Does your food contain wood pulp

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Safe Body Detoxification(NaturalHealth365) You won’t see wood pulp listed on any ingredient list. But, food manufacturers are deceiving the consumer (everyday) by calling this horrible additive – “cellulose”. Cellulose is actually processed virgin wood pulp, a non-digestible substance and it should be avoided – at all costs.

There is nothing healthy about eating splinters

Cellulose is used as a type of food filler, which reduces costs to the manufacturer. This is the same product used in plastics; cleaners; kitty litter to absorb waste; electrodes; glue; asphalt and packaged, processed foods. Can you believe this is a legal food item?

Wood is for wood working and is inappropriate for use in food, we wouldn’t think of eating sawdust, yet it is part of our diet. This additive supplies no nutrition, but it does help create digestive health problems.

We are eating food meant for termites

Cellulose is considered a fiber and the USDA says wood pulp is safe to use in meat in amounts under 3.5 percent – yet end users are getting more than that amount. No list is going to disclose all the foods adulterated with cellulose. When going to the supermarket – it’s best to remember what you don’t see is more important than what you do see.

Food manufacturers claim cellulose adds fiber, which helps people get the recommended daily intake of fiber in their diet. At the same time, cellulose can mimic fat by absorbing water, allowing the consumer to reduce their fat intake. For the manufacturer, it extends the shelf life of their product.

The health risk of rising food prices

Cellulose is listed on many processed items such as, ice cream, pizza, breads, pancakes, crackers, muffins, mashed potato mixes, cheese, meat, macaroni, chips and fast food. Government health agencies sets no limit on the amount of cellulose, which can be used in food products.

This is a great quote, because it rings so true: “As commodity prices continue to rally and the cost of imported materials impact earnings, we expect to see increasing use of surrogate products within food items. Cellulose is certainly in higher demand and we expect this to continue,” said Michael A. Yoshikami, chief investment strategist at YCM Net Advisors.

The real cost of centralized food production

Food producers can save as much as 30 percent in costs by using cellulose as a filler or binder in processed foods. That is one of the reasons the list of companies that use this filler is so extensive.

The revolution in food production methods has been marketed as a way to “feed the world”. But, the truth is, millions of people are suffering (and dying) from poor nutrition and toxic ingredients in our food supply. Let’s be clear – the major food producers of the world do NOT care about creating healthy food.

The food industry makes the problem and then comes up with a solution and the results are horrible. There is a false sense of confidence in bio-technology with no vision where it will lead us. Our only option is to reduce or refuse to buy any overly-processed foods and teach these people a lesson in health.

Instead of out with the old and in with the new, it should be the other way around. Let’s get back to nature where the good stuff is created for us. We must redefine our consumption and reclaim the world around us.

Eat organic food; support local agriculture and help change the world – one meal at a time. Voice your support by posting your comments – below.

About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the managing director of and host of the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show sponsored by and Jonathan is helping millions of people worldwide create health and physical fitness through a variety of educational and entertaining articles, teleconference calls, live shows and special events.

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  • wendy

    Looks to me like they’ve got us surrounded!

  • Jake

    Yeah, it’s time to circle the wagons …..

  • Ramune

    are they dumb or mentally ill? how in the world do they get such ideas to put wood in the food? did they chew on their dinning table and liked it or what? sick!

  • Tammie

    I’ve been wondering about this kind of thing for years. After losing a few cats far earlier than their normal lifetime, my vet told me not to buy cheap pet food because they are mostly “filler”. He told me to read the label and what to look for. Sure is alot of ASH in pet food! But animals don’t know better, they don’t complain…they’re just happy to be fed.

    Time to buy less processed food!

  • Dave

    Thanks for the Info keep it going to family & every one you can think of it will save some.

  • Romy

    Criminals need to be punished.

    Hail to the Farmers, go organic, go…….!

  • Carole

    This does not surprise me! It is high time we, as human beings on this planet band together and change this planet where all people will have the option and circumstances to choose whole organic food. This is what nature intended.

  • Eileen

    Best thing to do is to eat simple, basic foods and organic. It’s quick (a fast food way of eating. So if you are a working person and don’t have time to cook this is the way to go.

  • Linda

    I’m scared. For myself, my kids and my grandkids. The whole issue of GMO’s and increased use of pesticides is insane! How are we, as consumers, going to gain enough power to reach the government and stop this carnage? I can’t believe how stupid they are; they have kids, they have grandchildren. How can they not care?

  • Joyce

    Thanks for the heads up, this among other things in our foods is why my family has changed the way we eat.

  • Steve Newton

    Here in the UK I have an organic allotment which will supply most of the fruit and veg we eat. anything else bought is either organic or the next best thing. I hardly ever buy any manufactured food, and when I do I read the label carefully and will research the manufacturers. This is because I know about ‘you are what you eat’, and I care about my family’s well being.
    So Mr and Mrs Americans on this site, why is it that food manufacturers are so sucessful . how come they sell so much of this stuff. In the UK I would generalise and say the answer was ‘uneducated/lazy'(other than those who can’t take care of themselves-love ’em). What’s your reasons in the US?

  • Pam Muirhead

    I noticed this some time ago in my gluten-free bread and have not yet found any without it.

    Yet more insanity we have to deal with!

    Can anyone help?

  • harri

    how do we find out if this cr*p is in our food?

  • Rete

    Linda – they don’t care. They have their organic gardens and organic suppliers. These ‘foods’ are for the masses. That’s us. Unfortunately, most people do not read labels, and buy what is quick and cheap.

  • Sandra

    I wonder if this is why I keeo finding what looks like splinters on the toliet tissue after using it to clean up after a bowel movement. Sorry for being so blunt, but I thought I was going crazy.

  • CJ Albert.

    I see this listed in vitamins all the time & always wondered what it was. Now I know. E w w w !

  • Rhonda Lutz

    “Save the Trees”!