NH365 035: Thyroid cancer – How to heal using a plant-based diet

NH365 035: Thyroid cancer – How to heal using a plant-based diet
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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) While the mainstream news continues to bombard the public with fear-based cancer stories and disinformation campaigns – sponsored by controlling government agencies and greed-centered corporations including the pharmaceutical industry – the subject of cancerous tumor growth remains a mystery to well-educated (conventionally-trained) physicians.

On the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, Jonathan Landsman offers an exclusive interview with Dr. Ruby Lathon, who naturally eliminated thyroid cancer – without toxic drugs or risky surgical procedures.   Her story is truly inspirational!

No matter how many programs I create about how to naturally overcome disease – I’m almost certain the mainstream media will NEVER invite me to on one of their programs and (even if they did) I would never accept their false promise of providing fair representation of what we can offer — it would in all likelihood just be a hit piece designed to discredit our efforts in the eyes of the public.

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What you don’t know about diet could hurt you

According to Dr. Lathon, “One of the first things I learned during my quest to heal myself of cancer was the importance of proper acid‐alkaline (or pH) balance in the body. Before transforming my diet and delving into research to find out how to cure my body naturally,

I had not really thought much about my body’s pH. I’d never had problems with things commonly associated an acid imbalance like acid reflux or heartburn, so I assumed all was in check. What I soon learned was a true eye opener!”

Dr. Lathon goes on to explain why diet is so important – especially when it comes to overcoming a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Lathon says, “it is found that diseases flourish and grow more readily in a slightly acid body than in a slightly alkaline body. The body likes to maintain an alkaline pH balance between 7.35 and 7.45. Our body goes through a great deal of effort to attempt to maintain this delicate acid/alkaline balance.

If we become too acidic, we can develop a condition called acidosis (pH of 7.2), which if not corrected quickly can lead to death (pH of 7.0). If we don’t nourish our bodies with a continuous and healthy dose of alkaline foods, the body finds other ways to reduce acidity. One way your body does this is by borrowing alkaline nutrients or minerals in the body to neutralize the acid. Overtime, the chronic “borrowing” can lead to some serious health problems.

Who is Dr. Ruby Lathon?

Dr. Ruby Lathon is a certified holistic nutrition and wellness coach and advocate for plant-based nutrition. Dr. Lathon inspires with a powerful story of recovering from thyroid cancer through alternative treatment focused on a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Dr. Lathon worked for years as a researcher and an award winning engineer, and now teaches others how to re-engineer their health and live disease free. She previously served as Nutrition Policy Manager at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and is host of The Veggie Chest, a plant-based cooking show, featured on FoodChannel.com, AOL.on and many other outlets.

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