VIDEO: Wuhan family reveals lifesaving coronavirus story

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wuhan-family(NaturalHealth365) Dr. Richard Cheng offers all of us an amazing story of recovery from the coronavirus.  If you’ve been following us – at NaturalHealth365 – the last few weeks … then, you know plenty about Dr. Cheng, who is doing some magnificent work inside Wuhan, China for many of the people infected with the coronavirus.

Today, Dr. Cheng shares a “daughter’s story” about a patient of his in Wuhan, China.  This woman has a 70 year old mother that got infected with the coronavirus.  Mind you, this older woman was already in very poor health – with type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease plus many other health issues.

This coronavirus story will make you think differently about the power of nutrition

Toward the end of January, this poor lady started to feel “flu-like” symptoms but, what happened next will amaze you.  Listen now to Dr. Cheng, as he shares what happens next!

This story illustrates the importance of educating yourself before getting sick.  Not only that, but the importance of having supportive (well-informed) family members around you, in case you get sick.

In addition, heaven forbid you ever have to be admitted into a hospital – this is where you need to have strong (intelligent) family members close by to help you – when you need help the most!

The real problem with getting a cold or flu…

For the record, I do think that flu-like symptoms can be quite dangerous for “immunecompromised” individuals.  In other words, like the lady featured in today’s video, if you already are physically weak and have many (chronic) health issues … the flu can be life-threatening.

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Keep in mind, there are times when a hospital visit or conventional medical interventions are needed and lifesaving.

But, having said that, all of us would be wise to take better care of ourselves by keeping the body, mind and spirit as strong as possible – to be prepared for the more challenging times in our life.  Stay physically active, eat well and be sure to maintain high antioxidant levels in your body.

This last tip … consuming lots of antioxidants (in food and supplement form) is crucial … because it’s so valuable in supporting immune function.  Let’s also remember the importance of staying well hydrated.

Please share this story far and wide – via email, because the typical social media outlets will not “support” this kind of information.  Stay tuned, as we continue to update you on the coronavirus. as more news is expected to emerge.

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