80 percent of ER patients with inexplicable symptoms are “double vaxxed,” says Ontario doctor

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double-vaxxed-patients(NaturalHealth365)  Trust the experts – except when the experts disagree with the mainstream narrative.  This seems to be exactly what is happening in places like Ontario, Canada, where an experienced ER doctor recently resigned over her concerns about her hospital’s management of the COVID-19 shot mandates and related policies.

Like many healthcare providers, this physician raised legitimate concerns over informed consent and adverse effects regarding the controversial vaccines.  Will the push for a third booster shot (if not more) lead to a massive influx of jab-injured individuals?  This doctor’s firsthand experience suggests it may.

ER doctor resigns over unethical behaviors of Ontario health care system, says double vaxxed Canadians fill emergency rooms with new health issues at an alarming rate

Dr. Rochagné Kilian is an emergency room and family practice physician from Owen Sound, Ontario.  As reported by LifeSiteNews, Dr. Kilian recently resigned from her position over what she says are serious ethical concerns regarding the Ontario health system and Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS).

In a virtual town hall meeting held on 23 August 2021, Dr. Kilian raised various issues to Ontario’s Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) CEO Gary Sims and fellow GBHS staff members.  She begins by describing her concerns over the lack of informed consent regarding the shot and her observation that people – including GBHS staff members – are being coerced into taking drugs that are still being studied.

While GBHS CEO Sims seems to awkwardly regurgitate propagandized talking points – saying at one point that nobody is “forcing” people to take the shot and that individuals have a “right to say no, but the reality is the government has the right to say that you’re not employed” – Dr. Kilian notes emergency situations do not warrant doing away with informed consent protocols as outlined by Canada’s Tri-Council Policy Statement (a guideline for research involving humans and biological materials).  She believes these protocols are being ignored.

During the town hall meeting, Dr. Kilian also raised another alarming observation: 80% of people who came to her ER in August were fully vaxxed.

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Reasons for these visits included newly diagnosed high blood pressure, heart problems, and other issues among people who do not fit risk categories for such conditions.  She also reported a significant increase in the number of patients with previously well-controlled diabetes “that are no longer controlled – their sugars are either through the roof, or they’re down in the ground.”

The only thing that changed recently for these people “was the injection of an experimental biologic.”

Is third time a charm?  Growing evidence shows two doses of COVID-19 shot  NOT effective at preventing spread of SARS-CoV-2

Safety surveillance efforts are intended to detect adverse effects from the COVID shot, like heart inflammation among healthy young males, who are highly unlikely to suffer serious illness with COVID-19.  But it’s unclear just how thorough public health officials are with such efforts.

Meanwhile, recent data from Israel suggests that the Pfizer COVID-19 shot reduces the risk of severe illness and hospitalization from COVID-19 but is merely 39% effective at preventing COVID-19 itself in the context of the so-called Delta variant.  If you recall, 39% is far less effective than Pfizer’s botched clinical trials indicated (botched because trial participants from the control group were allowed to take the shot).

Unsurprisingly, mainstream messaging uses this as proof that a booster shot is needed – and who knows how many more booster shots in the future.

The question is: do people getting the COVID shots truly understand the balance of benefits versus risks they assume when rolling up their sleeves?  Do officials even know this?  The risk/benefit ratio of getting the COVID shot is not the same for everyone across the board – so how does this justify injecting every man, woman, and child?

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