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Bacopa: A powerful herb to improve memory and brain health


(NaturalHealth365) You probably have never heard of bacopa, but it just may be what you’ve been looking for to improve memory and brain health. This little-known herb might even be a key to preventing the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia that can strike in our later years. Bacopa is a perennial herb that grows in the ... Read More »

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Improve memory and prevent cognitive decline with exercise, study says


(NaturalHealth365) Everyone is aware of the benefits of exercise including cardiovascular health, improved physical fitness and emotional well-being.  But, did you know – with the rising concerns about dementia – regular exercise can improve your memory? That’s right!  Just 15 minutes of exercise per day has been shown to bring a tremendous boost to health, longevity and overall quality of ... Read More »

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Discover the best nutrition for the brain and improve memory

(NaturalHealth365) Have you ever wondered – what is the best nutrition for the brain? Low energy, poor memory and attention deficit disorders are at epidemic proportions in our modern society. Weakened brain function affects all areas of our life including, business productivity; interpersonal relationships and overall perspective. It’s no wonder that depression has been linked to a sick, toxic brain. ... Read More »

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3 ways to improve memory and boost brain function

(NaturalHealth365) Perhaps the greatest threat to brain function is chronic stress. Challenged by fear and anxiety, the body will produce excessive amounts of cortisol, the “stress hormone”, which eventually damages the brain’s memory center. And, although cortisol is a necessary hormone for survival purposes, excessive amounts destroy our adrenals, immune system plus much more. Eliminate brain fog – naturally! On ... Read More »

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