Big Food EXPOSED: “We are being poisoned by a rigged food system,” whistleblower reveals

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poisoned-by-a-rigged-food-system(NaturalHealth365)  There’s no shortage of controversy surrounding massive American entities like Big Food and Big Pharma.  Just consider this: the United States packaged food market, and pharmaceutical industries were worth a respective $1.03 trillion and $550 billion in 2021, yet this country continues to rank as one of the least healthy in the industrialized world thanks to our ongoing epidemic of obesity and other health problems, including “diseases of despair” (drug abuse, alcoholism, and suicide).  With so much money spent on agriculture, medicine, and health care, you’d think we as a country wouldn’t do so poorly with things like life expectancy, maternal and infant death rates, and chronic disease rates.

With that in mind, there has never been a time more pertinent than now to take 100% personal responsibility for your health – do your research, explore a variety of resources, and ultimately decide on the dietary and lifestyle choices that work best for you and your family.  This doesn’t mean it’s easy, though.  In a recent interview on the podcast show Stay Free With Russell Brand, former food lobbyist Calley Means discusses why he believes the food system is poisoning us – and effectively rigged to do so.

Whistleblower: Big Food, Big Pharma “rigged the system” to prioritize profits at the expense of consumer health

Means sat down with Russell Brand to discuss what he believes is a “rigged” system that is intended to maximize and protect profits for Big Ag, Big Food, and the like while keeping us poisoned, fat, sick, and unhealthy.

They start by discussing a drug that’s been all over the news recently called semaglutide (sold under the brand names Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus), which is being touted quite literally as a fat loss pill.  Calley calls the widespread promotion of this drug, which comes with plenty of harmful side effects, a “scandal” and “the biggest story in the country right now.”

If you’re surprised to hear his strong opinion about this, just stop to consider how normalized it’s become to see new drugs being promoted on television with no legitimate emphasis on improving lifestyle.  (One so-called obesity “expert” even said in a recent 60 Minutes interview that “the number one cause of obesity is genetics,” downplaying the importance of adequate diet, exercise, and lifestyle).

In the Russell Brand interview, Calley adds that the American Academy of Pediatrics is even now advising physicians to offer this drug to all overweight Americans over the age of 12!

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To learn more about Calley’s thoughts on Ozempic and other controversial food and drug topics, be sure to watch the video clip – below:

Whistleblowers like Calley are trying to “subvert the sick-care system:” Why we should pay attention

Calley and others like him are working hard to make positive changes in our cultural milieu surrounding health and wellness – first and foremost, by encouraging the public (and healthcare providers) to make healthy lifestyle choices the first line of action to improve well-being.  Here’s why this matters:

On his website, Calley writes, “Every institution in healthcare (hospitals, pharma, insurance, med school) depends on more sick patients for growth.”  And responding to a clip from The Joe Rogan Experience, Calley pointed out on Twitter that “[p]harmaceutical interventions are an infinitesimally small part of the solution, but get all the money and airtime.  We’re being systematically distracted from the root causes.”

In an effort to address the true root causes of so much disease and dysfunction and to flip the script on what he calls the “sick-care” system (as opposed to the healthcare system), Calley is founding a new company called TrueMed, which aims to “put food and lifestyle habits (not band-aids like pills and surgical interventions) at the center of how we think about healthcare.”

Such sentiments probably sound like common sense to health-conscious readers.  But we welcome these voices as signs of reason and hope among the propagandized noise pumped out by the media (and heavily funded by the U.S. government) telling us that what you really need to do is be healthy is to take this and that drug and be a lifetime subscriber to Big Pharma.

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