Demand for “pure blood” soars worldwide as concerns over vaxxed blood mount

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demand-for-pure-blood(NaturalHealth365)  It is well-known that giving blood is one of the most important and underrated acts of altruism toward one’s fellow man.  However, most people are a bit surprised to learn that the demand for pure blood is skyrocketing as we move through the third year of this so-called pandemic.

To be blunt, the blood of those who have been vaxxed is now considered somewhat tainted.  So let’s dive in and explore what’s driving the demand for vax-free blood.

People say “No!” to vaxxed blood

As the general public learns more about the dangers of COVID shots, more people begin to question the “safe and effective” narrative.  Though a large number of Americans have received the vax, there is a growing push for blood transfusions from those who bravely refused the injection.

To the surprise of those who strictly consume news from mainstream media sources, vaxxed patients who need blood transfusions are turning to non-vaxxed pure blood.  Referred to as the “SafeBlood Donation” service, this trailblazing health program was created by George Della Pietra, a naturopath based in Switzerland.

SafeBlood Donation might be coming to your neighborhood

Due to overwhelming demand, SafeBlood Donation has quickly expanded to more than a dozen nations.  The service aims to open blood banks that provide unvaxxed blood plasma to blood banks.

As Della Pietra points out, the worldwide demand for untainted, unvaxxed blood has soared in Switzerland, Europe, and other parts of the world.  Della Pietra’s constant stream of incoming email messages requesting fresh and clean blood from unvaxxed donors is a sign that more people are waking up to the dangers of the shots.

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Why is unvaxxed blood in demand?

Though the talking heads on CNN and other mainstream media news channels in the United States won’t admit it, nearly 95% of those who took the mRNA COVID vax now have abnormal blood.  This startling statistic comes from an Italian study validated through academic peer review.

The study reveals foreign matter and abnormal components were present in the blood of those who received the vax merely one month after receiving the injection.

The Red Cross’s stance on vaxxed vs. unvaxxed blood

When asked about labeling blood donations, representatives from the American Red Cross insisted they do not add qualifiers designating blood as vaxxed or unvaxxed.  The organization’s public relations specialists insist the coronavirus shots do not move into the bloodstream; therefore, they do not present even the slightest safety risk.

It must be noted that the Red Cross Director of Biomedical Communications, Jessa Merril, admitted that the vax generates antibodies produced via the human body’s immune system’s stimulation.  Such antibodies have the potential to move into the bloodstream.

We deserve the truth about the COVID injections

The overarching theme of the ongoing worldwide spike in demand for unvaxxed blood is that the masses are waking up to totalitarian social control pushed by the heads of Big Pharma and Big Government.  Vax-makers owe the public a clear explanation as to what, exactly, is inside the mRNA injections.  Furthermore, Big Pharma’s explanation should also detail why such components are in the vax.

Until Big Pharma reveals the truth about the contents of the vax, those in need of a blood transfusion will give preference to blood donations made by unvaxxed individuals with pure and clean blood.  In the meantime, SafeBlood Donation will continue to expand its blood banks to more nations, empowering those needing blood transfusions to receive donations from the courageous souls who resisted authoritarian control and turned down Big Pharma’s injections.

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