Improve your adrenal function naturally with adaptogenic herbs

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adrenal-problems(NaturalHealth365)  If you experience chronic feelings of malaise and fatigue, a weak immune system, cardiovascular issues, poor digestion, anxiety, emotional imbalances, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, and sleeping issues, these describe the classical signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Once shrugged off by conventional practitioners as a pseudo-diagnosis, adrenal fatigue is a major culprit underlying modern health concerns today.  Research shows that ongoing, chronic environmental stress is the driver behind hormonal imbalances that cause adrenal problems.  Recognizing that you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue is the first step toward healing and recovery.

How can I improve adrenal function and eliminate stress without toxic drugs?

Adaptogenic herbs have been well-researched for their ability to promote health and address adrenal problems head-on.  Adaptogens are non-toxic phytomedicines that exert resistance to chronic fatigue, trauma, stress, and anxiety without eliciting any serious (negative) side effects.

Here are some endurance-promoting adaptogens for adrenal problems:

  • Cordyceps:  The use of the cordyceps combines the wisdom of Ancient Chinese Medicine with the prowess of modern science.  Cordyceps are also categorized as an adaptogenic medicinal agent, often referred to as a medicinal mushroom.  One of the most well-researched phytomedicines today, cordyceps, treats immune issues resulting from adrenal problems such as upper respiratory concerns as well as symptoms of adrenal fatigue that cause male sexual dysfunction.
  • Rhodiola Rosea:  Choose rhodiola to reduce mental and emotional stress.  Studies show rhodiola’s positive effects on fighting fatigue while improving cognitive abilities.  In addition, athletes using rhodiola tend to notice increased strength and energy.
  • Ashwagandha:  Known as an energizing and simultaneously soothing herb, this multi-faceted adaptogen helps improve sleep, promotes feelings of contentment, and relieves sexual issues in both men and women – due to its positive effects on DHEA and testosterone levels.  Consider ashwagandha to help increase endurance and improve sexual libido.
  • Astragalus:  Another adaptogen used for centuries by Chinese medical practitioners, astragalus is a tonifying herb that relieves fatigue by improving immunity, insulin levels, blood pressure, and blood flow.

When combining several adaptogens, ask your integrative health practitioner which are the most ideal combinations for your endocrine and immune needs.

Avoid adrenal problems by protecting your immune system

Remember the importance of vitamin D3, K2, and probiotics to harness immune wellness and prevent adrenal fatigue.  Without these three, the immune system is vulnerable to outside attacks resulting in frequent, acute bacterial and viral infections.

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This mutually accentuating combination improves digestive and mucosal immunity to build advanced immune complexes that protect us from chronic stress and prevent autoimmune responses from developing.  And, never forget the value of good nutrition for adrenal health.

A healthy, organic diet is essential for preventing and treating adrenal fatigue.  While no diet is 100% free of chemicals, eating a natural diet from your own garden or locally grown (fresh) vegetables, fruit, and, if desired, grass-fed meats will improve adrenal function.

If you are already eating a healthy diet yet still suffer from adrenal problems, consider the quantity and timing of meals.  To prevent cortisol shifts and spikes in insulin that perpetuate adrenal issues, establish a relaxing eating environment that you regularly enjoy throughout the day with balanced portions.  And, of course, thoroughly chew your food to improve digestion, nutrient absorption and calm the central nervous system.

Other factors contribute to adrenal fatigue, such as emotional issues, poor sleep habits, and the overuse of wireless technology, but these herbs and food tips will go a long way to improving your health.

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