Are we being primed for the next pandemic?

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gavi-warns-about-next-pandemic(NaturalHealth365)  Is the global elites’ agenda hidden in plain sight?  An organization (GAVI) funded largely by Bill Gates recently posted a list of viruses that could be at the heart of future pandemics – a foreboding message that Gates and others like him continue to allude to.

Are the world’s most influential people simply trying to prepare nations and their infrastructures for looming global health threats – or is this just a massive predictive programming ploy aimed to justify the ongoing production of even more vaxxes, vax mandates, and other globalist measures to increase control over individual lives?

Global elites are normalizing the “next pandemic,” continuing to position vaxxes as the be-all, end-all for public health

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), also called the Vaccine Alliance, is an international organization that aims to “save lives and protect people’s health by increasing equitable and sustainable use of vaccines.” Relying on both public and private sectors for funding, GAVI lists World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the World Bank, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among its “core partners.”

Currently, on their website, GAVI shares a bold, fear-mongering statement: “The COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the first to devastate the world, and it won’t be the last.” It almost sounds like a voice-over for a thriller film, doesn’t it?

Adding that they have rounded up “emerging infectious threats that have the potential to erupt into global pandemics,” GAVI lists 11 viruses that could drive the next pandemic.  These 11 viruses and viral diseases include:

  • Rift Valley fever (has been classified as a category A bioterrorism agent because of its potential to devastate large-scale agricultural economies and cause social disruption.)
  • Hantavirus
  • Other evolved or mutated strains of coronavirus
  • Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever
  • Lassa fever
  • Marburg (called a “cousin” of Ebola, this virus reportedly can kill up to nine out of ten people it infects)
  • Yellow fever
  • H5N1 and H7N9 influenza
  • Chikungunya
  • Ebola
  • Nipah virus (another virus considered so deadly that it is classified by many global governments as a bioterrorism threat)

GAVI states that these viruses have been particularly recognized as potential threats because of factors such as long incubation periods, increasing globalization and international travel, climate change, and massive death of livestock and subsequent “agricultural collapse” (to say nothing of how these viruses may end up affecting human health directly).

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In addition to developing more vaxxes (and implementing plenty of non-invasive measures, too, such as mosquito netting), GAVI insists that “early warning systems” are going to be “vital” for preventing outbreaks of any of these viruses from turning into full-blown epidemics or pandemics.

GAVI, Gates, and White House want future vaccines to be made in a little over three months – is this sufficient scientific rigor for mass-marketed drugs that governments want to give to virtually every man, woman, and child?

In case you’re curious, there is also an article on GAVI’s website, dated June 8, 2022, that has this questionable title: “Speeding up vaccine development: Can we go from lab to jab in just 100 days?”

Such lightning-speed science is apparently “totally feasible” according to the U.S. White House Science Advisor Eric Lander, the article states, adding that “safety and efficacy weren’t compromised for COVID-19 vaccine development, as several vaccine trials had independent data monitoring committees to review the data in real-time, rather than the usual lengthy post-development review process.”

The article continues: “For the next pandemic, innovations in review and regulatory approval are likely to allow the whole process to be further sped up” (emphasis ours).

GAVI says that “insights from large COVID-19 clinical trials” will be essential for accelerating future vax development.  But is relying on such “insights” even prudent when we know that there are serious ethical inconsistencies with how Pfizer and other Pharma players conducted their COVID trials in the first place?

Are global leaders seriously preparing to rely on questionable clinical trial data to make massive changes in the “review and regulatory approval” for new jabs?  What kind of precedent is this setting for pharmaceutical companies?

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