedly increased after three years of receiving the vaccine.

This study, as well as the current Park City outbreak, are more than enough evidence that the pertussis vaccine is not only ineffective, but that is seems to be causing more cases of the illness. However, instead of renewing their explorations into the truth, medical professionals are characterizing these developments as a “good reminder to keep kids up to date on immunizations.”

It’s beyond appalling that medical professionals are attempting to twist this shocking development so that they can continue pushing vaccines. It’s yet another reminder to parents that they should do their own research and make informed decisions about whether or not a vaccine is a good idea for their children.

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  • Nek

    The numbers don’t add up. What happend to the other 11%? RE: 81% were vaccinated and 8% we not vaccinated.

    percent of whooping cough cases in children occurred in those who had
    received the pertussis vaccine; only eight percent of the infected
    persons had not been vaccinated. – See more at:
    naturalhealth365. com/whopping-cough-outbreak-vaccine-dangers-1374.html

    • Slappy White

      The vaccine history of the remaining 11% is unknown; quite common.

  • chemfreemom

    There have been two outbreaks of Pertussis in my city in the last 3 or 4 years, and both of them only occurred in vaccinated kids in two different preschools.

  • 441019

    One of my younger brothers was born in 1958. As a baby, he came down with whooping cough after his third DTP vaccination. (At that time, they used the whole-cell pertussis vaccine.) No one else in the family caught it. (He was the 2nd youngest of 9 children.) No one else was vaccinated, also. He was very sick, but did recover.
    My mother had been told that there was a free “well-baby” clinic in the area. She thought she was being a good mother by taking my brother there, and that is where he got the shots. The clinic admitted that his illness must have been from the vaccination. He had not been exposed to anyone who had whooping cough.

  • rme518

    Some regard the pertussis vaccine as the most dangerous of all the vaccines, especially for those with a poor vitamin C status (the very thing needed if one gets
    pertussis)… As usual the “authorities” will twist their knickers in a knot defending
    the poisoned needle.

    **”There is just overwhelming data that there’s an association between the pertussis vaccine and seizures. I know it has influenced many pediatric neurologists not to have their own children immunized with pertussis.”
    Dr. Jerome Murphy, former Head of Pediatric Neurology, Milwaukkee Children’s Hospital

    **Administration of pertussis vaccine causes a variety of reactions…encephalopathy and neurological disturbances which have been occasionally observed and in rare cases produces severe brain damage and ever death.
    Japanese Journal of Medical Science and Biology, 1985

    **”Only after realizing that routine immunizations were dangerous did I achieve substantial drop of infant death rates. The worst vaccine of all is the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine…It is responsible for a lot of deaths and for a lot of infants suffering irreversible brain damage. In susceptible infants it knocks their immune systems out, leading to irreparable brain damage, or severe even deaths like pneumonia or gastro-enteritis and so…If the Vitamin C status of an infant is borderline, the administration of a vaccine, particularly but not only, the Pertussis Vaccine can result to endotoxaemia. Sudden death, sudden unconsciousness, sudden shock or sudden spontaneous bruising and hemorrhaging including brain and retinal can occur. Hemorrhaging and bruising in such circumstances may be wrongly attributed to “shaken baby syndrome”.”
    Archie Kalokerinos MD, PhD, AMM, MBBS, FACP

  • Slappy White

    19 cases in Park City, huh!
    I wonder what the threshold is for the NBC, Yahoo, Fox, NPR, CBS “journalists” to cover such an event? I’ll betcha 50 Cialises it would have already been splattered across our TVs and commonly-surfed web pages if one kid had missed one booster shot.

  • Lou

    “Some regard the pertussis vaccine as the most dangerous of all the vaccines, especially for those with a poor vitamin C status (the very thing needed if one gets

    Bingo. Vitamin C is the KEY to pertussis

    If the infant has enough Vitamin C he can easily fight off the initial pertussis attack and produce his own Natural immunity that often lasts 30 years to a lifetime.. NO “vaccination” required.

    If the infant is “vaccinated” and has low vitamin C status he will get the pertussis. The “pertussis vaccine”, DTaP, produced “protection” can last as few as 2 years and produces NO Natural immunity. Worse the DTaP destroys herd immunity as “vaccinated” mothers have NO Natural immunity to pass to their babies. Pertussis is usually only fatal to babies.Since we started “vaccinating” for pertussis the number of babies with pertussis has increased 25 times as a percent of total cases..

    Way to go CDC and BIG VACCINE INC. You have created another “vaccine” debacle.

    healthyprotocols. com/2_vac_pertussis.htm

    My candidate for the most dangerous of the common “vaccines” is also this DTaP. This awful brew of terribly immunosupressive toxoids is often punched into a human 10 times over what will surely prove to be a shortened lifetime.

    The CDC “solution” to our current pertussis problem will probably be to punch yet more of the triple “vaccine” DTaPs into everyone. A “pertussis vaccine” alone CANNOT be given it is ONLY given as the DTaP.

    WHY? A better question might be what does the CDC and BIG VACCINE INC have against the babies of this country and US.

  • MK

    Wow, Dena. You’re a moron. With a vaccine that is 95% effective of course most people that get it are going to be vaccinated. That’s because the overwhelming majority of people aren’t stupid enough to not vaccinate their kids…
    I hope that you are sterile.

    Here you go, only kids without vaccinations got it in Ottawa.

    ottawacitizen. com/news/local-news/ottawa-mother-of-7-abandons-anti-vaxxer-views-as-kids-hit-with-whooping-cough?hootPostID=67f837342383a009c2ab15e81fdeabae