COVID jab-induced harm is “now a worldwide problem,” Japanese scientist warns

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covid-jab(NaturalHealth365)  It wasn’t long ago when nearly everyone was under the impression that the mRNA COVID jab would halt or slow the spread of the virus, prevent hospitalization, and help society overcome the hurdle of the pandemic.  My, how times have changed.

A prominent Japanese scientist is making waves after revealing harm caused by the coronavirus jab has become a global health problem.  The scientist, Dr. Masanori Fukushima, is the Chairman of the Translational Research Informatics Center and also serves as Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University.  Dr. Fukushima has more than a quarter-century of experience in cancer research and overarching medical care.

Dr. Fukushima issues dire warning to the world

Dr. Fukushima issued a siren call at a public event hosted by Kazuhisa Ukawa this past November.  The event’s agenda centered on public discrimination against those who refused the COVID jab.  Ukawa and Fukushima also explored the topic of COVID shot-related injuries.

To the surprise of some, Dr. Fukushima announced that the shot’s harm is now a global problem as opposed to one limited to select nations or regions.  The doctor insists the extensiveness of adverse health outcomes caused by the mRNA injections ultimately put billions of innocent people in harm’s way.

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Dr. Fukushima’s expert analysis of mRNA shots and human health holds sway in Japan and also throughout the worldwide medical community.  Dr. Fukushima is revered as one of the top oncologists of our time.  Above all, Dr. Fukushima is highly regarded for helping to revolutionize the island nation’s healthcare system to advance the human condition.

According to Dr. Fukushima, the damage caused by the COVID injections is a worldwide issue.  If his predictions prove true, the shots will threaten the well-being of billions of people in the years ahead.  Dr. Fukushima insists the COVID shots were misconceived by profit-hungry scientists and authoritarians who pushed the supposedly altruistic vax program.  The doctor even went as far as condemning those who promote the shots to the masses, highlighting those who lack the proper academic credentials to make such statements.

Will sudden deaths become part of the “new normal?”

If Dr. Fukushima’s predictions become reality, the negative health consequences of the mRNA shots will quickly become a global issue.  It is possible that the clot shot will threaten billions of lives, potentially spurring a wave of heart attacks, strokes, and sudden deaths.

Tragically, this is a very probable scenario.  Younger and younger individuals dropping dead for ‘no apparent reason’ has now become a daily occurrence worldwide.

Every problem needs a solution

It is often said that those who detail problems without proposing solutions make those issues significantly worse through defeatism.  Dr. Fukushima, an eternal optimist, is quick to highlight potential solutions to the growing COVID jab problem.  Dr. Fukushima insists public health agencies are to acknowledge the problems, making it clear that those issues are a direct threat to public health.

Furthermore, the doctor is adamant that all government-mandated injections across the globe should come to an abrupt halt.

A renewed emphasis on civil liberties, including bodily autonomy and the right to work without receiving the COVID injection, will light the metaphorical match that sparks the public into collective action.  The pushback against the COVID shots is to be nonpartisan.  The betterment of the human condition, the right to work, and obtain an education without injections must span the political aisle, stretching across all party affiliations.

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