Smart meters are spying on you for profit, according to global data firm

Smart meters are spying on you for profit, according to global data firm
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(NaturalHealth365) Utility companies have been denying that smart meters can spy on you for years. However, these denials have now been proven to be untrue.

The global data analytics company Onzo had recently released a marketing video admitting that customers are in effect under surveillance and being profiled by smart meter devices. This information is then being sold to the highest bidder. (Note: the video has been removed – due to the unwanted attention it was getting)

Intrusive smart meters collect your private data and get promoted as ‘positive’ for homeowners

Onzo says it uses a characterized profile to create the ability to monetize homeowner data. Customers can then be linked with third-party organizations related to the type of character profile they fall into.

The video did include some creepy language making their information-gathering tactics seem like a positive thing for customers. They say a “highly personalized” customer experience will be created through customer profiles tagged with “key attitudinal, behavioral and lifestyle characteristics” identified by the smart meter. Appliances in the home are also tagged.

A direct quote from that video – that has since been removed – was:

“We use this characterized profile to give the utility… the ability to monetize their customer data by providing a direct link to appropriate third-party organizations based on the customer’s identified character.”

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The goal, they say, is to be able to offer more targeted sales campaigns and services. However, critics of these efforts worry about the mass-surveillance quality of the plan and its invasion on individual privacy rights and freedoms.

Numerous warning signs about the smart meter program

This admission by the Onzo company follows many years of speculation about the smart meter industry. Consumers have expressed concerns about the potential for these meters to be used as a component of mass surveillance of the public. And, let’s not forget the safety and health concerns over this wireless technology being installed on homes throughout the world – without informed consent!

Back in 2015, a high-level director from NARUC indicated the scope and intention of the agenda. Miles Keogh said he believed the data collected by the meters would be worth more than the meters themselves.

Check out this video below – by Jerry Day – which clearly outlines the true nature of smart meters:

Even in 2011, there were warning signs. The California Public Utilities Commission used similar doublespeak after developing rules that normalized the use of meters to gather customer data and sell this information. Commissioner Timothy Alan Simon spoke of the act of allowing third-party access to collected customer data “reasonable” and something that could “stimulate market interest.”

EMFs and radiation emissions from smart meters are often much higher than cell phones

Now that the Onzo company has admitted this type of information is being gathered and sold for profit, the capacity for these smart meters to be used as spying devices has been confirmed.

Smart meters have also been linked with an unwanted level of radiation exposure. Studies linked to these meters estimate that their EMF emissions are at least 100 times higher than mobile phones. However, other studies have garnered results that show they can cause 1,000 times the radiation exposure.

Is this enough to compel you to speak out and push back against smart meters?

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