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Dangerous or beneficial: Juicing cruciferous vegetables


(NaturalHealth365) We have been hearing about the negative impact juicing kale, spinach, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables may have on the body such as the goitrogenic effects.  Some research is saying the effects are not a problem unless we are eating them in their raw state.  Steaming or boiling them is suggested, and the longer the better.  But, is there ... Read More »

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Create beautiful skin with a special ‘regenerative’ smoothie


(NaturalHealth365) There’s nothing more beautiful and refreshing than skin that feels smooth, clean, clear and soft. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin can look rough and undesirable.  So, the question remains: ‘can a smoothie really help me look better?’ It’s time to get ready for some great news.  There is a natural way to transform your face and overall appearance ... Read More »

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Growing and juicing fresh mint: Tips and recipes


(NaturalHealth365) Traditionally speaking, mint is an herb widely known to help people with stomach pains, a flaky scalp and even weight loss goals.  So, today, I want to show you how easy it is to grow mint and some ‘do’s and don’ts about using mint properly. First, let me say … It’s summertime and I am trying to be optimistic ... Read More »

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The top 4 tips for a successful juicing program


(NaturalHealth365) Simple juicing combinations are sometimes the most potent in helping to keep our bloodstream clean, our hearts healthy and our digestive systems working efficiently. Do Jay and I juice at home by using only simple juice recipes? The answer is yes and no. Sometimes we do put in six or seven different foods, but most of the time it’s ... Read More »

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3 fresh food secrets to help eliminate the wintertime blues

woman depressed

(NaturalHealth365) Millions of us suffer during the wintertime from the cold and bitter winter, which can create challenges when it comes to enjoying fresh food. For example, Jay and I realize that when it gets cold, many people find it more appealing to eat a hot meal versus a raw salad and a liter of fresh juice. But, we have ... Read More »

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How to get over a cold fast without drugs

woman taking temperature

(NaturalHealth365) Have you ever wondered how to get over a cold fast – without the need for unwanted (toxic) medications? Unfortunately, as people spend more time indoors – away from natural sunlight – the risk of getting a viral infection goes way up – especially during the winter months. Although, for some people, a cold or flu is a rare ... Read More »

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The health benefits of coconuts


(NaturalHealth365) Coconuts seem almost miraculous in their abilities to help us stay healthy or heal from digestive issues, but the question is….which coconut is better for us, the brown or the white ones? Today, we are going to demystify the health benefits of coconuts and which ones are best to eat. Brown coconut meat is just as valuable as the ... Read More »

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Juicing dandelion greens can help heal the body

(NaturalHealth365) Although major chemical companies, like Monsanto, would have us believe that weeds are merely an annoyance – they can actually be quite effective at helping to heal the body – in juice form. In fact, these powerhouse weeds are far more valuable in antioxidants, phytochemicals and hard to find nutrients when compared to the average vegetable found in grocery ... Read More »

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Cleansing the liver naturally by juicing

(NaturalHealth365) The liver is our largest organ in the body, outside of the skin, so that is the first indication that it’s vital to have healthy liver function.  If you do have trouble with liver function, your skin can be dry, itchy, yellow or riddled with a skin disease. Technically speaking, liver ‘failure’ tends to take years to develop and ... Read More »

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8 ways to naturally reduce inflammation

(NaturalHealth365) Chronic cellular inflammation is one of our biggest enemies – in terms of achieving optimal health. In fact, many health experts say that inflammation is the root cause of disease. In addition, the psychological (and emotional) stress of living in ‘modern’ society can actually lower our ability to regulate the inflammatory response. Naturally, the question we ought to ask ... Read More »

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The hidden secrets of chlorophyll juice

(NaturalHealth365) Many decades ago, Jay and I used to speak about the (undiscovered) healing power of juices. We didn’t have words connected to the hidden power behind chlorophyll, yet we knew that the dark leafy greens were the powerhouses behind the thousands of people healing from diet-related diseases. Unfortunately, most conventionally-trained physicians still don’t use ‘food therapy’ as their first ... Read More »

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The health benefits of juicing watermelon with the rind

(NaturalHealth365) What could taste better than a cold, crunchy, delicious red ripe watermelon in the heat of the summer? But, you may be wondering, what about the green rind? Oh, so you say it’s not meant to be eaten? You’re probably right, but you can sure juice them! Don’t throw away the green rind – here’s why: Jay and I ... Read More »

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