World’s first WiFi homes supported by Amazon

World’s first WiFi homes supported by Amazon
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(NaturalHealth365) 5G wireless technology is coming –ready or not – as corporate giant Amazon partners with Lennar (the nation’s largest home builder) to offer homes with WiFi, according to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design specifications.

The cloud-based Home Design system – which allows voice control of lighting, security, temperature and other options – is already being featured in model Lennar homes in select locations throughout the country. But many natural health experts and advocates, citing a lack of study into health effects, would like to put the brakes on the whole thing.

In their starry-eyed vision of the WiFi-dominated future, Amazon and Lennar allude to a world of convenience and luxury, in which “automation, shopping, entertainment and home services” are accessed with a spoken word.  But the new technology needed to support the system will intensify the EMF radiation that already bombards us, and necessitate the building of hundreds of thousands of new cellphone towers.

WiFi ALERT: The “Internet of Things” is coming, along with more health issues

5G, which stands for “fifth-generation” technology, has been developed to facilitate the “Internet of Things,” a linked system of Smart Cities, driverless cars, businesses, hospitals and automated homes.

The Lennar-built WiFi homes will be under voice control by Alexa-enabled products, with whole-home automation provided by Samsung Smart Things.  Participating manufacturers and companies include Honeywell, Baldwin, Ring, Ruckus and Sonus.

Features offered by the automated homes include security alarms that may be turned off or on from a smartphone, doorbells with visual capacities, thermostats that automatically adjust temperature to save energy and refrigerators that detect dwindling supplies and replace them by ordering groceries online.

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But – in this ‘Brave New World’ of connectivity – what price will we eventually pay?

5G technology will bombard us with untested higher frequency vibrations

Natural health experts and advocates are concerned that the 5G wireless network will dramatically increase exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation – which has already been proven harmful to human and environmental health.

In order to send increasingly massive amounts of data, 5G technology taps into a whole new area of the radiofrequency spectrum, where “millimeter-wave” radio signals exist.

Billed as 100 times faster than existing wireless technology, 5G will add frequencies ranging from 0.06 gigahertz to 24 GHz and higher. Not only are these higher millimeter-wave frequencies than ever utilized before – but they have not been tested for long-term health effects.

Disturbingly, studies have shown that millimeter-wavelengths target the protective semi-permeable membranes of cells and impair the immune system – leading some scientists to warn of an impending “serious illness explosion.”

In addition, the new high-band system will force the construction of more radiation-emitting cellphone towers. Because higher frequencies don’t travel far, the new systems will have to use fixed antennae every 300 meters or so – in conjunction with indoor systems.

Experts estimate that over 300,000 new antennas will be required to operate the system.  Evidence of this can already be seen nationwide, as new 5G cellphone towers have begun to appear outside homes in residential areas – often in close proximity to bedrooms.

And here’s another potential downside: the very connectivity that makes automated homes so convenient can make them more vulnerable to attack by cybercriminals.  For example, The Citizen reported a 2014 incident in which hackers created a “botnet” that hijacked 100,000 devices – including routers, smart TVs and smart refrigerators.

And, if you thought that 5G would be confined to Planet Earth, think again. There are plans to implement 5G from space – meaning that thousands of satellites will douse the earth with wireless radiation.

Apparently, even the “final frontier” isn’t safe from the invasion of 5G!

Existing wireless systems are already associated with cancer, reproductive problems and cognitive impairment

In peer-reviewed studies, wireless radiation from cell phone and existing 2G, 3G and 4G systems has been associated with serious adverse effects – including brain cancer, impaired fertility and cognitive problems such as learning and memory deficits.

A $25 million study conducted by the National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Program showed an association between 2G/3G cell phone radiation and brain cancer in rats – with the researchers noting that this represented “clear evidence of carcinogenicity.”

Since 2012, the World Health Organization has classified cellphone radiation as a Class B carcinogen.

And, EMF radiation from wireless systems has even been linked with the problem of increasing antibiotic resistance, recently labeled as a “global public health crisis” by the WHO.

Scientists join citizens in calling for further study

Natural health experts have long denounced the headlong rush to 5G – and the lack of serious studies on its effects – calling it “reckless in the extreme,” and “one of the greatest follies ever conceived of by mankind.”

In September 2017, more than 180 scientists and physicians from 35 nations signed the EU 5G Appeal, demanding a moratorium on the increase of cell/mobile antennas for planned 5G expansion.

This was followed, in 2018, by the International Appeal to Stop 5G in space and on earth. To date, the document has garnered over 26,000 signatures from scientists, doctors, biologists, engineers and ordinary citizens.

Even politicians are beginning to realize the risks.

Last May, a Michigan State Senator, Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) testified from the Senate floor concerning the health risks of wireless technology, and the need for further study.  Colbeck urged his colleagues to vote against a pair of bills that would facilitate 5G.

However, despite his protests, both bills passed in the Michigan State Senate.

No matter what the advantages of WiFi, this 5G technology will expose us to unprecedented levels of EMF radiation – while increasing our vulnerability to cybercrime and snooping.  Few people put the risks as candidly as Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D., a researcher and Harvard-educated physicist.

In a letter to the FCC, Dr. Powell wrote about the health effects of radiofrequency radiation from the coming 5G expansion.

And, he didn’t mince words.

“It (the 5G expansion) will irradiate everyone,” Dr. Powell predicts.

So, the question remains: Are we willing to let advanced WiFi technology expose us to greater levels of radiation or not?

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