ALARMING: mRNA COVID shots cause spike-induced clumping in the absence of platelets

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covid-shots(NaturalHealth365)  Big Pharma’s mRNA injections are held in high regard by most of the medical and scientific communities.  Though few know it, the timeline for messenger RNA (mRNA) began in 1961.  Exactly two years later, interferon induction through mRNA was discovered.  Fast forward to 1969, and the first in vitro translation of mRNA was made.  Liposome-mediated mRNA delivery followed thereafter.  The first-ever mRNA COVID shots inserted into human arms occurred in 1995 with the use of encoded cancer antigens.

By the time 2018 rolled around, Moderna had announced the dosing of nearly 800 test subjects using nearly a dozen possible mRNA-based medications to treat everything from respiratory viruses to cancer and more.  In 2020, Moderna employed mRNA technology in the form of its COVID-19 injections.  The plot twist to what the mainstream media portrays as a heroic Big Pharma endeavor is that mRNA COVID shots cause clumping resulting from the clot shot’s spike protein.

mRNA jab causes damage across the entirety of the human body

Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, works as a board-certified pathologist.  Dr. Cole gave a presentation at the White Coat Summit covering the harm caused by COVID jabs.  According to Dr. Cole, the mRNA jab causes damage to the body as a whole, including damage to vitally important organs and tissues.

Dr. Cole warns that the jab’s spike protein is toxic, causing adverse health outcomes in the short term and also across posterity.  In particular, the shot is dangerous as it causes clumping triggered by the spike protein.

Dr. Cole sounds off on the jab’s inherent dangers to human health

Take a listen to Dr. Cole’s presentation or read through the transcript of his speech, and you will view Big Pharma’s injections in a different light.  Dr. Cole makes the point that the jab causes a 200% hike in the rate of myocarditis.

The physician insists the jab is nothing more than an experimental toxin whipped up in Big Pharma labs with the potential to compromise human health for decades or even all the way until the last breath.

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Dr. Cole’s analysis of Pfizer’s applications and statements reveals the jab caused a 16% decline in fertility in rats.  Though rats are not completely analogous to humans, they are used as a point of comparison as they share biological similarities with people.

Blood clots are likely to become a public health crisis if the jab program continues

Of particular concern is the spike-caused clumping within the bloodstream.  The jab’s spike protein results in protein clumping, creating blood clots that impede the flow of blood to the heart and other organs vital to human health.

Dr. Cole noted that the placentas delivered to his office contain spike proteins.  The physician also noted that the placentas are not properly sized in accordance with the age of gestation.

The jab appears to have caused the placentas to calcify, likely as a result of the spike protein.  Additional analysis revealed the placentas also have considerable inflammation and antibodies, essentially becoming a post-jab toxic stew that is not conducive to health or survival.

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