InPower Movement: A NEW strategy to push back against the dangerous spread of smart meters and 5G technology

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5G(NaturalHealth365) Josh del Sol Beaulieu, the filmmaker who brought you the investigative “smart” grid documentary film Take Back Your Power, has teamed up with some extraordinary individuals to launch the InPower Movement, an actionable solutions-based follow-up offering a method to hold accountable those who continue to cause harm with smart meters and 5G technology.

The award-winning 2013 documentary film investigates the so-called “smart” utility meters and smart grid, revealing the shocking cost increases and corruption, privacy and surveillance, home fires, health effects, hacking vulnerability, and global agenda to place a “smart” meter on every home and business in the world. As part of the InPower launch, the team has just re-released Take Back Your Power 2017.

Watch “TAKE BACK YOUR POWER 2017” – Free viewing

Take Back Your Power uncovers the spiraling problems and harms behind the global “smart” grid agenda. In the few years since its world-wide release, viewers have been consistently shocked, dismayed, disillusioned, and outraged. They have widely shared the film, engaged in conversations, and publicly unveiled their own stories about how “smart” meters have negatively impacted their lives, their homes, and their health.

The impact of this film has been transformative. People were awakened to the world-wide crisis in our midst, but also felt lost when confronting a broken leadership system. As the film’s creator, del Sol noticed that people were inspired to affect change, but felt disempowered in the face of an industry and a government that seemed to have gone off the rails. He says, “Now people know something is wrong. They want to fix it, but they don’t know how or where to start. People repeatedly asked me, ‘So, what can we do?’”

The InPower Movement is the answer to that question …

It presents a revolutionary new process of enforcing the individual commercial liability of corporate executives and government representatives who are causing egregious harm. As del Sol explains, “We are bringing power back to the people with an open source, crowd-funded movement that is of, by, and for the people. This is a societal solution, and anyone can take part, anywhere, whether you have a ‘smart’ or analog meter on your home.”

WATCH episode #1 of the INPOWER docu-series – below:

This is a fundamentally different paradigm of accountability.  And there are already indications that it works. Over the last two years, InPower ran a seed campaign with 200 participants in three regions, with impressive results. Del Sol says, “It is definitely to a paradigm shift, to realize that we have the power to change the decisions of high-level officials and executives who are involved in agendas causing harm.

And if just a couple dozen (or less) of us can do that, then a few thousand (or hopefully more) can put an end to these 5G and other wireless agendas entirely.”

Cal Washington, InPower Strategic Director, explains in Episode One, “I’m trying to teach you how to play the game at their level. And this is what scares them. Because they have to take the liability.”

A significant development toward these goals comes out of Hawaii. In early 2017, Debra Greene PhD, health and environmental consultant, led a group in Hawaii to send several dozen Notices of Liability (and Non-Consent) to the Maui Electric president.

The parent company, Hawaiian Electric, had been planning on a blanket-installation of smart meters throughout multiple islands. But, in a sudden reversal, Hawaiian Electric recently announced their complete shift to an “opt-in” plan, in which the utility must receive explicit consent from the homeowner in order to install a ‘smart’ meter.

Greene reports that they also strangely denied ever having a plan for blanket installation, despite it previously being public knowledge.

Watch the 20-minute video podcast on the liability action in Hawaii:

InPower’s roadmap includes a website functioning as a hub for individuals, groups, and communities, a place where people can come together, discuss the issues, support the movement, and most importantly, take action. They have also boldly announced intentions to adapt their process to help solve other critical problems where harm is being done.

On InPower’s current site, they have already freely posted the very same document templates and guides used by their seed groups to considerable effect, for any utility customers that want to use them. And they aim to offer a next-level participant experience.

Different in scope than other action-related processes, the website provides everything that is needed to move through the process. The steps are straight-forward and free. Their Action Center will provide interactive video content and tutorials, support options, and semi-automated generation your customized documents.

InPower’s “Phase 2” goal is to simplify, support, and expand the liability action against 5G technology.  They are currently running an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign through September 3, 2017 to help complete development and launch the next phase.

Del Sol explains, “This is about reclaiming our future, for ourselves and our families. Those in so-called positions of power are putting profits before people – this is painfully obvious now. Until now there hasn’t been any real remedy, due to the collusion between industry, government and the corporatized justice system.”

“But as their language is money, a powerful motivator for action can be commercial liability. Until now, it hasn’t been common knowledge how we can actually properly use the system of commerce to balance the scales.”

“Because of the critically-important window of time we’re in, we are actually giving all of our work away for free – and trusting that as people catch on to what we’re doing, they’ll want to see it grow. As each of our ‘seed’ groups have obtained results, we are initiating a new method of accountability in our world. We invite everyone who resonates with this desire to take part in our free educational resources and action process.”

Take action today. Start here to InPower yourself

After watching Episode #1, go to, and subscribe your email for access to Episode #2, next steps and updates.

Share the InPower website & videos!

Consider backing InPower’s next phase, on IndieGogo.

InPower is about awareness, action, and conscious revolution. As del Sol reflects, “Coming into our power is indeed a profound shift. I believe it is time we write a better story – and that is what we are setting out to do.”

About the author: Alison Main is a freelance writer with an expertise in environmental health, electromagnetic safety, chemical safety and tech addiction. Her published work has appeared in Paleo Magazine, Best Self Magazine, Notre Dame Magazine, News of Pelham, and Read more at

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  • Petrina Gregson

    How does this liability theme work in BC, with BC Hydro being the monopoly for electrical power? I went through all the legal papers, registered mail, letters to the gov. general, BCUC, etc. as provided by Brian Thiessen, to no avail. All was ignored, and even though I paid the $34/month extortion fee (on pain of disconnection) for four years, this year my analogue meter was confiscated and a smart meter put on (again, under threat of disconnection); I now pay a monthly extortion fee of $20 to keep the ‘signal off’. Their threat of disconnection is not a bluff; they disconnected a woman in Kamloops mid-winter. Her pipes froze. In addition to a hefty plumbing bill, BC Hydro charged her a whopping fee to reconnect —and then put a smart meter on her home! In BC there were many people who sent in both forms to FortisBC and BC Hydro but this did not stop Hydro or Fortis from either smetering people or cutting services if people refused to accept the smeter

    • Hi Petrina, we have a huge amount of respect for the foundation that Brian and his team have laid down in BC. What happened was that, even though those documents were valid and correct in essence, we feel — no one was individually on the hook, and there was not a built-in mechanism of enforceability. What we are doing is going deeper in that it is a) holding commercially liable the INDIVIDUALS who are causing harm; b) the process is enforceable, and will be enforced; and c) we intend to offer extensive support, online community and to greatly simplify the process.

      We are also offering ongoing resources entirely for free, as volunteers (our Ground Crew) and crowdfunding will be key in our being able to fulfill our mandate.
      1) Ground crew: https://inpowermovement. com/volunteer
      2) Indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo. com/projects/inpower-movement-taking-back-our-power-health/x/8353751#/

    • Jody

      Do you have an RF meter to see if the signal is turned off? They might just be telling you the signal is off to get more money out of you each month.

      • Petrina Gregson

        I did borrow a gauss meter from BC Hydro to check it. The installers weren’t familiar with that meter, and none of us recognized the “opt out” reading on it (in digital language, with capitol letters for all except the ‘t’ s. The installers actually installed a regular smart meter first, and I asked how I could know it was a signal off meter. “Signal off?” (They hadn’t read their orders!) So it was removed, another put on, removed when none of us could prove it was signal off, then replaced when we had more information. (Each time it meant a 25 min. trip into Clearwater.) Sure glad I was overseeing the operation!

  • Jennifer DeFusco

    In “InPower: A Mass Action of Liability”, Cal mentions the Babylonian monetary system being applied by the Globalists. I think most don’t catch on to what this means. Babylon is a slavery-inducing debt-based system, which is altogether different from a truly freedom-based monetary system where each unit of currency is equal to a certain amount of production. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has done extensive research on this. See his books, “Babylon’s Banksters” or “The Vipers of Venice” for more detail. Website: gizadeathstar(dot)com
    InPower is the only group that I’ve seen that has a viable option for overturning this corrupt system which “mines” us, the people, of our valuable resources for their own self interests. It can’t go on forever. Good always triumphs over evil, however long it takes.

    • Thanks Jennifer! We are moving from concept to reality, and walking this out. Inviting all who resonate with the message to join with thousands of other like-minded and like-hearted folks standing up: https://inpowermovement. com

  • Thanks Sabreena! As Cal said in Episode 1, “If you guys can catch onto this, we can make BIG changes…”

  • Definitely, Lucia! We look forward to team up with you, and anyone who is sincere about making a positive difference. https://inpowermovement. com

  • iamli3

    just another front of the battle that needs to be won , and we are winning it , so great job guys…

  • bman

    The InPower Movement is a great (and unique) program we all need to support – including financially. Their indiegogo campaign has been extended: https://www.indiegogo. com/projects/inpower-movement-taking-back-our-power-health#/
    Great comments on this article! Now we all need to put our money where our mouths are – the team simply can’t (nor should we expect them to) continue this endeavor without our help. And send this information to our email contacts as well.

  • Kathleen Tovey

    I am sad to say that the choice to NOT install a smart meter to my home will cost me $20 a month. I was also told that in 3 to 4 years there will be no choice. Since I live in the country where my electric bill, due to electric fencing and a high use of electricity due to watering animals, can be $150 a month or more, $20 a month to pay them to have someone come out to read a meter is just the straw on the camel’s back – it will break!

  • karen bonds

    Well it all sounds great, but these millions that Cal said are fighting this, where are they? I see 233 people backing this on Indeegogo. 233!!!!!!!! that’s it? Seriously now where are those millions of people? There are like 3 in my area.

    • bman

      Did Cal say these people were backing the movement financially? That’s the problem: Lots of RAH RAH and WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE just too damn CHEAP to put their money where their mouth is, even when they know it’s the right thing to do and that if enough people do it to get this movement rolling, this could very well FINALLY be the successful way to fight back we’ve all been waiting for. Are you one of these people?

    • archer

      Unsung heroes readying up for the fight of our lives. A lot of people are paying their bills and wanting to help ,because we know. God seeks messengers and listeners becoming a choir that sings like angels and a God who seasons in abundance for us to know I AM sent me. Walking this brave path God provides and this is how he does it through us. God Bless the Truth bringers for knowing their true selves, powerful gift reaching seekers who hold tremendous gratitude to aid their sacrifices. Sing to a sold out show for God in us and watch his mysteries marvel this darkness Hope invest in his Word a King’s promise. Amen “Reach down your hand in your pocket pull out some hope for me Its been a long day all the way” Matchbox

  • bman

    You’re right of course. And the InPower Movement plans to (assuming there is enough support from people to keep the movement viable) tackle all of these issues and more. That is fantastic!

  • dennis clark

    I am new at this.I just sent an e-mail to my Anaheim Utilities power company to opt out. The gas are already smart meters, I wasn´t aware they had changed them. I think many others might be in my situation. Is there a contact person in Orange County who I/we might contact?

  • Ruso

    Hello Natural Health 365 community: On behalf of the entire InPower Movement Ground Crew, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude for your contributions, by sharing our collective mission, as well as your contributions to our Indiegogo fundraiser which concluded last night. It takes a global village to make the changes, and we certainly can see this happening with all the positive responses, new Ground Crew, and the growing community! We also invite you to stay InGaged and InPowered with us, at: http://www.inpowermovement. com
    Peace and Blessings. _/_

  • sharonhansen209

    Someone just showed up at my home to install a smart meter. I told him I didn’t want it and he threatened me with a fine. I told him heads would roll.