Detox Solutions

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(NaturalHealth365) With over 80,000 chemicals in our environment, it’s no wonder we find toxic chemicals everywhere – including over 200 poisons found inside the body of newborn children, confirmed by an Environmental Working Group study. These harmful substances, like bisphenol A (found in plastics), lead and mercury, are known to cause birth defects, neurological disorders and cancer. Toxins cause serious ... Read More »

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The 10 most common environmental toxins to avoid and why

environental toxin worker

(NaturalHealth365) If you’re suffering with chronic health conditions like fatigue, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease or cancer (to name a few), it’s probably due to a toxic overload within your body. Yet, most conventionally-trained doctors know little about safe detoxification programs. So don’t wait for Western medicine to change, educate yourself and make detoxification a top priority. Eliminate the symptoms of ... Read More »

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How to reduce heavy metal toxicity for optimal health


(NaturalHealth365) When it comes to environmental pollutants, most people would recognize the dangers associated with pesticides, exhaust fumes, and contaminated water. But, even to this day, the general population is not aware of the toxic metals in our food supply – mainly because there are no labeling requirements.  In reality, one of the greatest threats to our health is the ... Read More »

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A simple way to improve indoor air quality

(NaturalHealth365) It’s well known that the quality of outdoor air can affect our health, but lesser known is the idea that indoor air quality is even more of a risk. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that indoor air can contain more pollution than outdoor air – especially in highly polluted cities. Home and office buildings gather pollutants ... Read More »

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The best foods to detoxify the body naturally

(NaturalHealth365) Unseen but ever-present, environmental toxins constitute a growing threat. Slowly but surely, heavy metals, pesticides and pollutants in food, air, water and soil can accumulate in our bodies, seriously affecting our health and well-being. But the antidote may be as close as the organic produce aisle of our local market. Many common, easily available foods have the ability to ... Read More »

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New therapies for heavy metal detoxification

(NaturalHealth365) Toxic heavy metals – generally defined as a group of dense compounds with adverse health effects — are found everywhere: in food, water, soil – even in the air we breathe. So prevalent are these substances that researchers tell us that we all carry a certain amount of these metals in our bodies – depending on age, health and ... Read More »

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Far infrared sauna eliminates toxic debris

(NaturalHealth365) Far infrared (FIR) radiation is a subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been investigated for biological effects with very encouraging results. I have clients who have added this modality as part of their overall treatment plan for everything ranging from autism to heart conditions. How does FIR work? The body experiences FIR wavelength energy as a gentle radiant ... Read More »

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Increase your energy with a spring detox

(NaturalHealth365) Springtime represents a great opportunity to detoxify the body. Don’t ignore the dangers of heavy metal toxicity or environmental pollution which threaten human health. Everyone ought to consider the health benefits of a good detoxification program – especially those suffering with chronic fatigue, weight gain and mood swings. Are you low in energy? Let’s be perfectly clear – this ... Read More »

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Chlorella removes heavy metals from the body

(NaturalHealth365) For years, natural healthcare professionals have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of heavy metals in our food supply and immediate environment; even conventional medicine is starting to take notice. In fact, the use of mercury in dental amalgams, vaccines and consuming poisoned fish like salmon can dramatically increase the risks for autism, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, thyroid disorders ... Read More »

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Beet greens remove toxins from the body

(NaturalHealth365) If you’re trying to alkalize the body and optimize your health – beet greens would be a wise choice. With an earthy bitter taste – these greens have a reputation for helping to regenerate and reactivate red blood cells by supplying oxygen throughout the body. But, most importantly, beet greens can help to detoxify the body, inhibit cancer cell ... Read More »

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Toxic living – signs, symptoms and solutions

(NaturalHealth365) In North America, over 80% of the food supply contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that destroy the digestive system and immunity. Chemtrails, a government-sponsored geoengineering project, spray the sky over our head with toxic materials like aluminum, barium and strontium – without our permission and paid for by taxpayer dollars. Make no mistake, we live in a toxic world ... Read More »

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The dangers of detoxification

(NaturalHealth365) First, let’s be perfectly clear – if we ignore the toxic buildup, within our body, we are at high risk for disease. Everybody is toxic – it’s just a matter of degree. But, if you’ll allow me to explain, rushing into a detoxification program could be a deadly mistake. Discover solutions for a toxic world. On the next NaturalNews ... Read More »

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