EMF WARNING: Michigan state senator reveals the danger of wireless devices on the Senate floor

EMF WARNING: Michigan state senator reveals the danger of wireless devices on the Senate floor
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(Naturalhealth365) With the overwhelming popularity of cell phones, laptops, smart meters and WiFi routers, it truly seems as if we are adrift in a “sea of microwaves” – to quote a phrase coined by renowned geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. The rollout of 5G technology, and the advent of the ‘Internet of Things’ – a wireless network capable of linking home appliances, cell phones and even vehicles – means that the situation will only get more intense – as time goes on.

But, at least one state senator is trying to “pump the brakes” – at least until the matter can be sufficiently studied. Last month, Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) took to the Senate floor to testify about the risks of wireless technology – and to implore his colleagues to vote against a pair of bills that would facilitate it.

Senator issues wireless WARNING: An increasing body of evidence suggests “significant health risks”

Far from being a technophobe, Senator Colbeck, a former aerospace engineer, describes himself as an “early adopter” of technological innovations. Yet, he feels the health risks of current wireless technology have become too blatant to ignore.

Noting that wireless radiation has been linked with cancer, neurological problems and reproductive damage, Senator Colbeck testified as to his “serious concerns” about the price to health of high-frequency wireless transmitters, cell phones, WIFI routers and smart meters.

Emphasizing that children are particularly vulnerable to harm, the senator called the WiFi network a “health risk” for schoolchildren and pregnant teachers. He pointed out that other countries – including France and Israel – have already moved to restrict wireless technology in schools.

Senator Colbeck asked his fellow lawmakers to vote “no” on Senate Bills 637 and 894, which would facilitate improved telecommunications and smooth the way for 5G. Specifically, the bills prohibit townships from banning small cell wireless facilities from public rights-of-way – and also institute a cap on permit fees.

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Health ALERT: The rollout of 5G will put our current wireless structure “on steroids”

Senator Colbeck warned that 5G (fifth-generation) networks, which operate in the 24 to 90 gigahertz spectrum, will use higher frequencies than those ever utilized – or tested — before.

The senator predicted that 5G will require one transmitter for every two to ten homes, creating a much higher density of these devices than previously seen. He likens the effect to putting the current system – already associated with grave health risks – “on steroids.”

Senator Colbeck also pointed out that the 1996 Federal Telecommunications Act mandates that it is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – and not the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as one might expect – that is responsible for regulating human exposure standards.

And, the FCC does not seem to be up to the task.

Experts say that EMF radiation from wireless technology disrupts cellular function at well below the thermal threshold promoted by the FCC. “The guidelines,” declares Senator Colbeck, “are clearly insufficient.” It is the non-thermal effects, he says, that need to be investigated.

You can hear Senator Colbeck’s testimony – in this video below:

Researchers agree: Microwave radiation from WiFi is associated with serious health risks

Scientists have linked microwave radiation from wireless networks to DNA damage, cognitive problems, impaired fertility and cancers of the prostate, breast, liver, lungs and skin. A 2015 study found that exposure to 3G radiation – at levels well below limits for cell phone users – promoted the formation of brain tumors.

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that EMF radiation damages body systems at the cellular level by affecting the health of mitochondria, the “powerhouses of the cell,” and damaging fragile DNA.

In addition, some experts say that frequencies from smart meters can have an effect on myocardial function – as demonstrated by an experiment in which the spiking of an Elster smart meter caused a corresponding and dramatic spike in the EKG of a nearby volunteer.

According to Dr. Gilberto Leon, a holistic medicine doctor who interpreted the EKG readout at the scene, irregularities such as these can overwork the heart, causing fatigued cardiac function.

Sounds hard to believe? Just watch this revealing video for the shocking truth.

(Note: Due to growing concern over health effects, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine has called for a recall of smart meters until their effects can be adequately studied).

Microwave sickness and harm to the environment – happening right now!

As Senator Colbeck pointed out, microwave sickness syndrome – which arises when susceptible individuals are close to cell phone towers, WiFi routers, smart meters and satellite TV antennas – is already an acknowledged disorder.

The World Health Organization reports that 3.5 to 5 percent of the population already suffers from the condition, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Symptoms include headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, depression, dizziness, nausea and sleep disorders.

And humans are not the only species at risk from radiation from wireless systems. Widespread oxidative damage, pre-cancerous changes and decreases in growth and thyroid hormones have been documented in animals after exposure to WiFi.

In one ominous Swiss study, bees reacted to cell phone signals with high-pitched “piping” – a signal to abandon the hive.

(Is it beyond the realm of possibility that cell phone radiation is triggering the unprecedented outbreak of colony collapse disorder (CCD) – a mysterious phenomenon in which worker bees desert the hive en masse? Currently the subject of serious concern among environmentalists, CCD has already caused economic hardship for farmers and beekeepers.)

Update: Despite Senator Colbeck’s testimony, Bills 637 and 894 both passed in the Michigan State Senate by a vote of 33 to 3 on March 15, 2018. The legislation is currently awaiting consideration by the House Energy Policy Committee.

Remember: You can protect yourself by using wired technology and landlines whenever possible – and utilizing headsets and earphones when cell phone use is unavoidable. You can also unite with your neighbors to protest the placement of 5G antennas on light poles in your neighborhood, and demand that your child’s school use wired internet access.

More voices must be raised against heedlessly-implemented wireless technology – before it’s too late!

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