CDC updates immunization schedule and adds new HPV vaccine with double the aluminum

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gardasil vaccine(NaturalHealth365) The Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, is the most common STD contracted in the United States. In addition, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that just about every sexually active person (male or female) has the virus at some point. But, what most people are NOT told is, HPV resolves on its own without causing complications or the need to ‘modify’ the immunization schedule with more toxic vaccines.

On rare occasions, HPV can lead to cervical cancer and cancers of adjacent organs.  This was the motive for creating the Human Papillomavirus vaccine. The two main HPV vaccines in use are Gardasil and Cervarix – with many integrative healthcare providers warning us about the potential health risks associated with these vaccines.

New HPV vaccine promoted within the immunization schedule offers many unwanted side effects

The CDC recently released a new immunization schedule for the HPV vaccine for both adults and adolescents. New recommendations say the vaccine can be administered as young as 9 years old but with an average of 11 or 12 for the first dose.

However, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) expressed serious concerns about Gardasil in January of 2016. The HPV vaccine has been linked with POF (premature ovarian failure, also known as premature menopause), as well as amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).

HPV vaccine side effects can be deadly

Most doctors are not aware of these potential complications, so incidents of this vaccine side effect could be even higher than reported. Gardasil also contains polysorbate 80, a compound linked with ovarian toxicity in experiments done with rats. Polysorbate 80 has also been connected with severe anaphylactic reactions, encephalitis and multiple sclerosis.

Other disturbing effects of the HPV vaccine are autoimmune conditions, permanent disability and early death in young women. And, let’s not forget, HPV vaccines contain aluminum – a known neurotoxin.

This fact is not debatable: More than 1,600 peer-reviewed published papers and scientific documents have confirmed the hazards of aluminum toxicity.

Double the dose of toxic aluminum offsets any potential health benefits

Despite these HPV vaccine side effects, a new “super” version of the HPV vaccine called 9vHPV vaccine is now being pushed. The vaccine makers claim the new version targets nine strains of HPV and 80 percent of vulvar, cervical and anal cancers, up from 65 percent by the previous version. It’s being sold under the name Gardasil 9 and is being marketed as an “improvement” over the previous version.

Despite these claims, the new version actually has double the toxic aluminum of the previous one. How the potential risks of aluminum exposure are worth any supposed benefits is hard to believe by any reasonable (thinking) person.

The World Health Organization has found that the death rate from cervical cancer is actually 2.5 times LOWER than the very serious complications and side effects documented from the HPV vaccine. In some parts of the world, HPV vaccine risks are as much as FOUR TIMES higher than the cervical cancer death rate.

HPV vaccine marketing campaign ramps up despite risks

Vigilant parents of teenage girls have been giving the vaccine a less-than-enthusiastic reception, so the drug makers have started marketing HPV vaccines to boys and young adults of both genders. While the previous version of the HPV vaccine was problematic, the new version could be even more devastating to health.

Pediatricians and other medical professionals need to start speaking up and standing up for their patients, especially the youngest among us. When you consider all the facts, aluminum exposure risks and HPV vaccine side effects far overshadow any possible benefit of these vaccines.

Ask questions and always make an informed decision about your health.


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  • alpha754293

    WHYYY is it that people who wants to talk about the amount of aluminum salts (e.g. aluminum hydroxide) don’t even fucking bother pulling the toxicology profile of aluminum, a 357-page report from the US DHHS which clearly states, in about 9(!) pages, the development of the MRL, NOAEL, and LOAEL???

    Do you have ANY idea what the MRL is for aluminum?

    The US Department of Health and Human Services has a 357 page report that details, very, very clearly the toxicology profile for aluminum. (2008).

    Starting from Chapter 2.3, found on page 15 of the report, it talks about the minimum risk levels, which INCLUDES oral MRL (starting on page 17), NOAEL, and LOAEL.

    Golub and Germann (2001) identified a NOAEL of 26 mg Al/kg/day and “based on the FDAs 1993 Total Diet Study dietary exposure model and the 1987-1988 U.S. Department of Agriculture Nationwide Food Consumption Survey, the authors estimated daily aluminum intakes of 0.10 mg Al/kg/day for 6-11-month-old infants; 0.30-0.35 mg Al/kg/day for 2-6-year-old children…” (Source: ibid., p. 11).

    (Source: https://www.atsdr.cdc. gov/toxprofiles/tp22.pdf)

    Per this (https://www.infantchart. com/) a 50th-percentile male baby at 6 months should have a mass of almost 8 kg, which means per that study, they’re already consuming MORE than what’s in the vaccine EVERY DAY, which is still SIGNIFICANTLY below the NOAEL. (And a 50th percentile female infant at 6 months would have a mass of about 7.3 kg, which again, also tells you that based on that study, they too, are also already consuming MORE than what’s in the vaccine EVERY DAY, which again, is also still SIGNIFICANTLY below the Golub and Germann derived NOAEL.)

    PLEASE do your research properly/more carefully (NOT that you give a shit)

    • Sue

      Is that oral consumption amounts or injectable where it directly enters the body without benefit of the GI tract. There are no RDAs for aluminum. So you go right ahead and take my 2 jabs. I will gladly give them up.

    • zabelisa

      Humm, most of the diseases these vaccines are said to protect us from are not even a threat especially if there are no severe nutritional deficiencies. Being exposed to viruses is not something to worry about generally since our bodies will built its own immune response. Humans were able to survive without vaccines before so why not now? Why add extra toxic substances to an underdeveloped human? There is no rational for this. The numbers you are looking at are not credible since the cdc is mostly concerned with protecting Big Pharma’s interests not the populations. It is a big industry to say the least. So even if Aluminum is indeed not harmful, it does not follow that a baby needs to be vaccinated dozens of times before the age of 6 years old. At the very least parents should have a choice in the matter.

    • Torontonian

      why so much anger? If someone doesn’t want to have an unproven vaccine (i.e. scientifically beneficial) then why do you care? why so mad? It makes no difference to you.

  • alpha754293

    “And, let’s not forget, HPV vaccines contain aluminum – a known neurotoxin.”
    (Source: OP)

    That is such fearmongering BULLSHIT.

    That statement would be true, IF and ONLY IF you are consuming at least DOUBLE of what the MRL states in the toxicology profile of aluminum (US DHHS, p. 26).

    Cervarix has 0.5 mg of Al(OH)3. The NOAEL is 26 mg Al/kg/day which means that is LESS THAN FIFTY-TWO TIMES LESS than the NOAEL PER KILOGRAM of the person to whom this is being administered. (Source:

    Gardasil has 0.225 mg of AlHO9PS-3 which is ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN TIMES LESS than the NOAEL PER KILOGRAM of the person to whom this is being administered. (Source:

    And also, oh by the fucking way, the 50th percentile 15-year-old female in the US has a mass of about 52 kg which would mean that the ACTUAL NOAEL for a 52 kg, 15-year-old female would be 1352 mg Al/day.

    That means that even with Cervarix, which has the HIGHEST amount of aluminum hydroxide in it, would still be TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FOUR TIMES BELOW the NOAEL limit.

    And also, oh, by the fucking way (some more), at 0.225 mg for Gardasil, 1352 mg Al/day divided by 0.225 mg = 6008.8888.

    In other words, Gardasil has SIX THOUSAND AND EIGHT TIMES LESS than the NOAEL for a 15-year-old US female, with a mass of 52 kg (at 50th percentile).

    Or in short – this is SUCH PURE AND COMPLETE UTTER BULLSHIT it ain’t even funny.

    And yet, it does not appear ANYBODY HERE BOTHERED to fucking look up what the MRL, the NOAEL, nor the LOAEL is for aluminum while you fucking morons are running around going “zOMGGG!!!!! ALUMINUM!!!! zOMGGG!!!! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! FEARRRR!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!”

    What a bunch of fucking morons. Like I said. Next time, do your research properly, NOT that you would fucking care to.

  • alpha754293

    HAHA….I LOVE how my comments about MRL, NOAEL, AND LOAEL aren’t approved for publication here!!!

    • Joshua

      It just took the moderators a second to post your glowing endorsement for MAINLINING toxic CHEMICALS into the Blood stream, of which I’m sure ALL the Psychopathic Pharmaceutical Manufactures would appreciate your comments this fairyland of a world you live in. Step right up sir!!….Have no fear, because you may have my dose of poison. No problem at all, Sparky…LOL! I see they’re teaching…I mean brainwashing you good at academia….keep it up Sparky, you’re steadily removing yourself as a Benefit to Human Kind.
      Peace Brothers & Sisters
      It’s US against Them (the Remorseless Psychopaths & Fraudulent Scientists)
      P.S. In case you didn’t know; Causation & Correlation between Vaccines (MMR) and Autism has been determined by the CDC back in 2002-2004, which was published in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal “Pediatrics”. Dr. William Thompson (WHISTLEBLOWER) admitted this FACT back in August of 2014. The DATASETS the CDC FRAUDULENTLY threw in the TRASH (except Thompsons’s of course 🙂 ) revealed African American Males receiving the MMR Vaccine prior to 36 Months of age, had a 240% increase in receiving an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. Our FEDERAL Government & it’s PAID SHILL Alphabet Agency’s have done SHITE to make the public AWARE (disclosure) of these FACTS……PERIOD! These are the Remorseless Psychopaths I speak of…Alpha?….Care to join their ranks?….Well step right up Sparky, we’ll get rid of you when we throw those BUMBS out as well.

  • GoldenAutumn

    This is nothing short of evil. It is infuriating!

  • CPayne

    lawmakers on the take..bribes

  • CPayne

    money is the answer to everything our lawmakers pass..

  • CPayne

    big pharma buys our lawmakers or they are just that stupid..hmmm
    why do we continue to vote these lame people to govern us??

    • SibyllasStuff

      Because the choices are few and ultimately, or so it seems, that money talks. Get informed, share what you have learned with others – even though they may disagree and truly believe that without vaccines, we can never survive. watch and share VAXXED From Coverup to Catastrophe, Vaccines Revealed, The Truth About Vaccines – read Dr. Suzanne Humphries book Dissolving Illusions The Forgotten History of Vaccines – the mainstream media and some who would cite “studies” by the CDC or the DHSS etc who can and will alter the data to suit whatever it is they want to market. That is what VAXXED is about. How the CDC covered up the data that showed that increase in autism in african american males increased 300% when they were given the MMR vaccine according to the CDC schedule. Suggesting that pregnant women get vaccinated – by their OB/GYN doctor HOLY COW I thought they pledged to first, do no harm. Jabbing a needle full of junk is what junkies do – or at least that is what my 91 year old mother told me. be well

  • CPayne

    vitamin C works great for a lot of ailments

  • CPayne

    why do we keep voting the same people in that do the same thing to us over and over again and then they expect a different result..insanity?? which side??

  • CPayne

    educate ourselves and vote

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Vaccines should not have been started in the first place. Jenner was a crook, who bought his medical diploma for 15 coins, and tricked not so smart “Mad King” George the Third into paying him 30 000 for his “invention”. Every mandatory vaccination campaign in England, Prussia and Japan was followed by small pox epidemics, until town of Leicester rebelled, and with sanitation and quarantine brought mortality to very low numbers. Many people in 19 century were infected with small pox, tuberculosis, and even syphylis from filthy pus and unsterilized needles. VACCINES were and still are dangerous HOAX.

    • SibyllasStuff

      Hurrah. somebody else has read Dr. Suzanne Humphries book. Thanks for sharing.

  • Carol Hansen

    Because there is no money to be made from it. It’s all about the money. It has nothing to do with health!

  • CPayne

    they already give it to newborns..Hep-B..disgusting

  • I’m glad both sides are being discussed here, it’s helpful for me as a parent of a teens. I know you are upset, but it’s still good information for me to research and think about without the emotion, just need the facts. Thanks.