Smart meters: A ‘smart’ attack on our privacy and health

Smart meters: A ‘smart’ attack on our privacy and health
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(NaturalHealth365) Smart meters are popping up everywhere – and the media barely says a word about the dangers. Why is this happening and, more importantly, what can we do to protect our health from this dangerous technology?

You see, connecting with these “smart” devices – in the home – such as, computers, cell phones, and even heating systems, smart meters transmit personal information about your habits and lifestyle to the utility company – as they relentlessly bombard us with dangerous microwave radiation.  Now, the growing outcry against this invasive technology is reflected in a new YouTube video. (watch it – before they take it down)

This animated short feature “Smart Attack” uses entertaining imagery, upbeat music, and a generous dose of ironic humor to drive its point home – successfully conveying the frightening effects of smart meters. As these sinister devices are already installed in over 65 million American homes – and more and more are being deployed every day — this informative video (below) should be required viewing for all.

Credible authorities have officially called out the health hazards of smart meters

Residential smart meters, also called ‘digital meters,’ communicate using non-ionizing radiation spikes.

Gathering information as often as every 15 seconds, they emit microwave (radiation) signals at 10,000 to 200,000 pulses a day. And the unrelenting stream of pulsed signals occurs hundreds of times a minute – an unremitting bombardment that gives the body no time to recover.

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Natural health experts maintain that sleep patterns, heart rate, the ability to concentrate and even the shape of blood cells all change in proximity to smart meters.

And that’s not all – Dr. Thomas Rau, medical director of the renowned Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, went on record in 2009 as saying that electromagnetic loads can cause cancer, attention deficit disorder, heart arrhythmias, migraines, insomnia and Parkinson’s disease.

Incidentally: The World Health Organization has officially classified non-ionizing radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen, the same category as that of the known carcinogens lead and propylene oxide.

Smart meters have even been linked to brain cancer and blood cell abnormalities

The “Brain Cancer Cluster” refers to a group of students who developed fatal brain cancers between 2008 and 2010 on the campus of San Diego State University. All had spent significant of time in a room located below a cell tower associated with the UCSD Supercomputer Center – a notorious source of microwave radiation.

The resulting excessive radiation caused the group to develop brain lymphomas and glioblastomas – with initial symptoms of headaches, heart palpitations, nausea, insomnia and nosebleeds. According to many holistic health experts, these are all characteristic signs of electrosensitivity.

Adverse effects from smart meters may involve the bloodstream as well.

The film Take Back Your Power features a scene in which independent researcher Dr. Frank Springbob examines blood samples taken from a volunteer after a mere minute of exposure to a smart meter located a foot away. The misshapen blood cells, and the clumping together of cells, are typical signs of free radical damage, which can cause tissue damage and trigger diseases.

In addition to the health risks, smart meters present a threat to privacy, security and personal safety

As “Smart Attack” points out, smart meters are transmitting your personal information, without your permission – or your ability to control who sees it. Foreseeable consequences range from being harassed by “targeted” advertising – an annoying nuisance – to having information on your lifestyle choices provided to your insurance company, possibly putting you at a financial disadvantage.

Make no mistake – smart meters are surveillance devices, transmitting information on “who is doing what” in your home. And, they require no warrant.

And, don’t forget the security risk of possible hacking. “Smart Attack” makes the point that millions of devices connected to a single grid would probably not present much of a challenge to skilled criminal hackers.

Finally, smart meters have caused fatal electrical fires.

On July 9, 2010, a Vacaville, CA man was killed by a fire caused by a Pacific Gas and Electric smart meter, with the fire consuming his house the day after the device was installed. This is something that the telecommunications industry would like us to ignore.

Larry Nikkel, a well-liked local musician on the eve of retirement from his job as groundskeeper at Solano Community College, lost his life due to smoke inhalation and burns from electrical fire. It is believed that improper installation may have caused a dangerous phenomenon known as “arcing,” triggering a fire.

In violation of the FCC requirements that smart meters be installed by a professional electrician, workers at Wellington Energy – the company that installed the meter – only receive 20 hours of training.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by Nikkel’s family against the utility company, subcontractor and meter manufacturer has since been settled for an undisclosed sum.

And, many other incidents of smart meter fires throughout North America are currently being tracked and recorded.

Health threats, invasion of privacy and the chance of electrical fire – the risks of smart meters are becoming more apparent every day. How much longer will we allow these dangerous devices to threaten our privacy, our well-being and our lives?

You have the legal right to refuse a smart meter. To learn the proper procedure – or to have an existing device removed from your home – click this link to get educated today.

And join the digital metering opposition movement today!

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