New bill seeks to override doctors and give power to the state to decide medical exemptions for vaccines in California

New bill seeks to override doctors and give power to the state to decide medical exemptions for vaccines in California
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(NaturalHealth365) The pharmaceutical industry – with the help of politicians – continue its quest to force the public to take vaccines despite troubling vaccine side effects.  Notorious California lawmaker Senator Richard Pan has just proposed new legislation to prevent citizens from using medical exemptions to avoid vaccines.

Senator Pan is the same politician behind a 2015 bill mandating childhood vaccines and making it a crime for families to question them. This Orwellian bill has caused claims of medical exemptions from anti-vaccine parents to triple.

New Senator Pan bill seeks to increase immunization rates by making vaccine exemptions harder to claim

The new bill cites a practice by doctors of “selling” vaccine medical exemptions to parents who don’t want their kids vaccinated.  At some schools, exemption rates are over 20 percent.

Former California Governor Jerry Brown signed the earlier Senator Pan Bill 277 into law requiring parents to have their children immunized against 10 diseases.  Bill 277 removed the ability to claim a vaccine exemption for religious or personal reasons.  Pan’s latest vaccination Bill 276 would require a more stringent look at any claimed medical exemption.

The state of California would have to sign off on any medical exemption.  Doctors would be required to list the precise reasons for the medical exemption and verify they met with and physically examined the child.

On top of everything else, the state would compile a database of the medical exemptions issued and would be allowed to revoke the ability of any doctor to grant medical exemptions.

Vaccine side effects often worse than the disease the immunization seeks to prevent

The bill is co-authored by San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. Gonzalez claims that anti-vaccination parents and certain doctors are needlessly exposing the state to diseases that could be prevented with vaccines. The California Medical Association, Vaccinate California and the American Academy of Pediatrics, California are also co-sponsors.

Recent outbreaks of diseases like the measles are cited as a motive for wanting to keep the state’s vaccination rate above 95 percent. However, measles vaccine side effects can be far worse than the disease itself. The same is true for a number of other vaccines.

The solution is clear: A strong immune system is the best way to avoid being harmed by bacterial or viral infections

Parents and concerned citizens nationwide must continue to speak out and push back against legislation like this. With so many instances of vaccine injury and vaccine side effects, citizens should be able to retain their right to refuse vaccines – as a matter of personal choice.

The best defense against any illness – especially bacterial or viral problems – remains a strong immune system.  Lower your risk of chronic inflammation by eating a a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, clean protein and healthy fats.  Naturally, in many cases, it’s a good idea to also take some high quality nutritional supplements like, vitamin C and D.

Avoid sugar and heavily processed foods – which wreak havoc on the immune system and greatly increase your risk of illness.  Although the mainstream media continues to ignore the truth, we know that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to protect you and your family.

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