Discover 6 green superfoods to support optimum health and detoxification

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green-superfoods(NaturalHealth365)  How many vibrant green superfoods do you consume daily?  If it’s taking you a minute to answer, you might not be getting enough.  Endlessly nutritious, green superfoods are nature’s most abundantly available detoxing and rejuvenating foods.

Green superfoods have been shown in research to confer a wide spectrum of daily nutritional requirements. They’ve also been observed to help prevent certain forms of cancer from replicating, soothe hormonal fluctuations, and help get rid of chronic fatigue.

Top 6 superfoods for optimal health and detoxification

Chlorella:  Known as one of nature’s sunshine superfoods, chlorella imparts its beneficial properties via digestion, the immune system, and blood.  Because it is rich in chlorophyll, vitamins B, C, and E, and various minerals, chlorella has long been used along with other foods to help the body produce oxygen-rich red blood cell activity.

Recent evidence suggests that adding chlorophyll to your regime boosts immunity so that even cancer has a difficult time standing up to it.  But watch out for claims that chlorella “removes all heavy metals” – that’s not entirely accurate.  (Some yes, but all of them, no.)

Barley Grass:  If you think you need cow’s milk to get your daily calcium quotas, guess again – boasting 11 times as much calcium as cow’s milk, barley grass is an excellent functional food for people of all ages.

Easy to add to juices, smoothies, or consumed as a health tonic shot, barley grass also contains vitamin B12, an essential nutrient that many vegetarians often lack.  When barley grass is about 12-14 inches high, it contains the most bioavailable forms of nutrients, which means maximum absorption through the digestive system.

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Spirulina:  This brilliant green superfood is an excellent choice for managing a healthy weight and a key functional food to stabilize blood glucose levels, making it especially ideal for people with diabetes.

If you’re looking to trim animal proteins and worry you won’t get enough protein, not to fret.  Seven grams of spirulina contains approximately 4.02 grams of protein.  A complete protein, which contains all essential amino acids, spirulina is a naturally detoxing food.

Leafy greens:  While you may already consume broccoli leaves, spinach, collards, swiss chard, mizzen, kale, cilantro, and endive, some slightly lesser-known leafy greens pack major detoxing properties that help stave off cancer, eliminate heavy metals, and regulate immunity.

Watercress:  Baby leaf watercress contains more antioxidants than those found in broccoli and has been shown to reduce cellular damage caused by cancer.

Mustard greens:  Peppery in taste and similar nutrient density to chard, mustard greens are excellent for cardiovascular and lung health.

Tatsoi:  Rich in vitamins A and C, tatsoi can be added to salads or stir-fries and confers its benefits to ocular and cardiovascular health.

As they say, “knowledge isn’t power until it’s applied.”  It is not enough to know what these superfoods can do to improve your health.  You need to consume them regularly to benefit from them.  So why not add them to your daily diet?

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